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alex Tran

  • Capita regrets taking on unprofitable primary care support contract

    alex Tran's comment 21 Jun 2018 8:00am

    Ahh, poor crapita. Ok, you big lugs, alls forgiven for all the shit you’ve created.

  • NHS has 'a lot to learn' from 'phenomenal' Babylon model, says RCGP chair

    alex Tran's comment 20 Jun 2018 10:40pm

    In defense of Helen Stokes-lampard, she did not say Babylon was phenomenal. She spoke of the phenomenal uptake by patients but she was also mindful that nhs should be a needs based service and not a want based service. But never the less she said we needed to respond to this technological change and urged for revision of how practices are being funded based on the level of needs of the registered patients. She did say the business model of Gp at hand was good - Good at maximalising the funding formula of registered patients who are generally younger and less labour intensive in their care needs but that’s not saying it is Good or phenomenal (in a good way). The rep from ‘gp at hand’ claiming support from her is frankly misrepresenting her sentiments as I heard it. She stated it was very wrong for ‘cherry picking’ at the expense of stripping resource from other practices who are left with diminished funds to care for the more complicated patients who are not mobile. At no time did I hear her describe ‘Gp at hand’ as phenomenal. Disruptive yes. Perhaps the rep from ‘Gp at hand’ can respond to comment on ‘cherry picking’ rather than the words ‘phenomenal’. I think Pulse should revisit what they are reporting regards to the event. I was there and her words were in response to my question and I think I heard every word as she was literally 1 metre away.