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Independents' Day

Terence Wiseman

  • The DNA: the last true perk of primary care

    Terence Wiseman's comment 11 Jul 2015 7:45pm

    I am a lay person.
    In one practice I used to attend, the person making the appointment always ended the call with "Please, make sure that you phone us if you are not able to make this appointment so we can give it to someone else".
    I am told it had quite an effect on DNAs.
    Your average patient neither understands or, sadly,cares about DNAs unless you tell them about the problem!
    A notice in the Waiting Room (one of several dozens) will have no effect whatsoever.

  • 'will allow police access to patient records without informing GPs'

    Terence Wiseman's comment 12 Feb 2014 2:50pm

    Nothing has changed!
    The police always have been able to get a court order requiring a GP or any other health care professional to produce a patient record when investigating a serious crime. It would be a contempt of court for the GP not to provide the information.
    Under, the same police - with a court order, can go to the HSCIC,
    So, as I say, what's new.
    I would have thought that as data custodians, these paranoid GPs would have understood the laws of data protection and patient confidentiality a little better.

  • GPs open doors to non-registered patients at weekends as 'viable alternative' to A&E

    Terence Wiseman's comment 19 Dec 2013 10:27pm

    When will it get through to all concerned that a very large majority of those attending an A&E Department when not necessary do not read the papers or listen to radio/TV news. They do not know that there is an OOH service at the GP practice; they have never heard of 111, they know not of the existence of Walk-In Centres - because they have not been told ! Not in a way that they can access.or understand.
    "The Surgery closes at 5.00 and I've heard that it takes two day to get an appointment anyway - I'm off to A&E"

  • The death of the GP blogger? How new GMC guidance on doctors writing anonymously has divided the profession

    Terence Wiseman's comment 17 Apr 2013 6:58pm

    I am a lay person heavily involved with the health service, I work alongside doctors of various styles and grades.
    I do not work with my GP and would avoid doing so if possible. He is a professional to whom I go to for professional advice - I do not need nor WANT to know his views on anything except his treatment of me.
    If he does "blog" or "tweet" I am pleased he does so anonymously - it would quite spoil our relationship if I knew too much about him.