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Tim Walker

  • GPs could be forced to switch IT systems under new NHS Digital contract

    Tim Walker's comment 16 Aug 2018 8:56pm

    As an retired GP, has anybody considered whether information given in confidence by a patient to their trusted GP, would want to have it shared to all and sundry?

  • What NHS England's top GP really thinks

    Tim Walker's comment 01 Aug 2018 4:49pm

    I really wonder about this chap, how many hours of General Practice does he do a week, how involved is he in the running of the practice and where has his GP experience been based.
    As a retired GP of 40 years standing, continuity of care, and knowledge of your patients is not just desirable, it's fundamental. To compare GP practices to a business model is entirely flawed, and denotes a fundamental lack of understanding of a good GP practice. There is no business model for unlimited demand on a highly limited budget with ever changing contractual demands from the employing authority. Tell me one, please! Thus to suggest closing dozens of small rural practices to form a mega practice is not only absurd but detrimental to patient access. Fund General Practice adequately, if you wish a premium service. You'll never get a working Rolls Royce service for the cost of a mini.

  • Government to partner with Amazon's Alexa to offer NHS health advice

    Tim Walker's comment 20 Jul 2018 10:46pm

    Does the new Health Secretary have shares in Amazon. I comfortably predict more needless pressure on A&E depts and avoidable hospital admissions. What of those members of the public who are not tech sa vy or who choose not to have Alexa? By virtue of the contents of his speech quite clearly has no FUNDAMENTAL understanding of health care deliverance.

  • The urgent GP issues in the new health secretary's in-tray

    Tim Walker's comment 10 Jul 2018 2:15pm

    So,more Porches, for IT consultants, less GP's for f2f consultations, more algorithms managed by non medically trained NHS staff(privatised) = falling standards in Health Care provision

  • Boost general practice to avoid 1.5m emergency admissions, say MPs

    Tim Walker's comment 13 Jun 2018 6:46pm

    As a retired GP with 35 years experience of working in the same practice, which had admitting rights to a Community Hospital, these "findings" were so predictable from when the Powers, started closing Community Hospitals, allowing 111 to send people directly to hospital, Paramedics (very useful and bright individuals but totally protocol driven, protectionistically,) to do home visits in lieu of GP's, reduce Social Care funding, encourage a Sue4You mentality and finally an outmoded, detached from reality GMC to flourish, and there is your answer to an increase in Emergency Admissions. Solution simples, more resources for Primary Care, a meaningful wage for GP's, increase Social Care funding, Stop closing and re open Community Care beds, Just one problem It's going to cost The Health Department MORE. And do you know what? I don't need to be an MP to work that one out!

  • A ban on liothryonine will be devastating – I should know

    Tim Walker's comment 23 Sep 2017 12:12pm

    I have retired now, but was a practicing GP for 36 years. I am in no doubt that some patients although biochemically euthyroid still experience hypothyroid symptoms, some devastatingly. The addition of Liothyronine transformed their lives for the better. Removing this drug from the formulary is as sensible as removing Insulin. Why can't those who make these decisions not listen to those in the trenches who really have the experience. The problem lies with the pricing and purchase, don't make it the patient's problem.