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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

Angela Goyal

  • ‘Lifestyle medicine’ could revolutionise patient care

    Angela Goyal's comment 21 Oct 2017 11:03pm

    This is about proper lifestyle medicine. Not just a tick box exercise. "Dietary advice given" If doctors could only realise and believe in the power of lifestyle change rather than looking to pharma ( who can't provide disease reversal just suppression of symptoms )
    Unfortunately it's not all in our hands though. We need everyone to realise that crappy cheap food and stressed out lifestyles are causing a very expensive chronic disease epidemic.

  • We need to stop prescribing antidepressants in primary care

    Angela Goyal's comment 27 May 2017 7:27am

    Keep writing articles like this Des! This is the side that we don't hear otherwise why would so many SSRI prescription's be written out?

    I would add it's not just a stark choice between a CBT waiting list and medications.

    -We can inform patients about the benefits on mood from a healthy diet- ref the SMILES study Jan 17 looked at the benefits of the modified meditetanean diet.
    -Exercise 30 % improvement in depression ref RCGP factsheet.
    -Relaxation activities/ mindfulness
    - Support from family and friends (often they've not spoken to anyone apart from the GP )
    - the beneficial effect of talking to the GP who cares about them and whom they can see again.
    -talking therapy when available

    We can give them a choice on this approach or SSRI 's or both . I agree that SSRI's are likely placebo effect in most but some patients gain benefit from this if unmotivated to do the above.

    In my experience patients like the lifestyle approach and taking control rather than being told a drug will fix them.