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A faulty production line

Peter Holden

  • Eight out of ten GP partners take pay cut as 2013/14 contract bites

    Peter Holden's comment 15 Jan 2014 7:39pm

    Pro data to consultants we earn approx 55 k per annum

  • GPs could be asked only to focus on complex patients, suggests NHS director

    Peter Holden's comment 09 Jan 2014 1:27pm

    I cannot see 40+ high complexity patients per day
    How many does a consultant see per day for his/ her own specialty ONLY not the multi pathology we as GPs are doing?

  • Invest £250m in premises or forget shifting care to GPs, GPC to tell NHS England

    Peter Holden's comment 09 Jan 2014 1:24pm

    £250 million RECURRENT will with appropriate guarantees in the current climate liberate about £2.5 BILLION of investment.IT WAS WHAT I NEGOTIATED IN 2004 BUT IT WAS STOLEN TO PAY FOR MPIG!!!
    Peter Holden

  • Patients overwhelmingly satisfied with access to GP appointments

    Peter Holden's comment 18 Dec 2013 7:32pm

    Don't judge British General Practice by what you find inside the M25 where there are very severe problems of Staff recruitment and premises
    Appointment for my dentist 5 weeks ( and he is my brother!)
    Appointment for my solicitor 10 days
    Appointment for my optician 19 days
    Appointment for my accountant 2 weeks
    Appointment for my car 5 days
    Appointment to deposit 20K at the Derbyshire Building society 7 days!!!!!!

    In my practice
    Appointment to see any doctor or NP TODAY - if emergency how quickly can we meet your place or ours?
    Appointment to see doctor of your choice 3 days
    GPs are working 60 hours a week to deliver this all for £66/head per annum to operate the whole practice!
    What £££s does an out patient appointment yield for the hospital or an admission?

    Peter Holden

  • NHS England insists GP practices remaining fully open on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve is 'non-negotiable'

    Peter Holden's comment 11 Dec 2013 11:28pm

    I will be telephoning every senior member of the AT at 1655 on Christmas Eve to check that they are still at work. I will not accept replies from Blackberries. Those not at their desks I will require sight of their signed annual leave applications
    Sauce for the goose etc.......

    Can i encourage everyone else to do the same.
    I will see if the BMA will also check that DH offcials are still at work then also

    Peter Holden GPC Negotiator

  • Furious GPC negotiator predicts revalidation 'revolt' as GPs spend more than 40 hours preparing for appraisals

    Peter Holden's comment 28 Nov 2013 2:20pm

    Appraisal and revalidation are parts of the contract. GPs in the main are self employed contractors. It is illegal to suggest or induce people who are self employed to breach a contract. You lot need to through the LMC Confrence/BMA ARM mandate us to renegotiate the DETAILS of what is needed. I don't think you can re argue the principle

  • 'UK GPs among best paid in developed countries', OECD report claims

    Peter Holden's comment 28 Nov 2013 1:52am

    GP pay when stripped back to 40 hrs pw, has dispensing notional rent and trainer monies removed is £55K

    GP pay as published by NHSIC includes professional earnings FROM ALL sources NHS or private. Consultant earnings are from the NHS ONLY

    I should know I have done the work and am the GPC Finance Lead!

  • 'UK GPs among best paid in developed countries', OECD report claims

    Peter Holden's comment 28 Nov 2013 1:47am

    Of course we are the best paid we have the heaviest job weight! German GPs for example don't do Gynae, psychiatry or see kids under 4 and that is just for starters. Is the highlighting of this report just another government inspired anti GP propaganda?

  • Furious GPC negotiator predicts revalidation 'revolt' as GPs spend more than 40 hours preparing for appraisals

    Peter Holden's comment 28 Nov 2013 1:43am

    In fact I can't add up it has been 70 hours I forgot the audit time!
    It has become an industry. Whilst I am in favour of appraisal it was NEVER envisaged to be like this. Once i get my new license in January I will spill some more beans but as I have a mortgage to pay I have got to get relicensed first!

  • Backlash from grassroots GPs as survey highlights fears over contract compromise

    Peter Holden's comment 21 Nov 2013 0:17am

    How about all you anonymous cowards standing for GPC then stand for negotiator. Declare who you are or shut up!
    Peter Holden

  • Backlash from grassroots GPs as survey highlights fears over contract compromise

    Peter Holden's comment 18 Nov 2013 4:35pm

    GP pay has not compared apples with apples for years now is our opportunity .Watch this space

  • Landmark contract deal cuts QOF by 40% and boosts global sum - but will force GPs to publish their pay

    Peter Holden's comment 14 Nov 2013 11:47pm

    No you will NOT have 2 am calls or any ooh disturbance. You don't think that as one who helped negotiate both the 2004 and now this 2014 deal I would consent to any return to that slavery?

    Wait and read the detail in the morning when the embargo comes off!
    There are NOT bogeymen around every corner!

    Peter Holden

  • NHS England forced to step in after GPs threatened with court action over delayed payments

    Peter Holden's comment 25 Oct 2013 11:18pm

    This is NOT an anonymous comment. I am constrained in law from telling it as a Yorkshireman (working in exile in Derbyshire) would
    As you all know I lead on financial issues for GPC.
    Sequentially since March 2013 in formal meetings with NHS England regarding this issue
    I have been polite with them
    I have been firm with them and finally
    I have been rude to them on these issues.
    I warned them that this would get to court action as early as April this year.
    In (??) July I told A VERY SENIOR GP BASED AT NHS ENGLAND IN LEEDS following a 12 minute 10 second reply from HIM and others to stop waffling and start paying ... the civil servants looked shocked at my outspokenness!!
    I told them that in any others all of life we would just walk off the job until paid and that it was wholly unacceptable that GPs are having their dedication exploited in this manner.

