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Peter Holden

  • PM to end 'injustice' of GPs charging ill patients for protection from debt agencies

    Peter Holden's comment 13 Jan 2017 7:33pm

    Is the journalist who wrote this piece really called Iona Twaddell?

    No intention of being offensive but it seems apposite!

  • Collect feedback following every GP-patient interaction, says GMC report

    Peter Holden's comment 13 Jan 2017 7:24pm

    Let us all stop agonising

    We all just say


  • Every CCG to get £6 per patient to extend GP access from 2019

    Peter Holden's comment 23 Sep 2016 0:39am

    I can't see my financial advisor outside Monday to Friday 0900-1700 He can't even phone me to arrange a meeting because of "work-life balance issues"
    I can't see my accountant outside Monday to Friday and the wait is 10 days.
    My optician has come down to 10 working days, My dentist is 2 weeks and that is a family favour and the car which conveys me to medical emergencies has to wait 2 weeks for a service



  • Every CCG to get £6 per patient to extend GP access from 2019

    Peter Holden's comment 23 Sep 2016 0:32am

    One word two letters NO

  • Let’s bin the 2004 contract and create a new ‘Red Book’

    Peter Holden's comment 17 Sep 2016 10:41am

    Just to be pedantic The red book was the symbol of the 1966 contract
    Where it all went wrong in 2004 and subsequently was the delinking of practice expenses. I was one of two voices of protest amongst the negotiating team at the time and I was outvoted. Nevertheless until 2014 we were ahead of the game compared to where we were in 2004. Many will recognise that we are at a terrible time now but we were as close to collapse in 2001 as now . many of us couldn't recruit AND we still were working the clock round. It aint good now but nor was it then. Bottom line is that until GPs as a group whether partners or sessional learn their terms of service and learn to say no and stop being bleeding hearts we will continue to be mercilessly exploited by the government of the day

    Peter Holden GPC Negotiating Team 1999-2014

  • Brexit casts doubt on efforts to give GPs same status as specialists

    Peter Holden's comment 25 Jun 2016 11:17pm

    Oh and BTW i might want to work in Europe but can't! Your UK contractual matters since 15/07/2014 have been "above my pay grade!" Those responsible since then are Nagpaul, Vautrey, Marshall, McCarron, Balmer, Jones (Wales) McDevitt(Scotland) and Black (Northern Ireland)

  • Brexit casts doubt on efforts to give GPs same status as specialists

    Peter Holden's comment 25 Jun 2016 11:14pm

    Getting you a decent contract has always been my agenda. I am the last one standing that got you 2004 and despite the trouble since then we are ahead from then it just doesn't feel like it. It would have worked had the government played fairly It didn't and YOU won't play unfairly I would take criticism more seriously if those who post anonymously declared their hand and helped the cause rather than carp from the sidelines.

    BTW I agree with whoever criticised my picture it is 5 years old I have lost my hair and 3.5 stones in weight!!!

  • How to ease the recruitment crisis? Turn back the clock on GP training

    Peter Holden's comment 25 Jun 2016 11:07pm

    MME Murdering Medical Education - Sorry I meant Modernising Medical education in 2007 wrecked professionalism. Young doctors have to commit to a specialty almost before their FY 1 year. Gall training is down tramlines and totally inflexible. Furthermore it is now impossible aper collection g one's CCT for Gp to do one or two extra training jobs ins specialties which you feel are necessary e.g. A&E or Anaesthetics if one is contemplating remote or rural practice or simply too equip oneself for emigration to outback Australia!
    High time ALL professional training was loosened from the NHS Shackles. It is set up to produce a cohort of doctors stuck with nowhere to go to so the NHS can exploit them

  • 'Average GP earnings' at prominent GP's practice is £23k per year

    Peter Holden's comment 15 Apr 2016 10:57am

    The publication of earnings was agun to head agreement n 2014 to get the negs to walk out thus allowing NHSE to write off the BMA. I saw it coming and were ready. I had an apples with apples project running but it was sidelined. If you strip out the employers pension payments the cost rent payments dispensing profits and other things and work on a 40 hour week then GP principals are on between £55-65K
    Peter Holden GPC Neg Team 1999-2014

  • Trainee's portfolio 'used as evidence against them' in legal case

    Peter Holden's comment 15 Apr 2016 10:45am

    AND "THEY" keep telling us that we should have a safety culture like aviation. Yes in aviation the reflection would be there and it would be publicised in anonymous form AND THERE IS NO RETRIBUTION against the aircrew for letting others learn by their frank openness
    DoI Medical Aircrew Lincs. & Notts. Air Ambulance

  • GPs asked to volunteer in hospitals during strike - but not a single one responds

    Peter Holden's comment 12 Jan 2016 8:31pm

    A basic Anglo-Saxon refrain involving two words and descriptive of reproduction and travel springs to mind

  • 'Several LMCs' to call for mass resignation and industrial action

    Peter Holden's comment 04 Jan 2016 0:09am

    Una Coales 21 dec 1041

    Well Una lets us get the facts straight.
    1. I WROTE the IA motion from Derbyshire!
    2. In Derbyshire we do not discriminate between GP principals Locus assistants or sessional and our LMC make up reflects that
    3. The MAJORITY of the LMC Executive are NOT GP principals!

