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GPs go forth

Murali Nair

  • The crisis in general practice is unprecedented

    Murali Nair's comment 09 May 2019 7:49pm

    As Cobblers, Stelvio and Tony have said. The time to save Primary care was when the pay rise came in 2004 , but as many painfully learnt, doors were tightly shut and only the ' Of course my friend, this ' With a view jobbie will lead to a Partnership ' kind of empty jabber was what was flying about. Having learnt from the experience of others, the current generation of new GPs are voting with their feet when asked to carry what has now become a poisoned Chalice.The way things are going, can anyone sincerely advice any medical student to join a VTS? I cannot .

  • GP leaders join running as BMA gears up for council elections

    Murali Nair's comment 17 Feb 2016 7:04pm

    Folks, please vote for Hamed Khan and Helen McKeown and Chandra Kannaeganti. Time for fresh young blood to try to bring about meaningful change. They are all good members of GP Survival . Voting back same old , same old faces would be just lkike moving the furniture around.

  • Are we selling ourselves short?

    Murali Nair's comment 14 Feb 2016 10:11pm

    Spot on Shaba. I always say...Give it away for free and it loses value. We do oursleves a great disservice by being theer at everyones beck and call, agreeing to a house call that was rung it at 17.59 pm as its within contracted hrs and pt cant be arsed to ring OOH 2 minutes later. One can only hope the public will soon get the healkth service they deserve...where they will pay for every little thing

  • The risks of noctors, phoctors & mocktors

    Murali Nair's comment 17 Oct 2015 5:05pm

    Spot on Shaba s you always are. GPs are shooting themselves in the foot by agreeing to supervise a half dozen PAs..not for the money of course. Greed will make all kinds of excuses possible. This will be one of the big nails in the GPs coffin

  • We must fight - and the time is now

    Murali Nair's comment 22 Sep 2015 7:34pm

    Well said Shaba. The fight needs to be taken to the politicians and also some of the public. Just being defensive may not get us far. Fight hard. Fight long. Fight dirty. If not prepared to deliver the knockout punch, theer is no point in geting in the ring and go a few rounds

  • 7. Dr Stephanie de Giorgio

    Murali Nair's comment 02 Sep 2015 9:42pm

    Well done Stephanie. A well deserved recognition. GP-Land would become a better place with Leaders like you. Best wishes

  • GPs have been spotted trying to escape the country by climbing into lorries en route to Dover

    Murali Nair's comment 26 Jun 2015 7:26pm

    Very well written article. Witty and hits painful spots. Not too far from what might happen in realirty if things keep going south. Jeremy Hunt & cronies seem to have posted a few times critical of the article !! Lol. There is no way ther can stem the rot and hide reality for long. Well done Samir.

  • Prescribe Calpol? Do I look like your mother?

    Murali Nair's comment 25 Jun 2015 5:41pm

    Spot on again as usual Shaba. Good article and well written. Jeremy Hunt seems to have sneaked in on June 24th at 6.18 !! Lol.

    Anyway, I fully agree that calpol, ibuprofen, sticky plasters etc should be otc. We should be able to say a resounding NO to such demands without the fear of being reported to GMC. Until that day arrives we will be at the mercy of punters who are will to wait an hour to get paracetamol on the cheap. More than the GMC, its colleagues who will drone on about the vulnerable and insist that select patients need to be given all this free that will upset the applecart. Sorry but most can afford to buy calpol, so, it should be taken off the list. With a 1.5 TRILLION debt to repay, I cant see things getting better soon. Devoted GPs seem to be quitting in droves and soon the public and the Govt may need that extra bottle of paracetamol for a mighty big splitting headache heading their way

  • RCGP urged to explain £10m net income from MRCGP over five years

    Murali Nair's comment 16 Jun 2015 1:17am

    Well said Una Coales. You have been exonerated. Everything that you have said about the RCGP has been proved true in one stroke. I am so glad that I have stopped paying the membership fees. Total waste of money. May more and more GPs see what is happening stop paying membership fees altogether. The silence from the RCGP is deafening. I bet all the Gurus are huddled together somewhere discussing strategy on putting some ` spin ` on this smelly affair. The way ` Profit ` was armtwisted to turn into ` Net Income ` is proof of spin already. Nothing might come of this eventually and it will end up as another mound of dust brushed under the carpet, but its great to see the discomfort in an organization that has been getting too big for its boots. Once again...well done Una.

