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Pale Male and Stale

  • General practice responsible for £88m of fraudulent behaviour, claims NHS report

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 17 Sep 2019 10:54am

    I wonder how much GPs are 'defrauded' by the NHS in not getting full payment of fees etc?

  • The sinister parallels between the NHS and the airline industry

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 24 Aug 2019 10:51am

    Dr Kamal Sidhu is a GP and trainer in Durham, vice chair of County Durham and Darlington LMC and chair of South Durham Health CIC.- Mmm seems to have risen to the snowy peak himself!

    When I get picked out for a ‘random security check’ I think of it as ‘random’ - that some others with more melanin think that their randomness is racist is anecdotal. One surgeon, one flight does not racism make. This was a ‘safety’ issue and related to getting the plane off in its slot. Rudeness is unfortunate but happens to us all and is not an excuse for breaking the rules - no matter how ‘right’ you feel you are. It’s their rules - break them and take the consequences like the rest of us

  • After 35 years in medicine, I’m having an endarkenment

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 23 Apr 2019 1:44pm

    Scary? How about this. Many years ago, single handed I did minor surgery at the end of surgery. I'd seen a lady with an 'obvious' lipoma and agreed to excise it for her. However when she arrived it seemed bigger than I had remembered and after some humming and haring I decided to refer - UNHAPPY patient! - The surgeons saw her agreed with my diagnosis and arranged day case surgery - you guessed it - spigalean hernia - I had actually seen and heard about these in medical school! Glad it wasn't me cutting through a loop of bowel!

  • Obsolete? Of course not, GPs are the bedrock of the NHS

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 08 Feb 2019 12:21pm

    Have faith - Haven't the government delivered on Brexit, Universal Credit and pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq?

  • Part-time revolution: How general practice is adapting as GPs reclaim control

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 28 Nov 2018 6:21pm

    Some may say "Your part time flexibility is my early mornings, late evenings and working through the holidays"

    I'd say "I'm off, been there done that and never got the thanks!"

    Do we really want to be managed from above? Well the answer at the coal face is "No - I'll work when and where I want as a locum" - Until those taking the risk and ultimately the responsibility for premises, staff contracts, GMS Contracts etc. are rewarded MUCH better than locum or salaried jobs then the temptation will be to take the money and the flexibility.

    At the end of the day we can't all have ultimate flexibility and remain 'equal' - Some are indeed more equal than others. Big Brother will take over the farm and GPs will be offered take it or leave it contracts....unless SOME GPs take back control and are rewarded for doing so, not just money.....maybe they too would like some flexibility!!

  • Local council grants almost £1m to GP surgery to upgrade premises

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 17 Sep 2018 1:11pm those who have, shall be given.

  • When I grow up, I’ll be a worse GP

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 15 Sep 2018 12:36pm

    Adulting begins at sixty - twenty years a kid, 20 years pretending to be an adult, another 20 years preparing and then you’re there - Adult - only to find it’s actually like the first 20 years - fewer responsibilities and certainly less fear of mucking things up! Goodbye imposter syndrome, I’ve been there done that and if that’s not good enough for you - TOUGH !! You know you’ve arrived when you can truly laugh at yourself when the others are falling off their chair having fallen off yours and not caring you don’t know all the answers and openly use Dr Google for advice!

  • NHS launches scanning service for old GP records amid 'paperless' strategy

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 11 Sep 2018 11:32am

    It's a sorry state of affairs but the best and cheapest solution is probably to do nothing. All practices MUST do GP2GP and somewhere along the way notes will be summarised (hopefully) - In time whatever is left in the Lloyd George will become less and less relevant. The alternative IS to scan everything and upload onto clinical system - not ideal but less likely to be lost than LG - The time taken to review notes and clear out 'junk' is too great - if scanned and separate pages created this exercise can again in time be edited and irrelevant guff culled.

  • Full-time GP numbers down by over 500 in just three months

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 25 Aug 2018 1:28pm

    Does anyone one think that making the job attractive might help?

  • GP federation to receive £10m for five-year seven-day access contract

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 21 Aug 2018 9:59am

    Is this recurrent funding or another trial?

    We are having our out of hours payments halved - you know the scenario - Same work, half the money. (This was extra money for extra work - is the expectation that we provide the same number of appointments in contracted hours if we decline?) My guess is that once set up this project will find that the funding is slashed and the expectation will be that the OOH cover remains. It will be tied in to other income streams - Out of Hospital services contracts only available to those who offer 7/7 8/8 etc!
    Looks good now - just watch out in future.