    Peter Holden

  • Pulse editor wins major industry prize

    Peter Holden's comment 18 Nov 2015 11:32am

    well done Nigel
    As others have said your contribution and support to telling its as it is rather than as the government wants it to be is one of the few safety valves we have

  • GP support for fully salaried service growing

    Peter Holden's comment 31 Oct 2015 11:52am

    One of the biggest problems is that too much time is spent on the VTS on fluffy concepts like pandering to patient's wants and insufficient time to the business/contractual aspects of General Practice. Go look at the anaesthetists/Emergency physicians training and they all get slots and get examined in management issues of the non clinical variety

    RCGP WAKE UP the MRCGP exit CCT exam needs a shake up and you need to cooperate with the GPC on this issue URGENTLY as I have been saying till I am blue in the face on the GPC/RCGP liaison committee for years

    Peter Holden

  • It’s time to play the DH at its own game

    Peter Holden's comment 19 Sep 2015 11:33am

    Many of the BMA template letters were "de-Holdenised" from originals which I supplied and still use aka the blunt Yorkshireman removed. The "Snottogram" series 1-13 are alive and well and are the original templates and their tone would I suspect find favour with you.

    BUT as Zoe has pointed out the consultants and our colleagues are not our enemy. Divided as a profession we will fall.

    The first thing that we MUST do is the LMC as a STATUTORY body go to the NHS Trusts and tell them that this behaviour is unacceptable and secondly mandate our CCGs NOT to enter into contracts wef next April with organisations which do not give our hospital colleagues the appropriate support.

    There are far to many people in hospital occupied doing non essential peripheral work on the same things that drive us all up the wall box ticking CQC, IG HSE E&D and REPEATED attendance at compulsory courses. If NHSE had any sense it would challenge that lawyers as to the real need for all this stuff. We are ruled by managers and administrators with no sense of judgement or proportion fearful of lawyers trying to make us legislate for the unlikely, react to the remote and prepare for the minimally possible. Life is a risk from conception to death and no amount of compo can alter that!

    Peter Holden

  • 29. Dr Brian Balmer

    Peter Holden's comment 03 Sep 2015 11:43pm

    Well done Brian you have made a cracking start

    Peter Holden

  • GPs told to 'maximise capacity' and call in off duty staff to tackle urgent care pressures

    Peter Holden's comment 26 Jan 2015 1:35am

    Foxtrot Oscar

  • GPs to staff ambulance services during NHS strike

    Peter Holden's comment 26 Jan 2015 1:33am

    I am VERY disappointed at my GP colleagues disparaging the College of Paramedics. I have the privilege to be an Associate of their College and have just had the privilege of a 12 hour shift with 2 of its finest aboard our local air ambulance.

    As paramedic colleagues on this thread have rightly pointed out the vast majority of doctors simply do not have the skill set to work out there on the street. It aint just medicine but a lot,lot more, in very complex scenarios we have structures to support them with APPROPRIATELY trained doctors ,mostly GPs, but the vast majority are well handled by paramedic colleagues.

    I am saddened that as two professions there is a slanging match going on when we have a common problem, namely a government hell bent of dismantling the health service and at the same time exploiting the dedication of the healthcare professionals who slog on 24/7/365

    Peter Holden FIMCRCSEd FRCGP

  • GPs to staff ambulance services during NHS strike

    Peter Holden's comment 26 Jan 2015 1:23am

    OHP for all your bluster, I AM a member of Council,on 21/06/2012 I DID take IA then but limited to no booked appointments because as a self employed GP in law that was all that I could do

    The paramedics as employees can within the law take industrail nation. GPs cannot Its the law simples.

  • GPs to staff ambulance services during NHS strike

    Peter Holden's comment 26 Jan 2015 1:16am

    This is NOT what is in our contract
    This is NOT what GPs are for
    Who would indemnify you?

    Peter Holden FIMCRCSEd FRCGP
    DoI I hold both an honorary and a paid post with my ambulance trust and am trained to drive a CAR not an ambulance on blues