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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

Mike Vousden

  • GPs to be interviewed to measure their compassion, says CQC lead

    Mike Vousden's comment 12 Jun 2013 2:54pm

    Anon. 12.43 - what an offensive and patronising comment! We are done to death with the tick-box, "if it moves measure it" culture. There are things that can't intelligently be measured - and if anything falls into that category, then "compassion" does. As someone else has already pointed out, Harold Shipman would have sailed through any such test with flying colours - judging by the adoration that we're told his patients felt for him. How much more dangerous it would be to have a GP like that formally certified as "compassionate".

    And no, I am not a doctor. I just believe in intelligence and fair-mindedness - and despise the mindless application of "measure and rubber-stamp" when applied to things that the assessors probably wouldn't have the intelligence to know if they saw it.

  • The Department of Health is responsible for out-of-hours care, not GPs

    Mike Vousden's comment 21 May 2013 5:30pm

    Anonymous | 21 May 2013 4:17pm - spot on here!