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Gold, incentives and meh

Peter Harrison

  • More than half of GPs and practice staff physical illness caused by stress

    Peter Harrison's comment 12 Aug 2016 8:29am

    lots of good humor in this thread - trouble is I bet when we hear it coming out of Jeremy Hunt's it will haunt us....well, untill the EMW kicks in....

  • Practices to be given indemnity funding directly to pass on 'appropriately'

    Peter Harrison's comment 02 Aug 2016 4:34pm

    "free indemnity as a partner"? now there's someone who didn't grasp what their accountant was telling them :)
    Dr Annonymous seems to be fair and transparent in his billing as a locum and quite right practices chose most appropriate individual (with right indemnity paid for) - point being locums ahead of game....

  • Practices to be given indemnity funding directly to pass on 'appropriately'

    Peter Harrison's comment 02 Aug 2016 3:09pm

    Err - aren't locums just passing on their increased costs in their bills anyway? : can't see why they'd bill extra to get a share of this "new" money... but can easily see the internal arguements about how it is disbursed once received.... assuming (as its not carr-hill'ed) it won't be so-many pence on the baseline...

  • Hey Capita, a tiny word you are going to hear from me A LOT

    Peter Harrison's comment 21 Jul 2016 6:26pm

    As capita have demonstrated they don't read emails and can't organise sending communication (records) to a limited number of addresses - there is no way this will work and if they tried - well the mess would be unimaginable. Don't worry about writing to the ICO - I know they read pulse because they wrang up to ask me what was wrong with capita's info governance : when expressed relief that they had vountarilly shopped themselves - he told me he got my name from here.....

  • Health secretary Jeremy Hunt pleased to remain in 'best job'

    Peter Harrison's comment 14 Jul 2016 4:08pm

    Better the devil you know :)

  • Ice-cream man spends successful day as GP

    Peter Harrison's comment 25 May 2016 7:00pm

    funny....except I'm not sure the locum fee would make up for his potential lost profits :)

  • GPC demands practices be compensated for 'systematic failure' of support services

    Peter Harrison's comment 11 May 2016 5:42pm

    Barking system - with the 26 records CORRECT record I received last week, I also received 2 dead patient (one of which for another surgery in town) and 2 very live patients but unfortunately never had any links with the local area at all and registered with practices far away.... and yes, one for a patient actually registered at another local practice. Well the bar coded lablels on the envelopes were all for us so something definitely isn't right....

  • NHS recommissions controversial pharmacy flu vaccination scheme

    Peter Harrison's comment 10 May 2016 3:56pm

    Good points made as we are vaccinating more and more people but the demographic is growing faster - extra capacity is needed as is close working between both disciplines: after all we are considerably outnumbered!
    What 'sucks' is the inefficiency/extra workload by short-sighted commissioning where mandatory general call and recall is only recompensed by those we administer plus putting burden on to practices to record (with no fee) so that immform is updated (with more time pressure than the QoF admin!) – I have to say this last flu season was VERY hard work.
    Would also be useful to know “why” someone thought a patient eligible (not casting aspersions but would be nice to know, say, we are ‘missing’ a consultant letter that someone’s started chemo/DMARD or told the pharmacist they are now a carer…..)

  • Practices boycott scheme to send blank patient records in the post

    Peter Harrison's comment 13 Apr 2016 6:32pm

    Well - whether you sent the "test" record or not - the only game in town for records in North Somerset is a courier with no ID, picking up sealed bags with no external tracking and throwing it into a van where he's not entirely sure of the end destination. Oh, and he doesn't turn up on the day the portal says so who do you trust?
    ...and when might we get some records if some surgeries aren't willing to "trust" Capita (perhaps unsurpisingly with whats been demonstrated so far?) - I'm not surprised NHS software doesn't work : the lack of any leadership just shows the contenpt primary care is held in.

