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Emilia Mituziene

  • GPC advises registrars not to practise due to Capita performers list error

    Emilia Mituziene's comment 14 Sep 2016 11:08am

    ha! NHSE may well plan bringing 500 GPs from abroad - Capita will ruin most of the applications. From 4 EEA applicants last year the applications for all 4 lasted more than 9 months for no apparent reason. Missed files, no DPA standards etc. It was SBS in 2015 but in some areas the same teams of the admin officers remained. Some would look at GMC Certificate asking what is it... Why Capita is still there?

  • What has happened to primary care support services?

    Emilia Mituziene's comment 26 May 2016 11:10am

    I am not surprised at all, particularly if Capita has "inherited" some officers from SBS. I have been monitoring few applications for National Performers List, which last summer have been submitted via NHSE Shared Business Services. Dormant files, mishandling DPA or personally sensible information, failure to recognise the certificates (including essentials like GMC). Let alone poor spelling of English, lack of IT knowledge or simply courtesy in communication. Criteria of employment for PC support services should be rigorously reviewed.