    Now some reality.
    1. As a self employed contractor YOU are responsible for the debts. The fact that you have not been paid cuts no ice with bailiffs or creditors.
    2. The debt is your responsibility. Welcome to the world that the rest of business operates in
    3. You need to harness the local press and MPs to shame these incompetent bureaucrats who don't even understand let alone know the legal constraints under which we operate. Tell them you have plans to lay off nurses and HCAs and receptionists
    4. Stick exactly to your terms of service/contract send EVERYTHING to hospital that is not part of your contract.
    5. Now you might consider If you do not have the resource consider going over to emergencies only until you are paid and tell the AT why. However this can of course backfire in that you are losing QoF time AND of course the law prevents me from encouraging you to break your contract and i would never encourage you to break the law! However it is a moot point that your contract has been broken anyway as without a "consideration" there is no contract. I am NOT encouraging you I am just telling you to consider the position very carefully
    5.As you are resource constrained you are of course in no position to do anything except essential matters and the CCGs and AT would therefore have to wait for any data and other non essential tasks to which they demand you to deliver.
    6. The AT chief executive if he had a shred of integrity would forego drawing his own salary until this is sorted out just like the GPs are having to.
    7. Remember to point out to others that this is some accounting technicality affecting your "departmental" or Trust budget under fire but your lack of cash to pay staff and suppliers and your personal solvency. This affects your ability to stay registered and deliver care to patients which is at risk. At risk from the bunch of 9-5 desk jockeys who need "going forward from here take steps to learn lessons..." no just pay up and stop waffling and stop torturing the English language with NHS speak

    Peter Holden
    GPC Negotiator

  • NHS England sets up working group to solve GP payment issues

    Peter Holden's comment 10 Oct 2013 2:40pm

    This isnt news we have been at it since April!!

  • Field: One in ten practices must make major improvements

    Peter Holden's comment 30 Sep 2013 11:12am

    It is not for Steve Field in his current position to express his personal opinions on the topic of 7 day opening. GPs are not resourced or required to open 7 days and even if we had the cash we don't have the workforce.

    Steve must remember that he works for the Care QUALITY Commission and NOT the Care QUANTITY Commission and in his position he cannot have publicly expressed personal opinions in the same way that I as GPC negotiator cannot have them about the trailing 5% of practices!

    Peter Holden
    GPC negotiator- in a personal capacity!!!!!!!

  • We must stop GPs leaving the profession, says minister

    Peter Holden's comment 09 Sep 2013 6:36pm

    Well Freddy,
    You could start by playing fair with GPs. Both Labour and yourselves have clawed back every penny we negotiated fairly and above booard in 2004 yet our consulation rates are up 30%. Your governement has been complicit in a sustained anti GP media frenzy have allowed dissemination of deliberate disinformation, permitted managers to bully and ignored professional advice from those on the ground particularly over 111 from which you have got a bloody nose. Now is the time to start listening to the elected representatives of all GPs and not just "stakeholders" who massage your egos telling ypu what you want to hear. 31% of us are over 56 and you are in the last chance saloon to save GP or be blamed for the collapse of the NHS. Time to start listening and either re-allocating resources to GP DIRECTLY OR face meltdown for which you will be blamed.
    YOU have done nothing to dispelk the myth that GPs dont do OOH any more, You fail to recognise that Jeremy Hunts incessant demands mean that we are working 60 hour weeks BEFORE any OOH work . THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE. STOP winding up public expectation
    Peter Holden GPC negotiator
    (and a card carrying tory!)

  • CCGs plan ‘surge’ in GP appointments to deal with reduction in urgent care capacity

    Peter Holden's comment 09 Sep 2013 6:26pm

    Since when have CCGs managed GP contracts? GMS practices have a national contract and CCGs have no powers to impose this
    STAND YOUR GROUND SAY NO. you only have to make arrangements to for those who are ill or believe themselves to be ill. You are entitled to ask for AND RECEIVE such information as you think fit in order to make a suitable triage decision, AND YOU DECIDE WHETHER WHEN AND WHERE a consultation will take place (if at all)

    Peter Holden GPC Negotiator

  • NHS 111 to scrap complicated call summaries 'as soon as possible'

    Peter Holden's comment 18 Aug 2013 8:24pm

    It is now 13 months since I asked them to do this at the NHS 111 Implementation Board and I was promised this for February 2013!

    If I ran my practice like this i would get struck off

    Peter Holden GPC 111 lead

  • 8,500 doctors face removal of their license after failing to engage with revalidation

    Peter Holden's comment 13 Aug 2013 11:04am

    Time we all remembered that the NHS is not Medicine and Medicine is not the NHS.

    Time to tell managers theor role in life is to ensure that there is paper in the photocopier, that the rates have been paid and that th medical supplies have been ordered

    Time for Doctors to retake their responsibilities to plan the health service and tell managers the immortal phrase "What you are asking me to do is most interesting. Could you direct me to the place in the contract which binds me to deliver upon your request?" They never can and often go away with taoil between their legs. Can we all please start this tactic?

    Managers have had their day look at 111 Look at Mid Staffs

    Now the law prevents me as a director of a Trade Union from encouraging industrial action but i have a little parable to tell.

    Man owes bank £1000. Man has a problem
    Man owes bank £1million Bank has a problem
    1000 men owe bank £1000 each they each have a problem. The 1000 men decide that the bank is not giving them the service they need so each holds back on their £1000 the bank has a problem

  • GPs to be paid £30 per patient to lighten consultant case-loads

    Peter Holden's comment 13 Aug 2013 10:49am

    you know how the grand canyon was formed?... Someone dropped a 10p peice in front of a tour bus full of English GPs