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Independents' Day


  • GP appointments via app for every patient by 2018

    VIDHU MAYOR's comment 12 Sep 2017 11:12am

    Cedric's response (re Luddites) is evidence of some locum GPs not understanding the reality of NHS General Practice in terms of the responsibilities GP partners have (which locums evade).

  • RCGP fails to stop BME trainees falling behind in exam results

    VIDHU MAYOR's comment 03 Aug 2017 11:14am

    This should be the final nail in the coffin of the CSA. I am appalled - why should my daughter, born in England, trained at a reputable English grammar and then medical school, have a higher risk of failing the CSA just because she is racially 'BME'?

    The solution is not to have more BME examiners as that will be hideously expensive.

    What is the racial profile of the examiners?

    Therein lies the 'elephant in the room'- the exam is a highly paid jolly which this club of Morlocks (see Peverley's definition of Morlocks) guards jealously. Imagine: working in Central London instead of seeing patients - and being paid handsomely for this playing of charades? Why would this exclusive club suddenly become inclusive?

    And it is the poor (literally) exam candidates who pay a fortune for sitting this exam in order that the Morlocks earn a lot of dosh whilst enjoying a day out in London....

  • Defence organisation launches campaign to bring down GP indemnity costs

    VIDHU MAYOR's comment 23 Jun 2017 11:08am

    It needs a seriously wealthy GP to (successfully) sue a patient for a vexatious claim for the cheats to be deterred - therein lies the problem.
    [Such a GP would need to be prepared to face stalking by the GMC/gutter press etc]

  • Former GMC chair warns of general practice 'death by a thousand cuts'

    VIDHU MAYOR's comment 26 May 2017 10:32am

    Dickson has colossal effrontery to venture this opinion when, on his watch at the GMC,many of these cuts were inflicted on to General Practice by it behaving as a kangaroo court - I say this as one of its victims at a fitness to practice panel.

  • We need to stop prescribing antidepressants in primary care

    VIDHU MAYOR's comment 24 May 2017 10:46am

    This is a brilliant article - spot on.

    A problem here is the medical profession - some of us have a pathetic need to enjoy the kudos of curing patients and so are desperate to medicate patients instead of accepting/acknowledging our limitations as medics.
    Quite simply, happiness cannot be dispensed.
    Psychic pain needs to be viewed as a spiritual problem - troubled souls need spiritual remedies not chemical ones. But this notion is considered to be 'nuts' in today's secular world.

  • Is the partnership model really obsolete?

    VIDHU MAYOR's comment 11 Apr 2017 12:15pm

    Brilliant article in that it exposes the breath-taking hypocrisy of our professions 'grandees'; well said PD.

  • General practice is burning, but I refuse to lose all hope

    VIDHU MAYOR's comment 11 Jan 2017 5:58pm

    I am great fan of the brilliant Des Spence (as of Copperfield and Peverley) but I cannot share his hopefulness; here I side with C/P.

  • How about an item of no-service fee?

    VIDHU MAYOR's comment 11 Jan 2017 5:50pm

    Fantastic idea! I would be driving a Bentley if this had been in place for the last 25 years - instead I have become an expert at writing complaint response letters.

  • Congratulations to the RCGP - for once you've left me speechless

    VIDHU MAYOR's comment 28 Sep 2016 10:24am

    This is hilarious, a brilliant response.
    'so utterly detached from reality, so utterly lacking in the ability to connect with the grassroots, so utterly predictable and fluffy and awful and nauseating and misguided and patronising' ....never a truer word said