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A faulty production line

Dinesh Silva

  • GP practices in struggling town forced to re-open patient lists

    Dinesh Silva's comment 25 May 2018 2:40pm

    Monopoly employer exerting monopoly privilege. What you have is an unrelenting juggernaut whose entire existence is dependent on the subservience of GPs. Weapons of choice to perpetuate this include deliberate planting of negative media, patient satisfaction surveys etc as well the multiple disconnected regulatory bodies. GPs must respect themselves and stop accepting things just because thats the way it is.

  • First 36 GP practices sign deals with 'Uber-style' private GP company

    Dinesh Silva's comment 20 Apr 2018 9:33am

    As founder of Doctaly, I make no apology for trying to bring a value to General Practice. Top down reform has decimated primary care and nobody has done anything about it, not our representatives. GPs are leaving in droves across the country. We have been abused by a contract that is deliberately ambiguous and totally out of date for modern general practice. I have worked 10 years as a NHS GP working 9 sessions/week, and I'm done. It's time for bottom up reform. I believe the Doctaly model works in parallel to existing GMS/PMS contracts without affecting NHS provision at all. It creates extra supply but the GP is paid on activity not an arbitrary perceived activity. The NHS's greatest asset is its staff. They need to be valued. This is not about GPs earning more money, its about mindset change for both patients and doctors. That is what will ensure the longevity of the NHS.

  • GMC chair apologises to doctors for ‘fear and anguish’ caused by Bawa-Garba case

    Dinesh Silva's comment 13 Mar 2018 1:12pm

    Hold your heads in shame, GMC. You have always been a disgrace to the medical profession and will continue to be. As a direct result of this case, my wife and I who have worked tirelessly for the NHS for the last 15 years will not do it any longer from May. We are not going to be personally culpable for the multitude of systemic failings any longer. Heads need to roll at the GMC.

  • 'Uber-style' private GP company crowdfunds to boost recruitment

    Dinesh Silva's comment 10 Nov 2017 0:27am

    I founded Doctaly because the NHS took away my right to a family life and continues to do so. I make no apology for attempting to increase the value of NHS GPs. BTW Gary, no controlled drugs-patient agrees at time of booking.
    This is my take -

  • 'Uber-style' private GP appointment service primed for national rollout

    Dinesh Silva's comment 19 Sep 2016 0:59am

    Sanjeev, the work is classed in a similar vein to OOH in that we are not furnished with the notes. There are differences in all the defence unions in how they indemnify partners and salaried GPs. I am with the MPS and I am covered for a session of OOH as a partner. There is no change to anyone's indemnity for creating availability and if I were to see 4 extra patients a week as I do currently there is unlikely to be any change to my insurance. Once you start to see a significant volume of patients the insurance will change, but if I very crudely say indemnity costs as a principal are approx £1-1.5k/session (4 hrs20mins) would equate to maybe 800-1000 patients a year. The practice income generated for that extra "private" session clearly makes the increase in indemnity fees almost academic. In our GP FAQs we state that each doctor must ask their provider how the insurance changes according to the number of patients they see because unfortunately there is no uniform answer.

  • 'Uber-style' private GP appointment service primed for national rollout

    Dinesh Silva's comment 18 Sep 2016 2:02pm

    I am a full time NHS GP. I created Doctaly in an attempt to redress the balance. For too long there has been a total disconnect in what our monopolised NHS contracts offer us, for perceived versus actual activity. I have found that supply will never meet demand because it is free. GPs and more recently junior doctors have been the easiest targets for cost cutting despite repeated calls from the profession that funding is required. I know great doctors who have been totally demoralised and turned into faceless cogs worthy of culling at the drop of a hat. I want to bring value and appreciation of general practice and champion excelling GPs be that salaried or principals.
    Private care already exists so why can't the ones doing all the complex NHS work be the ones who benefit from what dissenters call "cherry picking". Hospitals have been doing this for years to balance their books whilst also being paid on activity. The same can be seen in dentistry.
    I fundamentally believe that by creating extra affordable appointments which are fair to the GP, pressures will invariably be taken away from NHS services creating a level of order. The patient who pays would have gone on to use an NHS services be that A&E or a GP appointment. Ultimately I hope to bring an appreciation of a GP appointment and in turn, force proper funding of primary care by bringing a little bit of power back to the GP.