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A faulty production line

Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock

  • Choosing our battles wisely

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 01 Dec 2018 11:44am

    The debate is whether these patients have been discharged or not - GP surgeries in our area do not have a way of recalling patients so they could be missed. There does not seem to be a one size fits all PSA recall plan as it depends on many variables and there are several plans out there.

    We were in the process of setting up a locality / CCG wide recall service that would be funded by a LES and allow the notes to be accessed with previous results and the hospital clinic letter plan.

    As this was reaching tipping point the hospital have popped up with their own version of the same plan.

    The difference I think of is that if a patient has their appendix removed they are given the responsibility of seeing their GP. For PSA the GP is being given the responsibility for monitoring and recall. The treatment episode is ongoing. There are many examples of this sort of thing being squeezed into GP contract over last 15 years and it is a factor in the recruitment / retention crisis.

    By all means argue that this responsibility should be a part of GP core workload but it will only make people like me edge closer to the exit door. That will reduce GPs offering long term personalised care ( who know the patients and will read the notes ) and increase the army of locums ( many of whom wont process results because of the medicolegal risk associated with this work ).

    Our CCG are apparently looking favourably on the option of paying the hospital trust to start this PSA service although they have spent a couple of years bemoaning the idea that GPs could be paid for setting up this service.

    Rare that I disagree with the view expressed by Copperfield. I know that Copperfield is a nom de plume shared between more than one GPs who are “ in Essex “ but maybe the Copperfield that I most identified with has become disenchanted and “ off’ed” leaving some bright young things full of optimism behind to do the writing....unless we now have an NHS insider furthering their pseudonym writing skills although I am probably just playing the devil’s advocate card now.

  • GPs advised to order next year's flu vaccine before NHS finalises programme

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 24 Nov 2018 0:00am

    Planning for next year - that is optimistic - no guarantee that current partners will still be GPs this time next year. It is one way to boost GP retention though I suppose.

    Anyone like to sign up to buying another 20 years of pension contributions into the NHS scheme - come on its only 20 years - you’ll probably be dead by then anyway.

  • GPs to be assigned to care homes to provide 'tailored treatment and support'

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 23 Nov 2018 11:11pm

    Is it reasonable to assume that a fair proportion of these patients will get allocated to the internet based surgeries - they will need to pick up a fairly hefty share of the population given their practice list size ... seeing as the funding is shared out it by list size it would only seem fair to allocate nursing / residential home patients by the same formula.

  • GP trainee recruitment target surpassed for first time, announces Hancock

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 18 Oct 2018 2:47pm

    Julian sat in his chair using the portatelescreen and realised that once again the ministry of truth had excelled themselves. Production of GPs was reportedly up from 143 million per year to 157 per year and yet most of the proles walked around barefoot.

    Julian pondered why the funk he was sitting on a train leaving the South of France to come back to Air Strip One to further discuss GP production. His doublethink was becoming unbearable.

    With apologies to George Orwell - but none for duckspeakers in the ministry of truth.

    Remember - Matt Hancock is watching you

  • GPs could be forced to switch IT systems under new NHS Digital contract

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 17 Aug 2018 6:21pm

    The feedback from nearby practices is the cost... Both human effort and financial to the partners... involved in changing clinical systems is underestimated.

    With so many GPs thinking of early retirement and abandoning partnership this option could end up being a very expensive route to go down.

  • GPs in England to get 1% pay rise from April

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 20 Mar 2018 11:46am

    Just wanted to double check facts then - the headline says a 1% pay rise but that is from a 3.4% contract uplift.

    So there should be enough in the uplift to cover minimum wage / pay rises.

    Indemnity rises above inflation seem to be covered.

    So I have supposed that GPs will get a 1% pay rise once expenses have been accounted for.

    I agree this is less than inflation but isnt this better than most of the deals from the last 10 years.

    The only way to get government attention would be industrial action which did not seem popular on the last poll results.

    If we are not prepared to take industrial action then the government will comfortably assume that we are happy to take another contract uplift like this next year.

    If not the BMA doing the negotiating , who would you rather have ?

    I would not fancy being a GPC negotiator in the current climate so am grateful that someone else is doing it on my behalf. In any case I am probably too much of a Malpasta to be trendy enough to be accepted as cool or hip.

    Anyone not happy with the outcome is welcome to stand against the current negotiators for the next round of elections.

  • Bawa-Garba 'tip of iceberg' as seven doctors struck off after GMC appeals

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 20 Mar 2018 11:13am

    I thought the definition of a profession was that the members of that profession decided who was qualified to be a member of that profession. The review panel should be only doctors and their professional decision on fitness to practice is binding.

    If the ultimate decision can be handed to a process outside of the professional control then it is not a professional body.

    If my logic holds then the GMC is no longer our professional body.

    In which case we should not pay to be a part of it.

    Any thoughts and counter arguments welcomed.

    Glad I am financially independent of the NHS - hope you are too.


    Pro Malpalsta

  • GPs in England to get 1% pay rise from April

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 20 Mar 2018 11:00am

    I would like to thank the GPC negotiators for what they have achieved. Of course we all hoped for better but it could have been worse.

    I have been plotting my financial independence from NHS work for about 15 years. I would suggest that everyone else does too.

    Sorry for not being more colourful or fresh in my commentary but I am starting to conform to the expectations of my non Pale and Stale colleagues.

  • GPs to see 'minimal changes' to their contract from April

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 20 Feb 2018 1:40pm

    What about eRS - this is going to be imposed on GPs gradually over the year of 2018. It will result in a transfer of workload from secondary to primary care.

    This will need to be covered by the negotiationg team as there will be a lot of work and responsibility taken for choosing and booking patients appts in the GP surgery setting.

  • Revealed: How GP training budget cuts are beginning to bite

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 09 Aug 2017 4:27pm

    45, laying on a beach in South of France doing bugger all. Beer is a 70p a pint (OK 80cents per 50 cl but it is the metric system).A selection of Oysters everywhere I turn. My favourite champagne readily available. 330 sunny days per year.

    Unless things perk up GP wise can anyone tell me WTF we even bother to turn up to do Mrs Heartsinks' blood tests cos the hospital have lost their only pen with only the hope of a distracting complaint to look forward to.

    I like my job ... but early retirement is firkin tempting.

    67/68 or whatever it is now ... no chance of lasting that long.

  • Can we issue private prescriptions to NHS patients?

    Retirement clock says tick tock tick tock 's comment 01 Sep 2016 3:20pm

    The main point of this article is important and I think needs to be highlighted more obviously.

    Until recently we were told that we could issue a private script so long as we issued same medication on an FP10. GMC legal advice has confirmed this has changed in the last year or so. The advice now is that NHS GPs cannot issue a private prescription to an NHS patient of theirs.

    That is an important change in legislation that shouldnt be buried in political debate about NHS prescription costs. The latter is worth debating separately though.