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  • GPs to be asked to 'peer review' all referrals

    DR MER's comment 29 Aug 2017 11:39am

    Why pretend GPs are valued specialists in primary care ? it is not necessary to put in such draconian time wasting measures Referral rates for individual GPS and department specific data must be already available for referrals and it would seem any apparently over referrers could be found and helped from this General practice is about patient care and is stretched to the limit already It is no wonder that it is unattractive to new doctors a it becomes more and more task orientated and undervalued Things will not improve with the massive import of doctors from abroad who will have the basic medical knowledge but lack the understanding of the patients in their setting It is always good practice to discuss difficult cases and a majority of GPs do this

  • GPs asked to save £1m by skyping pensioners in care homes

    DR MER's comment 05 Apr 2017 6:08pm

    I do not think the elderly ill or confused can be satisfactorily assessed via Skype It would foster paranoia and remove the value of the doctor as the therapist and make accurate assessment very difficult in many cases. Many elderly patients feel sidelined and a visit to the nursing or residential home by the GP not only assesses and reassures the patient but the adequacy of care at that moment in time in the venue visited

  • A week in the life of a GP in 1963

    DR MER's comment 06 Oct 2015 9:32am

    Things had changed by 1970 I was lucky to be given a partnership in one of the first if not the first group practice Remuneration was £ 2000 or a third of a male partners share but for this the 3 women junior partners did not do nights or weekend and covered up to 5 half days 8 am to 7 pm I covered maternity for the practice on 2 of my days and we did home deliveries and covered the GP unit in the local hospital My practice was ahead of the times in having women partners,appointments and providing a venu for health visitors to work so they were part of the team It gave me a chance to be a GP with a young family and a husband working a 1 in2 rota as he moved up the demanding hospital ladder. I still work as a locum in my twilight years and understand but am saddened by the disillusion and desire to leave the health service of so many both in practice and hospitals I