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A faulty production line

Kit Byatt

  • NHS England 'substantially off target' with £22bn savings plan

    Kit Byatt's comment 10 May 2016 7:10pm

    Simon Stevens & Jeremy Hunt were both very upbeat in their representation about the £22bn 'efficiency savings'to the Health Select Committee yesterday!
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  • Five minute refresher - glycaemic management of type 2 diabetes

    Kit Byatt's comment 30 Mar 2016 6:52pm

    But remember that older (70s+) people have different needs and responses. There is a bidirectional relationship between hypoglycaemic episodes and dementia with increasing age. In frail and older patients, treat (i.e. prevent) *symptoms* rather than arbitrary risk factors or test results!


  • How you can get '5,000 new GPs' without getting 5,000 new GPs

    Kit Byatt's comment 11 Dec 2015 11:45am

    The thing that really worries me is that in general practice, as in hospital practice, whatever the net change will turn out to be, it's the most experienced ones who are being forced out by the work pressure, leaving much less experienced folk in place.
    I suppose it was ever thus, but there's a massive amount of experience being ditched that could have been kept & capitalized on had a more creative & constructive approach been taken!
    Another example of the McNamara fallacy - value what can be easily measured, rather than measuring what's of value...