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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

Murali Nair

  • It's time to tackle patients' addiction to GPs

    Murali Nair's comment 24 Dec 2014 9:44am

    Shaba, as ever you are eloquent and to the point. Its stating the obvious. I also have to agree with the Anonymous poster above at 08.42 on 21st Dec. Our Leaders are just idle chatters and we burn.

  • Welcome aboard this flight to general practice

    Murali Nair's comment 08 Dec 2014 11:55pm

    LOl. Very well put Samir. Thats one plane set to crash land. Running on empty and yet the Pilot promises it is going to soar higher than ever before !!

    Is the plane comparison proof that Virgin is going buy us as slaves?

  • 'I cannot sit back and watch an attack on our profession'

    Murali Nair's comment 27 Nov 2014 4:09pm

    Dear Anonymous at 2.43 and 2.54 ... I acn say that I know Shaba Nabi personally and sh eis a coleague of the highest integrity and has credibility. She has said nothing derogatory at all about this Dr Meriyon Thomas if you care to go back and read her post. If she needs to be reported to the Editor ( how pathetic) , then, just as with spartacus, I would like to stand up and say...I am Shaba Nabi. There you go. Report me too.

  • 'I cannot sit back and watch an attack on our profession'

    Murali Nair's comment 27 Nov 2014 4:01pm

    Well said Shaba. Its time we took action like this. As you said, there might be a sinster side to the issue and might be linked to Hunt`s recent comment re taking his children to A&E. There is a concerted plan to undermine Primary care and make it fall.

  • Professor Thomas, GPs are a key part of the future NHS

    Murali Nair's comment 20 Nov 2014 4:01pm

    Absolutely idea about the real world of Primary Care. From his Ivory tower window, GPs probably ;look like little ants scurrying around. He thinks his grand experience of 1 year nearlt 4 decades ago gives him an insight into current primary care. I have a strange feeling that this has something to do with the planned dismembering of the Primary care turkey, for our US companies, but its only my opinion.

  • RCGP apologises to trainees after chaotic introduction of MRCGP equality reforms

    Murali Nair's comment 19 Nov 2014 5:14pm

    I think you are spot on there Una Coales. Its financial worries that is causing this nonsense. As someone mentioned somewhere, and that dreadful Dr Meirion Thomas demonstrated with his stupid article in the DailyWail this morning, GPs are the laughing stock of the public, and even other RCs snigger at the RCGP. I am sorry, but just raising the bar for an exam that does not fully test a candidates full skills, and in fact can be biased against some, WILL NOT make the other RCs sit up and take note and give GPs respect. This fee fiasco only makes the RCGP look sillier , in my opinion. The only redemption would be for the RC tpo waive fees COMPLETELY for all the candidates on these 2 dates as an apology and an atonement . Will that be done though? Well, there is the matter re that expensive mortgage, so, brain wins over the heart and morals. Mega fail this time RCGP. Sorry.

  • A GP's letter to Father Christmas

    Murali Nair's comment 19 Nov 2014 12:25pm

    Damn! spelling mistakes. Now everyone will know that I am an incompetent IMG , lacking in communication and clinical skills, but thousands of similar ones like me may soon be imported in , with relaxed PLAB exams , to warm the empty seats. The name of the game is ` Put bums on seats` . lol. Desperation is always the mother of inventions.

  • A GP's letter to Father Christmas

    Murali Nair's comment 19 Nov 2014 12:21pm

    Spot on as usual Shaba. I was missing your posts. I agree with everything you say, but take exception to only one of your wishes. I DO NOT want at least 50% of medical students applying for VTS. No Sirree. Unless there is a desperate shortage of GPs their work will not be valued.If you think we are suffering, why do you want to inflict the same pain on those coming after you?:>) As someone already pointed out, the good ship NHS Titanic is sinking and the string quartet is all thats left. The cairs dont even need to be moved around by those left behind , as the tilting and moving deck is doing that, thus giving an illusion of the required staff being around to man the coalface. Santy says to tell you that due to other pressing and important commitments, your wishes will not be granted this year and you lot just need to be ` pro-active` ` inventive` ` robust` ` forward and blue-sky thinking` etc and carry on the good work. Please write about the recent CSAam fee fiasco by the RCGP and also do make a comment about todays comment by our good friend Mr Merion Thoimas , who states that the GPs ARE THE PROBLEM for the NHS !! In case you dont remember him, he is the fellow who claimed last year that femaloe doctors in Primary care were the problem for the system . He seems to know everything . :>)

