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  • NHS advises 'total triage' as GP groups look to limit patient demand

    socrates's comment 13 Mar 2020 5:31pm

    and i realise abx is not needed for viral illness but i cant offer anything else to those with underlying resp disease but not in difficulty to prompt acute admission

  • NHS advises 'total triage' as GP groups look to limit patient demand

    socrates's comment 13 Mar 2020 5:28pm

    My approach has been i can offer abx over the phone but if that poorly i advise to contact 111/999 as appropriate. given my practice has substandard ppe then face to face from ourselves is not an option at this point

  • CPD - Case-based: rational prescribing of antibiotics

    socrates's comment 11 Mar 2020 3:41pm

    The timing of this module on the website is rather ironic

  • The gender divide is a result of an inflexible partnership model

    socrates's comment 28 Jan 2020 9:47am

    Echoing the above. Some practices work on the premise that full time equals so many patients per week with part time as a proportion of this. As a partner you have the flexibility to choose when to see these patients and how to structure your working day. And if you end up seeing 75% of what is classed as full time you get 75% of the pay. Explore what practices are doing nearby and find a practice that works for you. At least with the countless other pressures you are in a strong negotiating position

  • GP clinical judgement leads to 20% fewer referrals than NEWS score, finds study

    socrates's comment 22 Jan 2020 1:52pm

    Attended visit and saw a person with "proper" sepsis. In light of the use of this score locally quickly totted it up and News score 11. Relative rang 999 and I rang the professionals line. Relative got answered first after a wait of 8 mins. Expected when I reported score was 11 that my request for an ambulance asap would quickly be recognised. Still took 12 mins to go through each parameter for the person at other end to calculate same score and then ambulance for anything between 18-40mins. Not much left of the golden hour

  • Straight to detest

    socrates's comment 09 Jan 2020 10:03pm

    Not entirely convinced it helps even when they see a clinician. As long as "cancer excluded" regardless of whether the initial symptoms have been addressed people get discharged. Wish I could get away with saying as long as it is not one condition no point doing anything else!

  • Coroner warning over patient death after 16-month wait from 'urgent GP referral'

    socrates's comment 17 Dec 2019 7:01pm

    I'm confused about the lack of guidelines being highlighted when the issue is about resources and availability. You can have all the guidelines saying whatever they want but it doesnt matter if services are stretched or not there.

  • RCGP chair: 'I advise patients to take photos of their hospital notes'

    socrates's comment 09 Oct 2019 7:33pm

    Peter - a quick glance at rcgp mission statement and their strategy 2017-2020. RCGP want to be the "voice for Gp" and support during qualified years. We have the chairperson disclosing that their solution is for people to photograph notes instead of actually showing any drive about addressing or highlighting the factors that are leading to such a pathetic situation. They (rcgp) may be ineffective at actually bringing about meaningful change but it would be nice for someone in a position of standing to suggest something other than a sticking plaster "solution"

  • Having conversations about weight

    socrates's comment 19 Aug 2019 6:00pm

    I sense another toolkit in the pipeline

  • RCGP launches toolkit to incentivise promoting active lifestyles

    socrates's comment 02 Aug 2019 8:05pm

    A certificate is not an incentive
    Is surveying the rcgp membership the only basis for this?
    Has it been shown that people do not know they need to exercise? That they aren't advised to by their gp practice?
    I look at the toolkit and every pdf essentially says the same thing - common sense
    I struggle to see how the dancing chap in the white coat on the moving medicine website is really going to help that disenfranchised person you make reference to.
    I wonder if there is any way of finding out how much money went into preparing this all for a "nudge" which is already included as part of various templates for chronic disease.