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David Mitchell

  • NICE two-week cancer advice 'is delaying diagnoses', claim surgeons

    David Mitchell's comment 17 Feb 2016 9:49pm

    The idea that we can't help our GP colleagues to investigate "smarter": in this case listen, look and feel a persisting unusual lump or ulcer and refer appropriately and that the only solution is to flood grossly overstretched secondary care with 97% worried well (the DH target being 3% cancer diagnosis) is surreal. Worse than that the obsession with the USC system means real people with real cancer get a lesser degree of access. 50% of cancers being diagnosed via a conventional pathway and 6.6% via the USC system equals a system that doesn't achieve what it needs to do. These are not rare cancers 8-9000 new diagnoses, they are demanding to treat but can be treated. They can also be prevented - smoking cessation, reduced alcohol and being vaccinated against oncogenic HPV could prevent 75% of them at a quarter the cost of treatment.
    A polio analogy would be the government is making more calipers instead of implementing a gender neutral and comprehensive catch up vaccination program.
    There is plenty of evidence if only those at the coal face who treat these patients were actually engaged.