  • GPs must find an alternative to CQC inspections - or watch their colleagues walk

    Murali Nair's comment 18 Nov 2014 7:15pm

    Lol. Samir, its all a joke really. Its been decided by the higher ups that Primary Care as it is now in the NHS is to privatised. Period. Turkeys praying for Christmas comes to mind. Soon , there wont be enough GPs to walk. We are clawing our way to the bottom and soon will be totally irrelevant. The whole gaming is to show that we are not needed and someone with a 6 weeks course can do the work we do. Apologies for bursting your bubble. Thats the undeniable fact.

  • NHS services have become an all-you-can-eat buffet

    Murali Nair's comment 20 Oct 2014 9:51pm

    Graet article Shaba, s always and spot on re the problem of ` Entitlement` and ` free at the point of demand` problems.

  • GPs hit back at Prime Minister's extended hours 'fairy tale'

    Murali Nair's comment 08 Oct 2014 7:40am

    50,000 GPs might be a small number in comparision to the 60 million voters, but if the 50, 000 resigned or worked to rule, it can bring the health system to a stand still. This is one group of Professionals who thing they care meek Davids, when they can really take on any Goliath if only they found the will and nerve to do it. Hopefully the Resilient group of GPs will help the vast numbers find that will, nerve and resolve to take the fight to the politicians and rags like the Daily Wail.

  • NHS chief suggests GPs should 'reflect' on damage caused by raising alarm over state of profession

    Murali Nair's comment 05 Oct 2014 11:20am

    Ivan Bennet...With GPs like you around, who the hell needs enemies in the Govt to make GPs lives even more miserable? At least Una and Gurdave say it as it is. Your kind of ` servant mentality` just because tax payers pay for the NHS is wht probably is keeping us all down.So what if the public pay taxes? We pay part of that tax too. Would other Govt staff have to kneel and scrape their foreheads on the ground where patients stand demanding this, that or other? What are we...lap dogs to the public? Do we have to evacuate our spine and common sense, along with the contents of our bowels every day, just to get a salary ? Good Lord man. Go back and read what you have written and see the light, and maybe post an apology to Una and Gurdave maybe ? Should we all accept a 50K salary then, just because our paymasters the publkic deem thats the right wages for our 12 hr work day ?

  • GP partnerships will be gone in ten years, says NHS England official

    Murali Nair's comment 11 Sep 2014 6:56am

    Shaba Nabi... If as you say Partners are like kindly stay at home parents, toiling away to take care of their kids, a significant majority did manage that with cheap childcare by making the neighbouring parents chip in to benefit their own households, I am sorry to say. Its like the sins of teh parents descending on the heads of the innocent children. All good things must come to an end. For many, the whole workforce becoming salaried might make absolutely no difference to their current way of work, as thats what they are doing anyway. Lok at one of the posts where its mentioned that salarieds in London are now being offered a mere 6K/ session. A pittance for years of hard slog post medical school.The gravy train may be stopping, but the ones responsible, who made their pile, will be stepping off nimbly whilst the rest will be left stranded, hoping to thumb a lift from somewhere and limp home to retirement.

  • I am being driven around the U-bend

    Murali Nair's comment 21 Aug 2014 8:00pm

    Lol Shaba. Hats off to you. As usual your aim did not miss the nail`s head. ` Mission creep` soon as I read that anal-ogy, I felt my sphincter defensively contract, to prevent more stuff being added into that proverbial global sum that has photophobia. Yes, we are indeed to nice. Nice being the term for spineless, gutless and clueless. The sooner we stanfd and fight or the house of cards that GPLand is falls, the better. Those who have other skills should lok at using that to get out .Thanks again Shaba for not mincing words. I love reading your posts. may there be many more who wil say that they can see the Emperor`s wrinkly scrotum, rather thanh those that what us to feel the texture of the finest silks that adorn him.

