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CAMHS won't see you now

Murali Nair

  • Half of GPs still critical of RCGP's handling of the CSA exam row

    Murali Nair's comment 26 Apr 2014 8:18am

    As Una Coales and Peter Howe aptly point out, its time the RCGP did a bit of soul searching and looked at what is wrong with this dreadful exam. As Anonymous at 6.58 , the first comment, rightly points out, the vast majority of GPs have not sat this exam and are safe doctors mostly, and if all were to be forced to sit it today , nearly 10% will not pass as experience and wisdom dos not count. It is indeed embarrasing that it took a High Court to make the RCGP and GMC sit up and listen. Till now they were hearing but not listening and looking but not seeing. A legal hand had to collar them to make them take notice ? Even if it was a financial set back it was a moral victory for BAPIO and for scores of IMGs of all specialities who have been wronged , ill treated, sidelined and careers crushed , to turn them into service providing fodder. The fact that such an action could even be contemplated and taken is a reassuring thing. The Establishment may not be intentionally out to get IMGs, but at a time when carefully crafted ` studies` are out out in the public domain denouncing IMGs as sub-standard and yet the Head of the Govt himself without any embarrasment says they need to recruit IMGs to help the manpower crisis , its time to sit up, take notice, and decide whether IMGs are needed or not and to either let them in, treat them well as equals and allow them to progress and prosper in theor career like any local doctor or just shut that bloody door in their faces once and for all, rather than killing them with the kindness of letting them in. Lets set the house in order, rather than just loooking up at the ceiling and whistling and hoping that no one will notice the clutter.

  • Sexing up the profession

    Murali Nair's comment 06 Mar 2014 8:01pm

    Shaba..Much as I like your balanced views I have to agree with Anonymous Feb 26 0.05`s view of blood sweat and tears and a fading dream of a cruise after retirement etc for most. In a way , many at the coalface of Primary care are like Miley Cyrus, except that her twerking is voluntary and will significantly improve her carer prospects and income, where as with us, we are instructed to do so and will only feel uncomnfortable when we sit down after a hard day at the office. Most GPs I know echo Anonymous 0.24 in saying that they would not advice a career in medicine in the UK , irrespective of the love-boating oppurtunities during training time, and if they insist on walking into it with their eyes wide shut, then to avoid primary care like the plague.

  • Please don’t slash my allowance

    Murali Nair's comment 10 Feb 2014 9:51pm

    I have to disagree Shaba. Allow your eldest to decide when his ` seniority` allowance stops and all 3 siblings get equal pay, and he will ensure that he gets the biggest allowance or largest sweetie bag ....always. Likewise with dear GPs. Allow it to be an insider game , without interference from the parents, and they ` eldest` will ensur ethat they always get the juiciest steak , or largest slice of cake, etc etc for ever and ever. Sorry, the cake cutting should be done by the parents, and if that means parents who will cut half the pie into equal slices for kiddies and keep the rest for themselves, they so be it. The eldest sibling being in control forever is a mugs game. You are right. I do disagree. To hell with the parenst actually. The way things are, its time for the neighbours to grab the cake knife and do the slicing, and if they take away the choiceest slices for their home, but ensure that all the siblings in this GP household get an equal slice, then so be it.

  • Life sucks - just accept it

    Murali Nair's comment 01 Feb 2014 9:16pm

    Correction : Pull and not Pulkl & medicalise and not meidcalise. God! The spelling mistakes. I must see my GP Dr Nabi tomorrow and see ifs he can prescribe me something for my embarrasment here and maybe put me on certs for a while too whilst she is at it, as deep lobster red embarrasment can take many years to cure , I hear.

  • Life sucks - just accept it

    Murali Nair's comment 01 Feb 2014 9:13pm

    Spot on Shaba. Well said. Many people do need help but a larger number just want to medicalise all the problems in their life and want the doctors/ therapists to help out, rather than sort it themselves. People die, businesses fail, loved ones betray us, money is lost, floods happen just as shit does, in a predictable pattern sometimes, and we do have to learn to face such calamities. By all means have a moan or a temporary breakdown and take sedatives or even antidepressants, but within a few months pulkl yourselves up and move on. Notice how we doctors are never expected to feel low or meidcalise our emotional/financial problems, but with a steely glint in our eyes turn up everyday because people have been told to GANFYD.

