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A faulty production line

Robert Vaughan

  • NHSE dilutes PCN care home plans and agrees £120/bed as it delays two services

    Robert Vaughan's comment 07 Feb 2020 4:10pm

    It costs a £100 call out fee to get a plumber to attend once. Great to see that the Government really appreciates GPs.

  • A third of GPs suffer from ‘compassion fatigue’

    Robert Vaughan's comment 04 Feb 2020 1:13pm

    I walked away four years ago and still have 'compassion fatigue' which doesn't seem to be improving. My error was 23yrs f/t nine clinical session practice with over 60% elderly patients. I strongly recommend a portfolio career with non-clinical sessions if possible but ideally don't enter GP or leave and try something else. In spite of what the government, public and media suggest GP is not an easy overpaid job, if it was all doctors would be fighting to do it. Best of luck.

  • Hancock wants ‘value for money’ from PCNs in GP contract negotiations

    Robert Vaughan's comment 29 Jan 2020 8:43am

    What percentage of the NHS budget is spent on GPs and what percentage of patient contacts are done in GP? I am just glad to have left but a little sad that my 25yrs of f/t clinical experience was not retained or valued. Good luck.

  • GPs should not prescribe melatonin on NHS for jet lag, independent review recommends

    Robert Vaughan's comment 21 Jan 2020 9:46am

    Seems a bit like worrying about a scratched bumper when your engine and gearbox are wrecked. Hardly going to save the NHS with this advice. It might be better considering bariatric or cosmetic surgery, much of the preventative prescribing or the appropriateness of statins/antihypertensives etc. in the over nineties. Perhaps a bit too controversial.

  • My MBE reminded me how far general practice has come

    Robert Vaughan's comment 14 Jan 2020 4:58pm

    Many congratulations and I hope you keep up the good work and job satisfaction. My own MBE was four years ago sadly, a Mind-Blowing Epiphany that after 25yrs of f/t clinical work as a partner I could walk away and try an alternative non-medical career which is going very well. Best of luck for the future, yourself and General Practice as a whole.

  • Female GPs earn on average £40,000 less than male counterparts, finds report

    Robert Vaughan's comment 14 Jan 2020 1:21pm

    A misleading headline that could have come straight from the Daily Wail. I wholeheartedly agree with the above comments.

  • Just one in eight GPs earns over £100k a year

    Robert Vaughan's comment 08 Jan 2020 10:05am

    GPs are generally bright and hard-working, don't dismiss a complete change of career. I left four years ago and now have a non-medical internet business that pays better, allows lunch and coffee breaks and the best bit is that no-one tells me I earn too much for an easy job. My main reasons for packing in were unrealistic patient expectation, patients feeling completely entitled and lastly the mistaken belief that old age is a treatable illness. Good luck.

  • Ten top tips on frailty in general practice

    Robert Vaughan's comment 06 Jan 2020 9:47am

    Just glad to have left. Great advice about improving frailty but guess what, in a couple of years they will be even more frail, perhaps we can sort things then but in another couple of years.... This is the same as the government, media and public expecting that we will prevent strokes, CVD and cancer - it's rubbish, we can postpone only and then when it does occur it is often a complicated disaster. Just received news this morning that a 98yr old relative has died thank God because the inappropriate and unrealistic interfering that the medical profession have been doing with him in the last couple of years beggars belief.

  • GPs to visit care home patients fortnightly under network requirements

    Robert Vaughan's comment 05 Jan 2020 8:17pm

    I am speechless and extremely glad to have walked away four years ago from being a f/t nine clinical session partner. The country is at least 7000 GPs short and daft ideas like this aren’t helping. Best of luck.

  • Guideline of the month: End-of-life care

    Robert Vaughan's comment 27 Dec 2019 1:45pm

    I had an interesting chat with a neighbour last week, he was sad because he had to put down an old sheep that was suffering and had he not done so he could have been prosecuted for animal cruelty. He then commented that when his grandfather was in similar condition a year ago he suffered terribly in the last week or so but nothing was done by the doctors in case they were prosecuted for murder. He's not medical and it was just a sad observation but actually quite an interesting thought, I know which option I would prefer for myself.