  • BAPIO 'struggling' to pay legal costs following CSA exam row

    Murali Nair's comment 08 Aug 2014 7:48am

    As said above BAPIO has shown some backbone and moral courage in standing up for what is obviously wrong. Unfortunately it does not have the coffers or war chest to battle it out thats all . Common sense and integrity will show where the moral victory lies. Just taking the case to court is a big victory and step for overseas doctors. Well done BAPIO.

  • Naming and shaming GPs won't improve the NHS

    Murali Nair's comment 30 Jun 2014 8:55pm

    Very good Farrah Jameel. Well said.

  • Can’t we just teach trainees to be GPs?

    Murali Nair's comment 28 Jun 2014 9:46pm

    Well said as usual Shaba, but I agree with you in an indirect way. Too much time is spent of teaching box ticking and bean counting as you say. The whole thing has become anonsensical box ticking exercise. No one wants to look at why GPs trainees and GPs who have been in the trenches are feeling unhappy. Rather thah loking at that, everyone is loking at how a beter service can be provided, how the profession ` should be sold` to naive unsuspecting medical students, so that the service fodder quota can be maintained etc. There is no pride in being a GP nowadays amongst most GPs. Why ? Why should a GPs life be a lowly one financially? By accepting that we are lowly, we get treated as such and paid as such, and very deservedly so, and get treated as SHOs by our secondary care colleagues.There is talk now of GPs of the future being paid per 1000 consultations. What is the fee being offered per patient? Will it be another global sum in disguise ? I will be all for it if its 50-100 quid/consultation. Anything less is a slap in the face and anyone agreeing to work for 5K per 1000 consultations at 5 quid per consultation deserves it. Will a hospital Consultant see a patient for a 3 or 5 quid fee? if not, why are we agreeing to be door mats? For once lets forget training, manpower crisis, morale etfc and just look at the fee. lets face it, the younger GPs coming into teh workforce cannot be fobbed off with the old stories of collecting ones rewards in heaven and patients gratitude being better than cold cash. They are business oriented, and thank God for that, and they will not be prepared to be some sod`s buttwipe or toe rag for yonks , hoping to get a partnership. Lets for once take off the rose tinted glasses and look at reality. Primary Care the way it was is doomed and is past its sell by date. If we do not unite and fight the Govt, the majority of us will be salaried drones and looked upon with even more contempt. Regaining self respect, equality and quality earnings should be the aim.

  • GPs must 'exercise professional judgement' over treating loved ones, GMC says

    Murali Nair's comment 10 Jun 2014 11:38pm

    Well done on pointing out the obvious Shaba . At least some reality is starting to trickle in.

  • GMC rules shackle GPs who want to care for their kids

    Murali Nair's comment 04 Jun 2014 10:50pm

    Just to add....You write very eloquently and I love reading your posts. Keep blogging .

  • GMC rules shackle GPs who want to care for their kids

    Murali Nair's comment 04 Jun 2014 10:49pm

    Hi Shaba..sympathies. I am glad that your child is now well and safe. Your story resonates so much with me. I too had the experience of trying to treat my child, as my wife was away and so could not easily take her to the GP or hospital . I treated her for 2days as gastroenteritis before finally deicding it was a case of atypical appendicitis and took her to the hospital. Even the surgeons decided it was gastroenteritis before doinga laparascopy nearly a day later and finding... a retrocaecal appendix about to burst. I fully agree with you re the silliness of the GMC rules of not treating family and friends. Totally ridiculous. We are not children. It should avice us to be cautious and not ban it. I can understand it being against doctors self prescribing benzos etc. I hope the GMC will see sense and change its rules and be harsh on self prescribing controlled drugs etc and be lenient with others .