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Independents' Day

Robert Bailey

  • Soaring costs for copying patient records ‘should be a national scandal’

    Robert Bailey's comment 18 Aug 2018 8:39pm

    I think that it would be reasonable to assume that solicitors passed on the cost of obtains copies of medical records to their clients prior to GDPR. So, one would presume that they will now reduced their fees. Will they heck!

  • A war against the white stuff

    Robert Bailey's comment 10 Feb 2018 2:24pm

    Interesting that no-one so far has mentioned the importance of exercise in all this. The research on insulin resistance is really interesting; it starts to increase if muscles are immobilised after just 2 days. The type 2 diabetes epidemic is related as much to the lack of exercise as the high consumption of CHO, though that’s not to say that diet isn’t important; both are. We need to sell the exercise thing as much as the diet.

  • Bawa-Garba: this case is far from closed

    Robert Bailey's comment 03 Feb 2018 11:14am

    “Supporting doctors, protecting patients “ Hollow words.

  • A ‘John Lewis’ business model is revolutionising how we work

    Robert Bailey's comment 26 Jan 2018 9:14pm

    I find some of the comments really quite depressing. But then again many partners are somewhat obsessed with partnership profits. I wouldn’t ask Des Spence to divulge what the doctors’ incomes are but I wouldn’t mind betting that they are quite sufficient to live comfortably.

    Sounds an interesting concept but not for everyone. I believe that there are some similarities with Sir Sam Everington’s practice in Tower Hamlets. We need to find better ways than the GP partners being all powerful. If the business begins to fail in a new model such as this, then everyone begins to lose out, not just the doctors, which should in itself motivation for everyone to work well together. We are already seeing many practices with Managing and Nursing partners; this seems to be to be an extension of that. But heaven forbid, we couldn’t let that happen could we?

    Evolve or die.

  • Mr Hunt, your apologies won't help those waiting for surgery - like me

    Robert Bailey's comment 13 Jan 2018 10:21am

    Being a patient as a doctor is a hugely enlightening experience and having had a few encounters I hope it has made me a better doctor. For those working in the NHS, even major surgery can all to easily become something quite routine whereas fro the other side it is a (if not the) major life event. The psychological build up to major surgery can in itself be a considerably traumatic event so to learn at the last minute that it’s not going to happen can feel akin to reaching the last ridge before the summit of Everest to be told that you cannot go to the top that day for no other reason than someone has decided that kind of isn’t convenient, but hey, you can do it another time but of course you’ll have to start from Base Camp. And by the way, the same might happen next time, but never mind, that’s just the way things work.

    I can feel your frustration and despair so much and of course you are one of thousands every day. One really hopes that politics will be teomoved from the NHS and there will be a genuine sea change in how the NHS is funded but I rather doubt it. We will all muddle through somehow, get publicly thanked by Jeremy and his cronies and just about recover in time for next winter.

  • Nothing gets past the nose of an experienced GP

    Robert Bailey's comment 20 Feb 2016 9:30am

    I have a standard measure of risk. It's visiting the patients where you wipe your feet on the way OUT and not on the way in!