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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump


  • Leading superpractice plans to phase out unnecessary face-to-face consultations

    Magpie's comment 15 Jun 2018 10:46am

    So much for all the time we spent developing our communication skills and looking for non verbal cues as GP trainees! Bad enough that any semblance of continuity has disappeared from general practice. This ‘leading practice’ is leading General Practice over the cliff edge.

  • All GP practices could see NHS 111 direct booking from April 2019

    Magpie's comment 21 Mar 2018 11:45am

    What idiot in NHS England received a handsome bonus for this ridiculous idea. Who in their right mind thinks that NHS111 is more capable of organising GP appts than the practice who actually know these patients. Will end in disaster and of course GPS will get the blame, as usual.

  • Add your name to Pulse’s letter to NHS England over funding for occupational health services

    Magpie's comment 11 Jan 2014 7:06pm

    Dr Jane Mackrell
    Park Lane Practice

  • Is it time for GPs to embrace seven-day working? Yes

    Magpie's comment 10 Nov 2013 8:34pm

    Why is it that people like this 'one day a week GP' are continually given positions of influence, where they can spout total nonsense about current General Practice. One of the most important aspects of general practice is surely continuity of patient care ,and what sort of continuity is he providing one day a week?
    What a shame that the consultant had to cancel his clinic to see his GP- it sounds like an exaggeration to me, as most GP's offer early morning appointments and evening appointments, which are outside hospital outpatient appointment times.
    This ' very part-time' GP should not be allowed to influence the future of General Practice in England.
    Don't try to tell hard working GPs what we should or should not be doing, when you have no intention of doing it yourself, Dr Geddes,