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Overworked GP Joe

  • GMC was advised to appeal Bawa-Garba case to 'protect reputation of profession'

    Overworked GP Joe's comment 05 Aug 2019 5:01pm

    Amazed GMC would have appointed a lawyer who was totally inexperienced in medical law, like Jim Percival, as their Principal GMC lawyer for so long.
    Checking his Linked-In profile, he graduated from Oxford Uni with a Law degree in 1988, finished Law Society Finals in 1991, then worked for 9 years in Geldards LLP in the Commercial Dispute Resolution Team, left in 2001 to join British Nuclear Fuels, where he worked as Manager in the team dealing with litigation and promoting Nuclear energy, despite the enviromental risks, until he left in 2007, but also helped out as an English Law Advisor for Anglo-American Contracts in 2004-2008 as well.
    Then in 2008 was picked asthe manager and head of the GMC legal team , where he remains as in charge for the past 10 years .
    He seems to be experienced in Business and Company Law, defending Nuclear Fuels etc.
    Surely, the GMC would have chosen a lawyer experienced in the complex field of medical care and the pressures on staff and resources in the NHS, not just defending Big Companies and Litigating against the public and those who care for them?
    How can you claim to consider "the reputation of the profession" by deliberately targeting a Black Female Junior Doctor, not just once, but repeatedly and again and again?
    And now it turns out his whole legal advice was "WRONG", what is the GMC doing to counter their
    own "HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT" policy towards all doctors and nurses?
    For God's sake, the police arrested Dr. Bawa-Garba at home, while she was holding and feeding her newborn baby, and took her straight to a prison cell.
    What is the GMC going to do to make up for their deliberate targeting of innocent Drs & Nurses, who are struggling to do their best, in an overworked and underfunded Health service?

  • GP practices 'closed down' by NHS computer system hack attack

    Overworked GP Joe's comment 12 May 2017 7:04pm

    Apparently Wanna Decryptor is a common malware, according to the BBC.
    Wana Decrypt0r v.2 (as written on the ransomeware pop-up) may be a new version.That would be easier to stop. People are already blaming that "somebody clicked on an email." But a mass simultaneous Cyberattack UK-wide? That's not clickbait.
    But it could be cover for something worse. I saw my screen blue-screen, restart Windows, then an error message about "you are not authorised to access Blue Bay", then a Windows list of error messages, before the ransomeware pops up.
    Whole thing also makes me more worried about the over-reliance GP Practices have on using Emis Web with an always-on connection to Emis Web servers needed.Next time they might only need to hit Emis Server farms to mess up our GP services.

  • GP practices 'closed down' by NHS computer system hack attack

    Overworked GP Joe's comment 12 May 2017 4:50pm

    Isn't an attack on criterial infrastructure, like government or defence or medical paramount to an Act of War?
    This is really very dangerous , it shouldn't be possible for people to just do this to the NHS.
    Maybe the Goverment will finally get serious about all these dangerous hackers, now they are putting innocent people'lifes at risk.
    And we didn't even vote for Trump!

  • GP practices 'closed down' by NHS computer system hack attack

    Overworked GP Joe's comment 12 May 2017 4:37pm

    Working in a very busy inner-city practice, with Out-of-hours centre adjacent in the Darzi-style Health Centre. waiting areas full of upset and distressed patients, some in pain or very unwell, many coming in for repeat prescriptions begore they run out at the weekend, admin staff struggling to deal with situation.
    Cyber-Ransomeware (labelling itself Wana Decrypt0r v2.0) demanding £300 in Bitcoin within 3 days, or it doubles, then all data deletes irreversibly in 7 days.
    Patients angry and shouting.
    This is very clever
    Terrible time, end of weekon Friday evening, IT staff going homes and away for weekend, deadline on Monday, so good chance we will have to pay.