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Tim Binmore

  • Fewer than half of GPs are training in mental health setting

    Tim Binmore's comment 02 Nov 2016 2:43pm

    I didn't do a specialist mental health post 25 years ago. But would it have helped? the local psychiatric team don't see my patients with depression, anxiety, low mood, and anyone doing a job with them would get little experience relevant to mental health in the community.
    I totally agree with everyone who has said that any expansion in time to train as a GP should be spent in primary care

  • All practices will benefit from GP Forward View, promises Simon Stevens

    Tim Binmore's comment 04 May 2016 11:07am

    can we stop calling initiatives "the Prime Minister's this " and "the Prime Minister's that". Unless he is using his personal fortune to finanace these new initiatives, (and I for one would welcome if it he were), then it is government money, and if it is government money, it is the country's money

  • Junior doctors' loss is GPs' gain

    Tim Binmore's comment 20 Mar 2016 5:33pm

    Karen thanks for the advice about phone consultation. Now I have some top tips about delivering babies....

  • Young GPs: we need your help to save our profession

    Tim Binmore's comment 07 Mar 2016 2:56pm

    I like the animal imagery, Everyone understans who the vultures are, I can appreciate the young free range hens may be a good animal for salaried GPs, but I don't think that fat-cat for partners is very appropriate. I think that honey-badger would suit nicely -check them out on google, Resourceful, tenacious, never know when they are beaten.

  • Seven-day GP access scheme causes ‘mayhem’ in out-of-hours workforce

    Tim Binmore's comment 18 Nov 2015 7:13pm

    going off the thread, is anyone else irritated by the name prime ministers challenge fund? I don't think that he is paying for this personally, so why does he get the credit for giving the money?

  • Why GPs should vote UKIP

    Tim Binmore's comment 28 Apr 2015 8:30pm

    "Let's face it, they couldn't do a worse job than the clowns in government at the moment, so give them a chance!"

    i have a feeling that given the chance, they probably could

  • Should the RCGP drop its opposition to assisted dying and become neutral? No

    Tim Binmore's comment 20 Nov 2013 12:45pm

    "Now 2.8% of all deaths in England and Wales are by euthanasia." really? Where did this come from? Who is doing this?

  • Here’s some sip feed guidance – give dieticians prescribing rights

    Tim Binmore's comment 19 Jun 2013 5:07pm

    As Marie Antoinette almost said, "let them eat..."

  • Hunt: The challenge is to rethink the role of primary care

    Tim Binmore's comment 26 Apr 2013 11:09am

    "When I have been visiting A & Es in the last few weeks, hard-working staff talk about the same issues: lack of beds to admit people, poor out of hours GP services, inaccessible primary care and a lack of coordination across the health and social care system." This is anecdote not evidence. I had a letter from an SHO in A&E berating me for not providing an appointment for a patient, and telling me that he had told the patient to register elsewhere, On looking at the patient's notes, I saw that he had actuallly DNA'd an appointment at the practice on the day of his attendance. I wrote back to the SHO, and forgot about it The SHO then came to work in the practice as a registrar and reminded me of the incident. He had changed his tune because he then had experience of GP. This is not evidence either, but hopefully demonstrates that hard working A&E staff may not be accurate in their assessment of what GP care is available.Mr Hunt also suggests increased attendance at A&E is due to the 2004 contract. Perhaps he should go further back, and think about care in the community. In the early 90s, there were large NHS wards that looked after elderly frail and possibly demented people, with consultants in charge and oncall junior doctors. These patients are now in nursing homes. Perhaps this may have a bearing on the rise in A&E attendance.

  • Hunt blames GPs for a rise in patients presenting at A&E

    Tim Binmore's comment 17 Apr 2013 1:39pm

    Ah, the good old days when doctors used to do all their own oncall, know all their patients personally.... and when the policemen used to know all the local scamps and just clip them round the ear when they did wrong, and we had real English money.... I moved from a small town in Scotland in 1998 where out of hours was done by a co-operative to a city in England. Out of hours was subcontracted out and had been for years, and my partners didn't do their own on call. I think the main problem with A&E attendances is demand, and unless this is addressed, other solutions are doomed to failure.

  • GP leaders back Sir David Nicholson

    Tim Binmore's comment 20 Feb 2013 5:26pm

    What an old fashioned idea that if there is a problem with the organisation that you lead, you should resign. You only need to look at the present health secretary and the Murdoch's bud for BSkyB. I agree that the GP leaders seem out of touch on this one

  • Don’t dump GPs with the obesity epidemic

    Tim Binmore's comment 19 Feb 2013 12:38pm

    Does a dietetic service work to help patients loose weight? If it does, I will join you in demanding more. Bur before we demand more dietetic service, lets make sure there is evidence for it's effectiveness.

  • We must go beyond the 'fat register' in the QOF

    Tim Binmore's comment 28 Dec 2012 10:40am

    "Over time having more weight management programmes across the country will add to the existing evidence base and allow us to see what works best for patients." This is the rub, We are being asked to tackle the "obesity epidemic" by dong more, but in all the articles that I see by enthusiasts, most is taken up by the problem, and little by what can primary care do effectively. Because there isn't evidence to support these interventions. As a profession, we need to avoid taking responsibility for solving the problem, while government pussyfoots around legislation to control food companies, fast food outlets, school meals etc