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David Riley

  • GPs face complete halt on all non-urgent referrals under CCG plans to cut costs

    David Riley's comment 08 Aug 2016 1:21pm

    Let's just hope that no GP/CCG member needs a referral in that time. Oh, just realised - they will all get private Rx so that's all right then. Sod the patients who can't afford it. It's immoral

  • GPs told to ignore NICE statin prescribing guidance in cost-cutting drive

    David Riley's comment 02 Jun 2016 3:25pm

    Joe Mcgilligan | GP Partner02 Jun 2016 11:48am

    If I recall correctly Qrisk results can vary dramatically depending on your post code alone. I I were youi, high total cholesterol & bad FH - I'd take a statin

  • Excess deaths at weekends 'a statistical artefact', finds major new study

    David Riley's comment 06 May 2016 1:03pm

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  • GPs can't solve antibiotic resistance by themselves

    David Riley's comment 14 Apr 2016 2:41pm

    What about Vets ?! You can't take a pet to a vet without them filling them up with antibiotics. I wrote to Dame Sally Davies about this and she replied that it was not her concern. Far easier to blame GPs

  • Personal health budgets scheme forces mental health centre closure

    David Riley's comment 12 Aug 2015 5:58pm

    Gym sessions and theatre tickets !? - give me strength. I am a retired GP and get bored sometimes - can I have free sessions/theatre tickets please - Oh some Test Match and Cup Final tickets would also be nice. What about some wine and a Fortnum and Mason hamper

  • GPs told to submit reports on all staff for NHS workforce survey by May

    David Riley's comment 13 Jan 2015 5:05pm

    Sorry, I don't get this. Practices are run as a business by the partners who directly employ their staff - not NHS England or the CCG. What right do they have to demand this information ?

  • GPs receive too few complaints, suggests CQC

    David Riley's comment 10 Dec 2014 7:17pm

    Remind we how we usefully complain about MPs ? Only working two and half days until the next election and sitting in committees playing Candy Crush on the iPads

  • GPs to face 8% rise in GMC fees from April

    David Riley's comment 10 Dec 2014 6:53pm

    Remember the GMC does an excellent job. If it receives a malicious letter from a patient saying your smile wasn't big enough they launch an investigation and treat you like s*** - vital for the integriry of the professsion. So it's viital that we pay a large fee for this service. Also to fund their huge pay packets and private health insurance schemes. In fact, I think the fee should be even bigger - £1000 at least so they all get a wonderful salary and even better perks.
    I relinquished my licence in February and will now cancel my registration !!!

  • CQC's 'risk ratings' are incredibly damaging - they must be withdrawn

    David Riley's comment 30 Nov 2014 11:03am

    Isn't it time someone referred 'Dr' Steve Field to the GMC for his actions undermining the public confidence in GPs. Or am I wrong and he isn't actually a medical doctor. What is the BMA doing about this ( that is a rhetorical question ?!) ?

  • GPs to be offered overseas placements and MBA funding in bid to alleviate recruitment crisis

    David Riley's comment 12 Sep 2014 3:07pm

    Using this principle they could send all GPs away for six months meaning the crisis in general practice would be solved for ever - apart from the six months when there would be no GPs at all in the country and the time after when a lot would decide to not to come back. I.e. the idea is idiotic. This is not party politics it is because, under successive parties general practice has been under-funded and expected to take on far too much excess work that the hospitals can't/won't do any longer. Young doctors do not want to do it and older doctors get out as soon as they can. Another gimmick by people who haven't got a clue what is going on in the real world !!