  • RCGP considering reducing examination fees following GPC lobbying

    Murali Nair's comment 01 Feb 2014 9:03pm

    Since the vast majority of GPs work for the NHS, I think the exam fees should be paid for by the Govt. £1700 + is just too much even for passing it on ones first sitting. Failing 4 x £1700 exams, whilst already in debt in some cases,and then losing ones career itself can become the last straw that breaks some camels backs. Reduce the fees drastically, increase the number of times the exams can be taken without any penalty and get more happy doctors to work for the NHS. Pennywise and Pound foolish mentality wins always in the NHS unfortunately.

  • Here's a catchphrase we can all get behind

    Murali Nair's comment 23 Jan 2014 6:35am

    Well said Shaba. We have become mere slaves to the general public`s incessant demands and we have been ` ordered` to obey them unquestioningly. We have become like Pavlov`s dogs where the patient rings the bell and we start salivating . The last few batches of doctors who have qualified and are working, will become so used to this kind of working, such that when the current generation of colleagues who have known better days as they should have been disappear from the scene, they will be the seniors and no one would know what being a proper doctor in general or a GP in partiicular means, and would carry on as though that was the norm. Rather than just blame the punters and the DoH, the GPs should learn to unite and say a collective NO , but unfortunately, with many vested interest$$ amongst GPs , that will be impossible.

  • Evidence of racial bias in MRCGP exam claims author of independent review, as row erupts over 'contradictory' second version of research

    Murali Nair's comment 04 Oct 2013 7:44am

    Congratulations to Prof Esmail for doing the research and pointing out the very obvious in his report and for bravely refuting the GMCs and RCGPs ` findings` from his report. Congratulations and thanks to PULSE for continuing to point out this anomaly amongst our midst. Thanks to Una Coales and BAPIO for bravely fighting for justice.

  • RCGP chair calls for all GPs to become salaried

    Murali Nair's comment 04 Oct 2013 7:22am

    I would like to stand shoulder to shoulder with Shaba Nabi and echo what she has said. This idea of all GPs becoming salaried doctors is ridiculous and will benefit only the DoH and select GPs who will be managers and CEOs of large groups.Hopefully most GPs will see that they are about to be corraled off and will stampede and get to the pass before they are headed off.

  • 30. Dr Una Coales

    Murali Nair's comment 03 Oct 2013 4:54pm

    Whistleblowers have always been burnt at the stake in our dear NHS, but Una has braved all that and at great personal loss is fighting the fight for many. Good luck to her and God bless her effort.

  • 30. Dr Una Coales

    Murali Nair's comment 03 Oct 2013 4:52pm

    I think Una Coales tells it as it is, lifts up rocks and shines light under it to have many a critter hiding there scarper and has done more for Primary care than many fanciful title holders. She has survived many a witchhunt and is still carrying on the fight for justice for many who are unable to speak for themselves due to various reasons. Even if not number 1, in my book, she should be in the first 10.

  • GMC launches internal review of suicides among doctors facing fitness-to-practise investigations

    Murali Nair's comment 03 Oct 2013 4:13pm

    Are there any stats available , based on race, nationality and sex of these unfortunate fallen 96 colleagues? I bet a ` dark shadow` will be cast over our collective conscience if the stats are revealed, so, the national security act probably will need to be evoked to keep it under wraps for 50 years or so. I hang my head in shame and helplessness. R.I.P and God save those 96 families.