  • Practices to pay almost £2,000 more in CQC fees from April

    Peter Harrison's comment 30 Mar 2016 7:24pm

    CQC fees are just the tip of the stealth tax - Give that it looks like (from the new website) that Capita are going to charge 'someone' £15.66 for a box of FP10's I'd say Capita might look CQC quite benign!!!

  • Only six US physician associates recruited for practices despite £50k salary offer

    Peter Harrison's comment 21 Jan 2016 6:18pm

    Tried this in little old Weston-super-Mare 10 odd years ago for a fraction of the investment (local GP led initiative purely as recruitment of GP's was so hard in area) they didn't stay long... hasn't solved problem either, which as you'd imagine has just got worse. Doomed to repeat?

  • GP practices advised to cancel routine appointments to deal with strikes

    Peter Harrison's comment 11 Jan 2016 7:02pm

    Our CCG has gone even further and asked if GP's wouldn't mind volunteering to work tomorrow in our local hospital's MAU (asked at 4.15pm....)

    Printing & putting my latest strike support posters now :)

  • Flu vaccine campaign becoming ‘a shambles’

    Peter Harrison's comment 02 Dec 2015 6:32pm

    I'd say the pharmacist/GP arguing is a sideshow - real problem is punters don't want to see either of us and to drag it all out over a longer period -which isn't efficient for any of us!
    Yep a shambles....
    Question for the pharmacists - how many of these people we can't see as being in a risk group are carers? They've told you but they haven't been directed to tell us perhaps????

  • GPs should move away from 'mentality' of clocking off at 7pm, says Hunt

    Peter Harrison's comment 22 Jun 2015 1:31pm

    I feel sorry for Mr Hunt that on his watch the complete fragmentation of the NHS, the disappearance of much of social care and reliance on charity and goodwill of much of primary care to hold things together is now coming very sharpley in to focus.
    All I can say is how lucky his father was to have his family around to help at his time of crisis

  • Don't fill out NHS England's workforce audit, GPC tells practices as it holds urgent talks

    Peter Harrison's comment 04 Feb 2015 6:10pm

    I'm afraid I think there's more chance that HSCIC won't be able to make the IT work by April *16* than the GPC actually acheiving anything at this late date.

    UK dataprotection principles :
    "Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which they are processed." or you could just ask for the kitchen sink and hide it and hope no one noticed....

  • CQC overhauls risk rating indicators as GPC declares scheme a 'shambles'

    Peter Harrison's comment 05 Dec 2014 1:59pm

    So glad that we reported problems to CQC re GPPS005 on 17th November - reassured that they would respond in 10 days - Hadn't realised they really meant we could read about it in Pulse after 15....

  • GPs offered enhanced service to provide home visits for patients registered out of area

    Peter Harrison's comment 10 Sep 2014 10:59am

    Oh goody, another DES to be implemented at short notice for political expediency, with inevitable bureaucracy, confusing patients and practices, finding that actually the worried well with flu won’t get a visit anyway while the one’s that are visited will be complex and possibly very ill.
    How will this be funded [‘rob Peter to pay Paul’? presumably at unlimited liability to the “list” practice?]. And think on with £80 or £90 payments, though that would make it very attractive to the OOH providers, think of the impact that will have on any remaining GP recruitment possibility!
    Probably work very well of NHS, of course with a byzantine process and NHSE AT driving a coach and horses through any “spirit” and twisting wordings to suit their world view – I’d expect claims to be routinely denied on some pretext. With flu season aproaching and current deluge of changes still bedding in – umm, I’d advocate considering it again in April 15 as the best way of managing risk to stability of the practice.

  • Ghost patient drive comes back to haunt GPs

    Peter Harrison's comment 03 Sep 2014 10:20pm

    A Capitation formula which works on the assumption that some people will use a GP's services less often than others, would seem to be totally undermined by deliberately trying to remove those who don't see their GP very often/aren't good at keeping their records up to date : perhaps NHSE would rather move to paying GP's on what they actually do instead? I rather think they'd find a truer cost..... then tell us we are seeing patients too often!!!