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Gold, incentives and meh

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  • dr thomas gillham 1365x910px

    New antibiotic rules just highlight the magic of the prescribing pad Subscription

    24 Aug 2015 By Gillham

    Dr Tom Gillham

  • k hole 1000x667px

    ‘Shadow Man’ to haunt the dreams of GPs who overprescribe antibiotics Subscription

    21 Aug 2015 By Through The K Hole

    Dr Kevin Hinkley

  • Nigel_Praities_Duo_330x330px

    NICE guidance must pass the ‘10-minute test’ Subscription

    05 Mar 2015 By Nigel Praities Editor's Blog

    Editor’s blog

  • copperfield

    Ten easy cuts to save the NHS Subscription

    24 Jul 2014 By Tony Copperfield

    Want to save the NHS money? Sack pharmacists, re-use second-hand drugs and locate NICE back on planet Earth. Job done, says Copperfield

  • copperfield

    The problem with marlin Subscription

    10 Jul 2014 By Tony Copperfield

    There's something fishy about the NICE draft guidance on statins, Copperfield discovers

  • Nigel_Praites_3__Charles_Milligan

    A giant therapy session Subscription

    29 Apr 2014 Updated: 30 Apr 2014 By Nigel Praities Editor's Blog

    The first day of Pulse Live has been dominated by the workload crisis in general practice, writes Pulse editor Nigel Praities

  • 45_copperfield

    Planes, trains and general practice Subscription

    29 Apr 2014 By Tony Copperfield

    Last year‘s Pulse Live was so good that Copperfield swore he’d walk ten miles barefoot over broken glass to get to the next one. And thanks to the tube strike, that’s what he's done

  • 4459_MartinBrunet2012_300px

    Drug prices: a bitter pill Subscription

    16 Jul 2013 By beyondtheheadlines

    ‘It can only be a good thing for NICE to be more involved,’ says Dr Brunet - but he does have some suggestions as to how NICE can improve. Starting with consistent drug prices

  • 45_copperfield

    The enemy within Subscription

    25 Jun 2013 By Tony Copperfield

    Copperfield is stunned to find himself part of a happy, clappy, patient-focused NHS team – or is he really?

  • 45_copperfield

    I never say no to patients – and more fool them Subscription

    10 Jun 2013 By Tony Copperfield

    Never one to waste time explaining why a patient can’t have antibiotics, Dr Copperfield is happy to fall back on vengeful prescriptions in the event a patient’s pressed for time

  • Martin-Brunet-2012_300px

    Whisper it: UK cancer care is better than we think Subscription

    28 Feb 2013 By beyondtheheadlines

    The public health campaign about the stiff upper lip overlooks the fact that UK cancer care is already streets ahead of international neighbours, writes Dr Martin Brunet

  • copperfield

    Checking more urinalyses, expanding IVF provision and Making Every Contact Count: we would if we could Subscription

    20 Feb 2013 By Tony Copperfield

    Three new recommendations in three days? We need more time, more funds and more energy if we’re going to start doing some of the things asked of us lately, writes Copperfield

  • copperfield

    'We don't have any more time, there is no time left, it's all gone...' Subscription

    10 Dec 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    My consultations are so pressurised that they make my brain implode, and my average day already stretches beyond the event horizon.

  • gpstobe2012

    Are you a NICE doctor, or a fan of the alternative? Subscription

    09 Nov 2012 By GPs To Be

    Recently I had a minor tiff with my fiancée, who is not a medic, about reflexology. My opinion of the "therapy" is that it was total bunkum, and as there is no proven evidence base for it. Of course, as expected, this statement did not help matters.

  • copperfield

    Headache guidance? NICE try Subscription

    24 Sep 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to have your ribs tickled. Because here are the top lines of NICE’s spoof headache guidance...

  • jobbing doctor

    Medicine by numbers Subscription

    07 Sep 2012 By Jobbing Doctor

    You can paint the Mona Lisa, The Girl with the Pearl Earring or Guernica: all you need is a ‘Painting by Numbers’ kit. However, a masterpiece cannot be replicated, and efforts by amateurs merely emphasise the excellence of the original. Now medicine is becoming increasingly governed by the same processes used in these kits.

  • copperfield

    NICE DVT guidance is clot rot Subscription

    29 Aug 2012 Updated: 31 Aug 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    Yeah, sure, I know you don’t come here expecting clinical education and debate. No – you come here anticipating reactionary views, cynicism, bile and swearing. Lots of swearing.

  • copperfield

    QOF points on erectile dysfunction? Life's too short Subscription

    28 Aug 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    Apparently, the proposed HS2 rail-link could lead to the RCGP being evicted from its new HQ.

  • copperfield

    A breech of trust Subscription

    27 Aug 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    Hmm, did I hear that right?

  • copperfield

    Big shout out to NICE Subscription

    27 Aug 2012 By Tony Copperfield


  • copperfield

    A risky, stinking waste of time Subscription

    27 Aug 2012 By Tony Copperfield

    I’m not after thanks – I’m a GP, so I average a brickbat to bouquet ratio of 10:1

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