  • GP vacancy rate at highest ever, with 50% rise in empty posts

    Murali Nair's comment 04 May 2015 10:07pm

    Chickens coming home to roost ... or...The sins of the father descending on the heads of the children comes to mind. Why in Gods name should doctors have to work like this? For how much longer will GPs go on blaming politicians/ increasing demand / and reduced income AND YET, carry on working regardless and be receptive to even more work being added on for nothing in return and take more abuse, just to keep the system afloat , as its their duty to do so! Where is the independence in the term ` Independent ` Contractor ? Do the work to fit only what is being paid for. Its the Govt`s responsibility to manage the rest. Whatever happens, it should have to be a system with equality for all. It should be an all Partners type of system, or an all Salaried system( much as I hate that). Anyway, as soon as the election is over, all promises will be bined by the politicians and it will be open season on the GPs again..and the work will carry on as usual regardless.

  • GP commissioning champion among heavyweights vying for RCGP presidency

    Murali Nair's comment 18 Apr 2015 0:40am

    Who is this Peter Howe fellow ? One of the candidates posting with a pseudonym ? Una Coales has done so much more for GPs than most GPs I know. The best thing she has done is open the eyes of many a GP to the reality that life as a GP in the NHS has become and has encouraged them to escape to a better life and career elsewhere. Respect to her. As for the likes of this Peter Howe....Haters will be haters and best to ignore such haters.

  • Dear patient: It's not you, it's me

    Murali Nair's comment 11 Apr 2015 6:40pm

    Very well written Shaba. Patients are not going to change whatever ` educating ` is used by the GPs. Its time for the GP to face reality and change. Work from 9 am to 6 pm max and only do what can be done in that time. Lack of money in the system and lack of enough GPs etc is not the problem of other GPs to be honest. Agreeing to be a door mat is the problem that is causing a lot of muck to be wiped on our heads.

  • 'One of the biggest things that will kill general practice is GPs'

    Murali Nair's comment 18 Mar 2015 10:43pm

    Well done Stephanie for saying it bas it should be said. People with vested interests want a Salaried GP syatem, but would prefer not to take up such a job themselves. Well done also on your comment re ` Patient blaming` ..Yes, some patients do need to be blamed for inappropriate and persistent unnecessary demands etc. Its time we ditched the servile ` The patient is always right` attitude, and what is right for the patient and not what they want. Primary Care in the NHS is indeed doomed otherwise.

  • 17% of Scottish practices have a GP vacancy

    Murali Nair's comment 13 Mar 2015 7:33pm

    Anonymous at 8.28 am....So sorry to hear your story. Thats a story that I am sure is repeated many times around the country. Yesterday I hear the astounding news that the system is going to try to fast track doctors from hospital specialities into VTS if they want to change horses!! What a hypocritical calamity! They will penalise those that all already in a VTS for not getting 1 mark needed to hit the target. How someone has come to the last attempt of their dreaded CSA and is deemed ` not suitable` but has managed admirably well whist in training, whilst as a registrar and had no complaints from anyone is beyond my meagre intellect. If the candidate is that bad, then the Deaneries and selectors for VTS should be held accountable for selecting unsuitable candidates, and if the incompetence is not picked up and acted upon to improve the candidates deficiencies or stop them in the tracks early on, the Trainers and Deaneries should be held accountable. This is sadly not happening. No one is accountable and careers and lives and families are being destroyed. The chickens seem to be coming home to roost. sympathies. God bless. May Your husband get justice and progress in life .

