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Linda Hansard

  • GPs to help elderly patients at risk of loneliness under new pilot scheme

    Linda Hansard's comment 03 Jun 2016 7:40pm

    Could this just be yet another 'Revenue; Stream for the Private Companies running our Public Services?

    Turn the Lonely into a lucrative commodity?

    They rip up our Communities and our Families.
    Strip away support services and buy up the Charity Sector, offering buck with conditions often of silence.

    Now its time for the elderly.....

    And to use GP's as the middle man is disgusting.

    Seems to me they are designing a Complex Control System by stealth.

    I don't trust anything this Government Suggests.....

    Overwork GPs.
    Create constant change and Chaos.

    Then come up with ways to alleviate the burden...

    Stinks of manipulation and coercion to me.

    This is how Totalitarian States gain more control over the proletariat.

  • Referral to mindfulness programme ‘helps elderly sleep’

    Linda Hansard's comment 21 Jan 2016 8:23am

    Since when did research based on 49 people make headline news!
    The numbers are so small the data could never be truly called reliable. This is Psycho Science. Pseudo Science dressed up in order to push through a very dangerous agenda.

    This is not Scientific, this is Propagnda

  • Secret GMC complaints files will continue following DH consultation

    Linda Hansard's comment 02 Feb 2015 4:26pm

    re previous comment:I think one could convincingly argue that the GMC is, on balance, now seriously damaging patient care. The fear of the GMC and its heavy handed 'stalinist' approach is leading to poor morale, defensive medicine and, inevitably, worse patient outcomes.

    Unfortunately, this all being the reality, the fear being created for GPs, along with the overload of change, is also having its effects on the sacred relationship between patient and GP. With the government not linking social security policy changes with GP work in its 'Fit to Work' schemes, many patients will no longer feel that the GPs are working with their best interests at heart. This is not the GPS fault, but by the Gov disempowering GPS relating to sickness certificates, and mandating then to refer patients to the Fit for Work system run by Maximus, a notorious Insurance company, this valued relationship will inevitably suffer.
    But I think thats the agenda.

  • New 'fit for work' scheme to assess patients by telephone

    Linda Hansard's comment 31 Jan 2015 11:37am

    There is of course more to this than meets the eye. employees are also informed by the DWP that any recommendations from Maximus Healthcare Professionals can be used as evidence re whether an employee is incapable of work. This recommendation can then be used by the Employer whether or not to issue Statutory Sick Pay. Employers are also being given Cash Insentives to take up the scheme and are able to override GPs should they think that it is in their interests to do so in recommending referral to Maximus, 'Fit for Work' Program. It also states in DWP literature that this is aimed at those with Mental Health Issues. The 'help' at their disposal can also include Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and I wonder who will be designing this? could it be another PsychoBabble social experiment via the back door of Camerons 'Nudge Unit' aka Behavioural Insights Team, dishing out their invalidated 'BioPshchoSocial' model of Behavioural Change Program.

    Also, and even more worrying, was the suggestion of 'conditionality' once someone has signed up, but this appears to be on the back burner for now. And we all know what Conditionality really means. Sanctions, stripping sick people of their means to support themselves and their families in order to cut costs.

  • Damp treatment and prescribing lunch clubs should form part of 'holistic' NHS approach, says Hunt

    Linda Hansard's comment 10 Dec 2014 7:46pm

    It looks to me like this could be a clue as to where the massive cuts are going to come from should Hunt et al remain in power. Could be the end of the Welfare State and Public Services. Just dump all the responsibility onto our Fantistic GPs, then make them their whipping boys or scapegoats. When the money runs out, then it will force GPs to start discriminating as to who gets what leading to total mistrust and mayhem. All the GPs will flee abroad leaving a gaping hole they can fill with newly trained Salaried GPs, whose salaries and contracts will be substantially different.

    RIP our GPs you do not deserve this. Neither do we.............

  • GP practices to work with job centres following £1bn investment

    Linda Hansard's comment 05 Dec 2014 11:28am

    Job Centres Nowadays resemble something close to Germany between the wars. Most of the seating has been removed, the phones have been removed and A4E security guards are in abundance. Its a very intimidating place to be. The staff sit in an open area of tables where there is no room for confidentiality or privacy. Now the Gov is expecting GPs to work alongside Job centre staff who are fast becoming reviled by the unfortunate unemployed who are treated like cattle and criminals. How long do we think the relationship of Trust between GPs and Patients will last if GPs are forced/coerced to do the Governments bidding in this propaganda exercise?

  • Thousands of people sign GPs' petition to save surgeries in deprived areas

    Linda Hansard's comment 05 Dec 2014 11:13am

    Its hopeful to see a GP standing up for the rights of the poor and deprived, Something this Government is steadfastly stripping away brick by brick. It would also be encouraging to hear views from Pulse members about the intentions to join-up GP surgeries and the DWP, which is very alarming and potentially dangerous for us all.