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Gold, incentives and meh


  • Are there too many posh doctors?

    Prabu's comment 08 Dec 2019 12:34pm

    This is very true and I hope Dr Turner takes this view across to the RCGP and they can push this forward as a national policy with universities.

    Entrance to Medical Courses should not be based on A levels alone and this is depriving this country of Good Doctors and particularly good GP’s.

    I feel that it is just not the wealth but the policy of A levels dictating who becomes a doctor is the problem. As Dr Turner says you don’t need to be very intelligent to be a Doctor and there
    Should be other ways to assess one’s suitability to become a Doctor.

  • Are GP receptionists too scary?

    Prabu's comment 28 Apr 2018 10:24am

    I value my receptionists and it is the system as previously noted which gives them a bad name. I think it is time we stopped calling them receptionists as what they do is so vital and they perform a variety of roles to keep the practice running.
    I thought of calling them Doctor Assistants like Dental Assistants. Any name suggestions are welcome.