  • When doctors become patients

    Murali Nair's comment 03 Mar 2015 10:14pm

    Lovely piece of writing as usual Shaba. Ignore the ignoramuses.

  • 'This is the best time in a generation to become a GP'

    Murali Nair's comment 31 Jan 2015 12:21pm

    God, how embarrasing. !! Reeks a bit of desperation I think. If its great, then the students should feel that attraction. No other RC is putting out videos to atract trainees. Maybe I am the only one here, but I did not find that video inspiring at all. Like cold tepid tea.

  • Are we really 'resilient', or are we just overexploited?

    Murali Nair's comment 29 Jan 2015 4:07pm

    Well written Shaba. How I wish I had the skills to write as eloquently as you. You say it so well. Thats the problem with our profession. We are taught , or rather forced to, keep it all shut inside, trundle on regardless and produce the goods as far as service provision was concerned and to hell with ones own well being, proper training, nurturing of ones hopes and ambitions. Hamsters we were and meant to just keep running on the wheel, whilst the brown nosers got on with their business and moved up. Resilience is a good word, and may even be a good skill to have, but in our profession it basically means ` How to be a shmuck and end up losing your life ( sometimes literalkly) ` . Its not Resilience but opening of ones eyes thats needed, and as someone said... SOMETIMES, OPENING YOUR EYS COULD BE THE MOST PAINFUL THING YOU WILL EVER HAVE TO DO . Doing it will save you though. As Una states, we all have to learn to say NO and walk away.

  • GPs to be offered incentives to delay retirement under £10m strategy to solve workforce crisis

    Murali Nair's comment 26 Jan 2015 7:49am

    Sighhhhh...what next? A letter to all CSA kickouts , with a grovelling apology, stating that if all can forgiven and they are willing to come back, they can join duty asap without re sitting the CSA ever again ? Letters to GP emigrants in Oz stating that they can slip into a vacancy of their choice with a 10K golden helooooo and no need for to sit CSA, work as a minion for 6 months for a few bob etc and letters to the Indian subcontinent stating that the first 6000 applicants with a mere 12 montsh GP expoerience will get jobs with no PLAB exam etc. I smell something and it vaguely reeks of desperation.

  • GMC to introduce 'emotional resilience' training after finding 28 doctors under investigation committed suicide

    Murali Nair's comment 26 Dec 2014 9:41am

    Una, once again, well done on standing up to inustice and not crumbling under the immense pressure that was placed on you to silence you. The fact you are still standing is testimony to your resilience. May the rest of your life be a happy one when you manage to quit whilst you are ahead , and be able to consider having beena doctor in one part of the world as a mere bad dream .

  • GMC to introduce 'emotional resilience' training after finding 28 doctors under investigation committed suicide

    Murali Nair's comment 26 Dec 2014 9:37am

    Wow! How did I miss this article? I saw it just now after a good friend pointed it out to me.

    Una, thank you for bravely making so many posts and letting many people here know the real facts. As someone mentioned in one of the comments , this ` Emotional Resilience coure` that the GMC is offering is like covering the brickwall with a blanket before we bash into it. Maybe no / less blood afterwords, but the pain is the same. How much better for the GMC to ensure that those found innocent are compensated for EVERY single penny of lost earnings and reinstated in their jobs. Just washing their hands Pilates style at the end is not really acceptable. I hope the newly created ResilientGP group will soon become a power to reckon with and will be areal union for doctors. Waiting to see how the action by Dr John Glasspool will be managed. I loved medicine once and stil do, but if I win the Lotto tomorrow, I am outta the swamp that medicine has become pronto. Its not worth sacrificing ones life for medicine.Be like the doctors in the US folks. Treat work as just collect top dolars. They have Physician suicides too, but at least those that want to quit have enough of a bank balance to do so. Sad day for emdicine.