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Devarakonda Satyanarayana Murthy

  • NHS England 'reviewing and rebooting' appraisal and revalidation process

    Devarakonda Satyanarayana Murthy's comment 22 Feb 2019 12:25pm

    It is high time to drastically reduce appraisal and revalidation burden specially for semiretired and part time GPs like me. I know most of my colleagues gave up general practice purely because of the heavy and totally unnessasary burden of Appraisals . Appraisals should be once every 3 years followed by revalidation in 6 years with reduced requirements for part time and retired GP's.
    I am retired and do only two or three sessions a week and quitting completely soon purely because of burden of appraisals

  • Putting the validation back into revalidation

    Devarakonda Satyanarayana Murthy's comment 06 Jan 2018 8:32pm

    I am so Pleased that Tony Copperfield put the argument about the perils of Revalidation programme. In my honest opinion this one particular thing is costing a huge amount of time and money to NHS and individual GPs and is utterly stupid waste of time and resources.The revalidation is costing me almost 3 weeks of my clinical time every year ,and still I can describe myself as a super star. I know at least 30 of my GP colleagues given up doing locus or retired early just because of the unnesasary burden of Appraisals. It is imperative that revalidation and appraisal should be once in 5 years an should be by a written competency and aptitude test .Hats of To Tony for highlighting this issue
    The other 4 things that should go immediately to improve morale of GPs and make more available appointments for patients are
    1..Abolish QOF
    2.Abolish CQC inspections of GP practices
    3.Abolish Referral Management
    4.Abolish Local prescribing advisors/advisory groups and replace them by National Guidelines only

    I am writing this with a long career As a GP and as a member of vast number of Medical committees in the past

  • IBS - Hot topics (2 CPD hours)

    Devarakonda Satyanarayana Murthy's comment 16 Nov 2012 6:19pm

    this is a very good topic and a very common GP problem