  • Grassroots GPs call for GMC chief’s resignation in light of Bawa-Garba case

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 15 Aug 2018 8:01pm

    GMC needs tree trunk let alone root and branch radical pruning - Unfortunately not just dead wood but alive and rotten to the core. Fell the whole damn thing and plant new saplings with vigour, promise and integrity.

  • Appeals court rules in favour of Bawa-Garba appeal

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 13 Aug 2018 3:39pm

    Now who has the balls to sue the GMC for damages? Hopefully some money left in the pot!

  • In full: Dr Arvind Madan's resignation statement

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 05 Aug 2018 5:00pm

    If one says one thing and believes another and likely promotes something altogether different elsewhere then getting ones ‘come upance’ is the outcome. I am sure Dr M will now use his energies to fight for larger practices including his own Hurley Group. Those that have expressed their desire to save small and medium practices now need to step up and DO something. It’s likely Dr M was expressing NHSE opinion as of course he was working for THEM not us. He’ll be replaced by someone of like mind so the battle continues!

  • We have to stop making excuses for abusive patients

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 12 Jul 2018 10:24am

    Nice one! Feel I’ve been better off for standing up for myself over the years - literally and on occasion nose to nose shouting back. It helps I’m 6ft 3in and it’s not for everyone, however the shock and horror on the faces of the abusers can be something to behild - “...No YOU F**** off!!” Often followed by “...errr you can’t talk to me like that - you’re a doctor?!?!?!” - Well I can and I do.
    It’s often a surprise to the abusing patient that I/we push back and aren’t just a vessel for there vileness - in fact on reflection, not pushing back seems to make matters worse as nobreaction or an apologetic one is like a red rag to a bull.

    I do hope however that the perpetrators of the physical abuse metred out to the 2 GPs feel the full weight of the law and we can use these as examples so as to help prevent any further attacks. (...would this be a deterrent?!)

    I may have been in a Brexit/World Cup/Thai cave bubble but why didn’t I hear of these attacks - surely this is ‘news’ ??

  • What will the GP partnership review be looking in to?

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 04 Jul 2018 4:07pm

    So a partnership model to share profits but take no risk, presume partners would like the profits but not the losses?! I think this seems like getting a job and being employed - premises issues work both ways - I actually like working in a place decorated and fitted out as I like but accept I have to pay for it, others think differently. I do find that ‘proper’ partners are more inclined to make savings and refer/prescribe if it affects them directly!

  • Another zombie policy to cap it all off

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 30 Jun 2018 12:04pm

    As mentioned above charging for DNAs will only ensure they turn up however wasteful for both GP and patient. However the 'while I'm here Dr' banal questions will increase. In terms of increasing efficiency I think the DNAs are already factored in for most of us - still don't get a coffee break and these allow for the inevitable overruns. So charge to make an appointment, return fee if they turn up or cancel more than 24 hours before. Otherwise keep the £s! Not as ludicrous as it sounds as it would put the ball very much more in the patients court.

  • GP practices miss out on millions in funding from housing developments

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 25 Apr 2018 10:43am

    ...why the element of surprise? We are the lowest of the low priority from central to local government and beyond!

  • Dr Bawa-Garba granted permission to appeal GMC decision

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 29 Mar 2018 12:08pm

    Go girl!! - you have our hopes and wishes - your fight is our fight too! Best of luck from an old boy!

  • All GP practices could see NHS 111 direct booking from April 2019

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 21 Mar 2018 10:54am

    111 use a very short algorithm.
    Do you feel ill - No - see GP
    Do you feel ill - Yes - see your GP
    Do you feel you need to see your GP - see your GP within 12 hours
    Do you NOT want to see your GP - see your GP!
    I've had NUMEROUS patients who wanted simple advice but were TOLD MUST see GP
    As GPs we manage risk well - 111 doesn't manage risk at all - see GP. So we see the 'dross' at the expense of those who might actually benefit - NOT ME - I'm off!!

  • GPs in England to get 1% pay rise from April

    Pale Male and Stale's comment 20 Mar 2018 10:20am

    I’ll not be rushing out on a mad spending spree then!

    Thanks to the BMA for helping push forward my retirement plans!