  • GMC launches internal review of suicides among doctors facing fitness-to-practise investigations

    Murali Nair's comment 03 Oct 2013 4:10pm

    96 deaths in 10 years!! That is 96 too many. If these doctors were curmudgeons swindling the system, they would scarper or resign rather than snuff themselves out. If they had mental health issues or financial issues that pushed them over the edge they needed help and not persecution. The coleagues who bring shame on the profession by real crimes get away sometimes, or do not end their lives, and throw their families into turmoil forever, by stepping into that dark, lonely night on their own. We should hand our heads in shame that it has come to this. We would be the laughi8ng stock of the world and the general public, if they knew that we pay 90 million in subs every year to an organisation, that instead of ensuring all doctors are good , persecutes many this way.

  • GPs could provide 24-hour care for the frail and elderly, says RCGP chair

    Murali Nair's comment 28 Sep 2013 7:49am

    Well said Shaba. Where is this funding going to come from and the man power to do the 24 hr care for the elderly ? It will be suggested that the money will follow the patients and that even though there is an initial cash-flow problem, if GPs hit the road running and get organised..i.e, agree to take this extra onorous work for a pittance..the floodgates will open as soon as the recession ends and all will be handsomely rewarded. This ` waiting for the recession to end` would be like the ` With a view` offer in many practices, where the view eventually becomes just that of the back garden.

  • GPs should lose independent contractor status, suggests leading GP academic

    Murali Nair's comment 24 Sep 2013 8:38am

    That should read....legally and morally be on the same pay scale.

  • GPs should lose independent contractor status, suggests leading GP academic

    Murali Nair's comment 24 Sep 2013 8:36am

    Dear Dr Majeed,
    Many thanks for that prompt and polite non-answer. I was hoping that as you are working as a Principal GP, you surely know what Principal Partners and Salaried doctors earn, and so, would be able to give a reasonable figure to the salary and perks you are looking at when you say that all GPs should be Salaried doctors. In what, till now has been a two-tiered system, should all Salarieds salary be brought up to be equal to Partners or should Partners earnings be downgraded as there wil be no more ` risk taking ` ` overheads` ` extra admin work ` etc , as all will be doing the same work for HMG and so , should , legally and morally on the pay scale. You probably might find it difficult to put a figure to the salary proposed for all, so, I shall say thank you once again and leave it at that. Thank you.

  • GPs should lose independent contractor status, suggests leading GP academic

    Murali Nair's comment 23 Sep 2013 2:36am

    Dr Majeed...May I ask how much clinical work do you do as a Academic GP ? Also, as you are a GP Principal, you probably have a vague idea of what the average equally qualified Salaried GP is given by his / her partner colleagues. Without disclosing your annual salary + profit share etc, what exactly is the figure you have in mind for all GPs if they become Salarieds for the NHS, being honest enough to admit that there should be no difference in salary for all , apart from the difference seen for seniority in Hospitalo consultants ?

  • Thirty-nine weeks 'til I retire

    Murali Nair's comment 23 May 2013 7:40pm

    Well said Jobbing doctor. If this knocks some sense into the younger generation of doctor and medical students in the NHS, and they see the light and the writing on the wall, and get out before getting would have done a great job and do deserve the title ` Jobbing doctor` . Well done and bext wishes on your retirement. There will be many more envying you than missing you I bet, and thats only because many want to quit but cannot afford to. Enjoy the retirement.

  • CSA stance has left me disillusioned

    Murali Nair's comment 10 Feb 2013 7:39am

    Well done Geetha Shah in standing up for your principles. Good luck with your exams and may your future career be bright.

  • RCGP study finds CSA exam is fair

    Murali Nair's comment 26 Dec 2012 12:33pm

    I believe this study was unbiased and no hidden agenda. Just like the 2 GPs who sat mock exams before they came up with this result, some circus owners in the subcontinent conducted a robust study and discovered that the animals performing in the circus were not treated baly at all and in fact prefered life under the lights rather than in the wild. David Attenborough and other wildlife experts conducted a study and discovered that bears po in the woods and also the Metropolitan police conducted a study and discovered that there was no racism in the ranks at all, and finally, an internal study in Westminister found that there was no corruption amongst the politicians there. So, not sure why BAPIO and people like Umesh Prabhu are getting their knickers in a twist and creating a storm in a tea cup.