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Gold, incentives and meh

Nicola Hayward

  • QOF has reached the end of its useful life, says NHS chief

    Nicola Hayward's comment 20 Oct 2016 9:08am

    QOF was always a tick box exercise and whilst preventative care and improving patient outcomes has massive value, what happens to our income if QOF goes? What will it be replaced with? And what about patients?.....they now expect a 6 monthly or annual check up as a 'right', we'll be expected to continue with the CDM stuff, but a) not get paid for it and b) have to do something else as well to keep our income going........but hey, it's been a while since the goalposts were moved.....

  • Why can't NHS managers talk like normal people?

    Nicola Hayward's comment 30 Aug 2016 1:19pm

    Thanks Dr Turner!! I've just written my own blog about the abbreviations problem - much the same as drives me insane - and I agree with your comments about NHS mail - the 'To' box often takes up a whole A4 sheet, never mind those who have been cc'd into the thread!!!

  • Where's my get-out-of-jail-free card?

    Nicola Hayward's comment 25 Aug 2016 1:32pm

    I think there might be an argument here for an enhanced service - after all, if having consensual sex with your patient improves their general mental and physical wellbeing and reduces the risk of them being admitted to hospital, and/or reduces their need for pharmaceuticals (thereby reducing your drug spend) then surely it's a win/win?!!

  • GPs face complete halt on all non-urgent referrals under CCG plans to cut costs

    Nicola Hayward's comment 08 Aug 2016 12:28pm

    Maybe time to address the patients directly and say they're up the creek without the proverbial paddle and if they don't make some really hard decisions, there will be no service at all??? I think we've created patients who feel they have a right to healthcare services whenever and wherever they want (regardless of urgency/emergency/routine) It's a real shame that this CCG has decided to take this action.

  • GPs told to do more to stop fraudulent claims for free prescriptions

    Nicola Hayward's comment 14 Jul 2016 3:55pm

    How about we address the subject of patients getting everything free if they have a medical exemption i.e. for diabetes......?? If they have a chest infection and require Abx, that's not necessarily directly attributable to their diabetes - so why do they get that free as well???

  • The battle to quieten my inner voice

    Nicola Hayward's comment 14 Jul 2016 3:52pm

    Sometimes my inner voice's not that I'm unsympathetic to the needs of our patients, I just think that sometimes they should man up!!

  • Prepare for 'strengthened' inspections into data security, CQC tells GPs

    Nicola Hayward's comment 08 Jul 2016 4:40pm

    I seem to recall a Harley Street practice leaving medical records in a bin bag some years ago.....I don't think an NHS practice has ever made that mistake!!!
    More bureaucracy from the idiot on high......
    Maybe in the cabinet shake up when we have our new Prime Minister, he will be consigned to the Ministry of Silly Walks as that's all I think he is cable of!!

  • ‘This is putting money where our mouth is’

    Nicola Hayward's comment 01 Jun 2016 12:13pm

    He says an awful lot, without actually saying anything at all - it's a great trick that he has perfected over the years. I think if I had upset my whole workforce as he has, I would have the insight and the good grace to go with my tail between my legs..........he has no insight, or grace, or good for that matter!!

  • Hunt to push ahead with routine Sunday GP appointments

    Nicola Hayward's comment 17 May 2016 6:07pm

    Which bit of "Five into Seven won't go" does this man not understand.......????
    Lack of resources, recruitment crisis blah blah blah - we've all said the same things over and over again and yet here he is ignoring the bloomin' lot of us!!....If MPs would work 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week, then maybe, just maybe he might have a chance of getting everyone else to do the same!!!

  • Nine in ten GPs think Jeremy Hunt should go

    Nicola Hayward's comment 17 May 2016 6:04pm

    He is Mr Teflon isn't he?!!! I think he believes he is untouchable - he has no insight into the damage he has caused, and will undoubtedly continue to cause if left to his own devices.

  • NHS recommissions controversial pharmacy flu vaccination scheme

    Nicola Hayward's comment 09 May 2016 11:27am

    Cant' believe that NHSE would be so short, hang on,...yes I can!! Yet again, a bunch of managers who have no idea about Primary Care dictating what we do and don't do...

  • GPC funding body supports judicial review against CQC inspections

    Nicola Hayward's comment 06 May 2016 12:25pm

    Karma is a wonderful thing!

  • General practice set for 14% increase in funding as NHS details support package

    Nicola Hayward's comment 21 Apr 2016 1:50pm

    The cynic in me (after 32 years in Primary Care) says that it's all very well on paper, but in real terms what will it actually mean?......the money will come with strings, of that I am certain. It will be tied up with bureaucracy, form fillling, criteria etc which will put some of the cash out of reach of most of the practices out there.
    In the cold hard light of day, it might mean an extra few pennies per patient - but that won't stop the crisis from happening. And while we're waiting for 'all' of this cash to roll in, GPs will leave, en masse, because the alternative is just too disheartening.

  • CQC to scale back GP inspections and move to 'risk-based approach'

    Nicola Hayward's comment 21 Apr 2016 1:37pm

    Perhaps if they only visit us once every 5 years it will mean that the report reflects the actual visit and is not a 'cut and paste' document as appears to be the case thus far.
    I did try to get fees situation reviewed and they've increased by over 200% which isn't as bad as the 567% increase that had been proposed but it's still a hefty chunk of money for not a lot in return. They also totally ignored the consultation process and the feelings of the majority of responders........why are we not standing together to refuse to pay, full stop??!!!

  • Who is your Pantomime villain of the year?

    Nicola Hayward's comment 03 Dec 2015 2:17pm

    Jeremy Hunt.....because wherever we turn... "he's behind you!!!!!!"
    The man needs to do the decent thing and realise that he just hasn't got the spine and twinset to do the job properly.

  • The increase in CQC fees is appalling - sign our petition to show your support

    Nicola Hayward's comment 02 Dec 2015 11:48am

    Many thanks for this - that's very helpful indeed.

  • The increase in CQC fees is appalling - sign our petition to show your support

    Nicola Hayward's comment 02 Dec 2015 8:30am

    That's an interesting comment from the Anonymous Practice Manager and I'm afraid I don't fully understand the 'rules' regarding branch surgeries. Perhaps the PM here could provide a link to the relevant detail within CQC that will help those PMs with branch surgeries to ensure that they are paying the correct fee. It would be really very helpful and perhaps allay some fears. That said, the fees are still going to rise and will still cause many surgeries financial hardship, but any additional info at this stage would be great. Thanks in anticipation.

  • How much more am I going to have to pay the CQC?

    Nicola Hayward's comment 30 Nov 2015 11:47am

    I created the petition on 38 degrees as a direct result of the 567% increase which is being imposed. I want a direct statement that confirms fees will be reimbursed BEFORE I believe it!!
    We have managed almost 1000 signatures so far - we need to keep the pressure on - Mr Hunt and his team seem hell bent on reducing Primary Care to its knees.