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  • Practice closing 'due to delayed paperwork' after death of single-hander

    anonanon's comment 30 Aug 2019 12:08pm

    Mandy dingle

    We could not have faked the signature
    However NHSE could have back dated and you are right added his signature. But that’s the point here they chose not to but have back dated contracts before ! They do what suits them !

  • Practice closing 'due to delayed paperwork' after death of single-hander

    anonanon's comment 24 Aug 2019 12:05pm

    Very negligent behavior from NHSE. They seemingly lied to the new GP that it was going ahead.
    Contract had already been prepared a few months earlier and they only needed to change a name as it had been already approved. There was a bigger plan here. power ?

  • The NHS has clearly cracked cloning of humans

    anonanon's comment 20 Aug 2019 10:26am

    NHSE are a ruthless bunch
    They want to close any surgery under 6000 patients
    The bigger plan is to make super surgeries of 200000 and anything less - well any idea that makes you suffer and disappear is of the order

  • Lord Darzi: All GP partners should be offered salaried NHS employment

    anonanon's comment 19 Jun 2018 10:11am

    It REALLY REALLY annoys me when those who are "in " with those in power do so much to disrespect the rest of the work force as to distance themselves away from us mere mortals to save their own pay packet but siding with what their friends wish to hear !This is not support to grassroot GPs

  • The white elephant in the room

    anonanon's comment 04 May 2018 2:54pm

    Excellent Shaba, as a Jew whenever I never had the chance at something I beat myself up that it was me .Now at the grand old age of 50 i realise its my name and background.I lost extra confidence despite have excellent attributes like you and being musically talented on top.Even my daughter who led NYO last year was not given the advertisement previous leaders had because she was BME so they hid her leadership place under the carpet.She didnt get the radio interviews etc attributed to such a top position.
    I went for a few interviews recently and walked into one practice that was pure white I have to say, I knew from that moment I was out of the running.

  • Coroner writes to NHS after investigation ‘lost sight GP was a human being’

    anonanon's comment 30 Jun 2017 3:55pm

    doctors dont treat doctors well
    its sad but true

  • Government must act to allow super partnerships to flourish

    anonanon's comment 27 Jun 2017 12:08pm

    Yes and lets salary everyone at peanuts , work them as slaves, no study leave, hardly holiday so the "super " partners can lay back and all laugh at the rest.
    great idea

  • CQC closed down 14 GP practices across England in the last year

    anonanon's comment 30 May 2017 2:39pm

    It certainly is not about getting rid of practices unfit for purpose.
    The aim is to stop partners earning and salary everyone.Therefore they are finding excuses to shut people down and NHSE and getting back handers to give these practices to groups of providers such as Hurley Group, ATMedics and Virgin.
    This was never an exercise into REALLY helping practices at all .BTW these groups have it sussed, drs on all boards so they can grab practices they have already been warned about before they even shut you down.Wake up everyone.

  • NHS services have become an all-you-can-eat buffet

    anonanon's comment 20 Oct 2014 6:19pm

    Great article Shaba , as usual to the point , but who will listen to our views ?
    I feel a limited number of free appts say 4 per year for those without pathology and 10 for those with would limit wastage , there has to be some sort of cap, thereby a missed appt is a token used .