  • Four in 10 GPs 'regularly' see lonely patients who are not unwell

    Robert Vaughan's comment 19 Dec 2019 12:40pm

    I am sorry but currently the country is at least 6000 GPs short, is it best use of qualifications, experience and time to deal with issues such as this. I always used to joke that one day we would also become the 'botty-wiping police' and have to visit patients after each bowel opening to check that cleansing was adequate in order to prevent pruritus ani. The ever increasing medicalisation of anything that isn't a perfect happy life can't be managed by the current reduced GP workforce I am afraid.

  • Nine in ten GPs work extra hours every week as a third cut clinical time

    Robert Vaughan's comment 18 Dec 2019 9:53am

    I am afraid that we are and it doesn't make good reading for GPs. We are currently interviewing for a Financial Director, likely to be the woman we met yesterday but a few more to see next week before deciding. The job is 37hrs a week, office based, lunch break daily, health insurance, sickness and maternity benefit, pays £75K or a bit more for the right candidate with profit share likely to add a further £20-40K. The candidate yesterday was 32yrs old.

  • Nine in ten GPs work extra hours every week as a third cut clinical time

    Robert Vaughan's comment 18 Dec 2019 8:34am

    I strongly recommend that GPs don't read the DM today, this is being 'reported' and the comments are as expected. The general consensus is once again that GPs are overpaid for an easy job. I reduced hours four years ago and haven't looked back. I left and now have a non-medical internet business and work 30hrs a week, have lunch every day and no-one tells me I earn too much for an easy job. Good luck.

  • We GPs need to embrace new ways of managing our stress

    Robert Vaughan's comment 17 Dec 2019 3:44pm

    The results of my small study into GP stress reduction were 100% successful. Unfortunately the number studied was one and it was myself, I just left four years ago and changed to a non-medical internet business earning more, having lunch and coffee breaks, it's 30hrs a week and nobody tells me I am earning too much for an easy job. I recommend it.

  • What is the future of the GP home visit?

    Robert Vaughan's comment 17 Dec 2019 9:25am

    I was simply illustrating the problem, my M-in-L believes she deserves home visits because she is elderly and rich, the belief is further compounded by her carer who calls the surgery at the drop of a hat to further ingratiate herself with my M-in-L and appear really caring. The solution in my view is a charge of 30-50 pounds and allowing GPs to say no. Good luck.

  • What is the future of the GP home visit?

    Robert Vaughan's comment 16 Dec 2019 8:25pm

    My Mother-in-Law who had a stroke four years ago had two home visits for a cough last week, these were arranged by her carer and my M-in-L was late for a luncheon due to one and rescheduled her hair appointment for the other. She books taxis for travel but feels she deserves house calls, I remember why I left GP for a different job.

  • 'Simply not enough' GPs, warns BMA as new analysis highlights hundreds lost from workforce

    Robert Vaughan's comment 10 Dec 2019 8:24am

    I walked away four years ago and haven't looked back. My reasons for leaving were mainly the unrealistic expectations of patients. Old age is not a treatable illness, if your child is badly behaved or thick usually that is not a medical problem. if you are unhappy with your life, spouse, house, job, finances or benefits that isn't usually treatable either, if you drink too much, take drugs, eat excessively or don't exercise try changing your behaviour first. I was also fed up of being told by patients, the media and government that I was overpaid for doing an easy job. Non-medical internet business now pays better, I have lunch daily and only work 30hrs a week. GPs are bright and hard working and if you apply those qualities outside medicine you will almost always succeed. I do still feel guilty though because of the loss of experience after 23yrs nine-session f/t clinical work but recognise that that was part of my mistake. Good luck.

  • Genomic screening to take place in GP practice for first time in new study

    Robert Vaughan's comment 10 Dec 2019 8:12am

    Big brother is not content with persuading everyone to carry a GPS chip and record fingerprint and facial recognition on themselves, they now want a DNA database. Scary stuff.

  • Rise in number of patients with hypertension in England, shows NHS survey

    Robert Vaughan's comment 04 Dec 2019 9:39am

    You mean that the pharmaceutical money-making investors have found even more people to make money from. It was many years ago but I recall my Geriatric consultant explaining that older people needed higher BP to perfuse their brains otherwise they would have poor mental performance, we now call it dementia.

  • Higher GP funding associated with better CQC ratings, research shows

    Robert Vaughan's comment 04 Dec 2019 9:36am

    And in breaking news it has been proven that putting petrol in your car helps it run properly.