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Gold, incentives and meh

Murali Nair

  • RCGP faces legal threat over international GP trainee failure rates

    Murali Nair's comment 09 Dec 2012 7:48am

    Thanks to Dr Una Coales for bring to the fore this important issue. Thanks also to Dr Umesh Prabhu of BAPIO for fighting this unjust system and to Dr Taylor and Dr Nabi for expressing their disquiet at the state of affairs. The Deaneries and Trainers should accept responsibility for the shamles that has destroyes so many lives. If the candidates are weak in communication skills or whatever skills they are lacking, it should have been picked up during the 3 years and the flaws improved. At present these candidates are being led like lambs to an abbatoir for slaughter . The fact that this exam discriminates is in no doubt, but many seem in denial of this and have a head in the sand approach to the issue. That no one from the RCGP is here posting a reply , though everyone knows they are reading, speaks volumes in itself. A judicial review is the only way forward and more power to BIDA and BAPIO for this. Most IMGs going to places like the USA or Australia do well and reach the top of their chosen specialities whislt the reverse is true for the IMGs in the NHS.