  • Partners could lose control of practice following poor inspections under CQC proposals

    David Riley's comment 16 Jul 2014 2:47pm

    Having seen the results of Steve Fields input into the CQC system ( ie incompetent ) this sort of rubbish is not surprising. Is he planning financial compensation for taking over a business owned by the partners and also taking over all the expenses in which case the Govt will need to borrow millions more. Haven't they learned after the out of hours opt-out fiasco that GPs offer fantastic value for money. Of course not - when you live on another planet as Steve Field does you don't learn anything - just act out your wierd fantasies

  • PMS practices fear closure as accountants predict losses of up to £400k

    David Riley's comment 11 Jul 2014 4:41pm

    Oh dear - :does this mean that PMS partners will have to work long hours for a full week like GMS partners instead of working short weeks while their underpaid, overworked assistants do all the real work. My heart bleeds

  • Join the queue

    David Riley's comment 04 Jun 2014 7:17pm

    As an aside - they are not called 'pre-op assessment clinics' anymore but 'pre-assessment clinics' - I know cos I went to one. The nurse wasn't amused when I pointed out that 'pre-assessment clinic ' implied that I was going to an 'assessent clinic' next. Presumably this name change was dreamed up by some admin berk on a huge salary but who never learnt to speak English properly !!

  • CQC using untrained GP inspectors to 'fill in gaps' on inspections

    David Riley's comment 04 Jun 2014 7:09pm

    Having retired 2 years ago I enlisted for 'Mike Richard's Army' and then heard nothing for months. No info on training or what the job entailed. Then they wanted CV, referees, CRB checks but still no info. Then I was approached for a telephone interview and said I was unimpressed (!) by the contact so far. The next day I spent an hour on the phone with someone high-up in the GP part of the system who offered me a chance to inspect a practice by myself in two weeks after receiving some 'slides' on computer or four weeks if I was busy. When I pointed out that I was retired and had just come off the GMC performers list although still registered she said she was not sure if I could do it and would get back to me. Over one month later I am still waiting ( I have already decided to tell them where to stick it anyway ). Utterly amateur and terrifying to think that this is supposed to protect patients. Prof Steve Field is a disgrace to the profession

  • RCGP requested £288k for costs towards judicial review case

    David Riley's comment 15 Apr 2014 4:43pm

    Why not just forget the exam and let everyone through - no matter how awful a doctor or how bad their English is . Then everyone in this brave, new PC world is happy - except the patients who deserve better and who deserve good, safe doctors who understand what they are complaining of and who can then give advice/answers that the patients understand. Or is it racist to say that ??

  • Debate: Should GPs back

    David Riley's comment 26 Feb 2014 6:14pm

    I see two main points that Clare doesn't seem to understand.
    1. Confidentiality. Records should be anonymised but if they are then one whole segment of her reasoning is wrong - ie how can you ' answer basic questions like what proportion of patients, by hospital and by practice, are seen repeatedly in A&E and general practice' if data is anonymised ? You cannot so it is apparent that she wants all data identifiable. The public do not.
    2. We do not trust NHS England, the Government or Old Uncle Tom Cobley not to sell the data to whoever is willing to offer a quid for it in the same way that the DVLA shamefully sells data.
    As a patient I have written to my GP opting out. Unfortunately most of the population area unaware of their rights here, something I suspect NHS England was hopeing all along !

  • Is it time for GPs to embrace seven-day working? Yes

    David Riley's comment 23 Oct 2013 6:41pm

    ONE DAY A WEEK - absolutely clueless about the real life of a GP. He should become an MP !

  • Battling Burnout: Write to your MP

    David Riley's comment 16 Sep 2013 3:58pm

    Writing to your MP is an utter waste of time. I have done this twice and each time he has ignored what I write and replied with the same rubbish. They live on another planet and have no concept of the life and responsibilities of a GP. They see everyone else as lower beings than themselves - of lower worth and certainly not entitled the the same salary as an MP.

  • Analysis: Does the row over the CSA have any basis?

    David Riley's comment 25 Feb 2013 2:38pm

    It doesn't matter a damn where doctors come from so long as they speak English clearly and understand the British culture so that they understand the patient's concern and the patient understands them. Unfortunately in many IMG cases this is simply not the case and under those circumstances they should not be allowed to simply sit as many times as the can so that they finally pass. They should not be allowed to continue working in the NHS. This is not racism but common sense !

  • Letter from Laurence Buckman to Jeremy Hunt regarding contract changes

    David Riley's comment 12 Dec 2012 6:20pm

    P***ing into the wind with this lot, or any MP come to that - apparently to get nominated for election they have to prove that they were not born on planet Earth.