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  • Fourth GP dies with coronavirus

    Unscepted's comment 21 Apr 2020 7:43am

    Patients can be really irresponsible and you can't trust them. I had a child brought in by a granny with cough symptoms not settling. Mother at booking was asked whether they ahd travelled aborad in last month and denied categorically. Child was booked in and granny was again asked at arrival if there was any travel in last 30 days - she denied this. Child was coughing badly so immediately isolate and I saw this child and asked the grandmother whether there had been any travel - she said she hadn't travelled. I asked again whether the child had travelled, she said Yes, just returned from Fuerteventura 9 days ago !!
    I was flabbergasted, immediately a gown, mask and deep cleaning ensued.
    I was angry, really angry and frustrated at the ignorance of family and liar of a mother who had actually gone off to London to work in a pub that day and was absolutely unconcerned that she had put people at risk at work and at Surgery not to say of the family.
    I reported this to the local COVID team but did not get a response. Either our local Team was overwhelmed or it is a traditional indifference to concerns raised by GP. 3 years ago I raised issues about 4 patients having suffered from negligence by local services - 3 of them died. despite repeatedly raising these issues at GP Me3etings and sending emails to the bosses of the Trust, even today there has been no response. I retired due to health reasons 3 weeks ago and feel that the NHS in principle may be one of the best and well equipped technically service. However, while frontline staff do their utmost to help, there needs to be more diversity and transparency in giving management positions. It is not acceptable that GPs who are coloured are refused even a penny of funding for 10 years for improvemnt of premises, even disabled stairlifts or automated doors to ease access for amputees who have to wait outside till somebody notices that there is somebody in a wheelchair in the rain or freezing temperatures waiting at the Surgery door. My hats off to colleagues who are dying but part of their misfortune might have been that they are not white British. How many times, I had somebody tugging at my shirt and telling me to sit down at GP Meetings just because 'You have the wrong skin colour'.

  • Pulse’s contract verdict: As good as it could have been

    Unscepted's comment 11 Feb 2020 12:14pm

    It has been a positive change - not all you could have hoped for but a small flicker of recognition of dire circumstances GP has been cornered into and the realization that it badly needed some respite.
    Just when everybody was clamoring to bury the PCNs as they felt they had been hoodwinked into accepting unacceptable terms, a release of funding to pay for the extra positions created has made the system look more palatable. Experience tells me that this may not last long as some bureaucrat will soon come along and say GPs have it too good! Let's see.

  • GP practices no longer able to remove certain violent patients from list

    Unscepted's comment 11 Feb 2020 11:09am

    Boris' 4% increase comes with a baseball club:))

  • GPs to be offered golden handshakes of £20,000 to take up partnerships

    Unscepted's comment 10 Feb 2020 12:56pm

    Stalinist approach - tighten the screw till the victim screams and then loosen it and he worships you. Carry on caring !

  • GPs to declare if they earn over £150k from 2021 for national publication

    Unscepted's comment 10 Feb 2020 12:53pm

    Solicitor fee £350 per hour + VAT. Nobody wants to see a list of who earns above 150k as that would be a mockery of the judicial system:)
    GP bashing most welcome.
    The funny thing in this country is that the Judiciary makes laws to protect itself but if we raised an objection that a list of those earning above £150k pa is unconstitutional and discriminatory, we would fail to convince a Judge. Can't be done for Solicitors, MPs, BBc officials etc but Doctor bashing allowed - they are the vassals in this feudal system.

  • GPs to be offered golden handshakes of £20,000 to take up partnerships

    Unscepted's comment 10 Feb 2020 12:49pm

    Hmm, taking on Partners on 31st of March. Wonder what day they should join to be paid the 20k. Would like to leave the Practice in happy hands.
    Would the Hello be available to them if they joined a day later? And who do you need to contact for the payment? Any ideas about technicalities, please share. Thx

  • Tenth GP practice hands over contract to foundation trust

    Unscepted's comment 10 Nov 2019 4:41pm

    Wouldn't be a problem in Medway - the contract would be given to DMC without any procurement at £145 per patient and additional funding as in the last 18 months 5 surgeries have been handed to them. Come to think of it, if existing practices were given that type of funding, they wouldn't need to relinquish their contracts in the first place. But then that is equality and democracy NHSE style or let's put it 'Kent and Medway variant'

  • Outgoing RCGP chair to head new social prescribing academy

    Unscepted's comment 23 Oct 2019 12:57pm

    Creativity knows no bounds - you always have to create a cushy position when you retire from one lucrative post. A Dept of Medical Thinkology next with a cushy Director post?

  • GPs may have to assess mental health and mental capacity free of charge

    Unscepted's comment 23 Oct 2019 12:52pm

    Just had a chat with a nitwit who wrote that BMA has agreed that GPs cannot charge even postal expenses for sending copies of notes. Ended up inviting him to collect and he reluctantly agreed to send a courier - the admin charge would have have been peanuts, but then, education doesn't give you intelligence - esp if you pop who is a lord paid for it!

  • CCG mergers ‘reduce the voice’ of practices, warns LMC

    Unscepted's comment 22 Oct 2019 5:30pm

    For once our voting has been by hidden ballot, a show of hands would have most likely given a total rejection of the concept of amalgamation of CCGs. ~When it is convenient it is a show of hands, when not - a ballot which can't be verified. Bravo CCG. In the build up to the vote we had only one private provider arguing for while everybody was against, the result however, was what it was.

  • GP died by suicide after fears over sharing his mental health diagnosis, inquest hears

    Unscepted's comment 22 Oct 2019 5:26pm

    In Medway you tolerate the bullying by CCG and NHSE professionals and linger on. A Head of NHSE who bullied you for 2 years comes back to his post in the area after a 5 year break and the first thing he says is he is repentant that you are still a GP at the same Practice. CCGH gives payments to all Practices for formation of PCNs. Your money never reaches you - 'it may have gone to a parallel account and you should chase it yourself Doctor, is what the CCG explains.
    Your Open Exeter statement says your total payment units are 4660, but you get paid for 3300. Nobody holds this data for any Practice. It's only your data that is held because you are the target of the local powers.
    Bullying is a rampant and popular sport in NHS - you don't 'play the game' you've had it even though you are doing your job with your head down conscientiously. Things must change but fish rots from the head and that needs a guillotine. Our mental health is precious and no white collar with pink drunken neck has a right to abuse NHS workers at any level whatsoever.

  • MDU admits 'dwindling funds' to cover GPs' future claims

    Unscepted's comment 22 Oct 2019 5:09pm

    Dwindling because swindling now difficult with DoH/NHSE not paying as much as GPs?

  • Teenager dies after GP mental health referral is rejected

    Unscepted's comment 22 Oct 2019 5:02pm

    GP is to blame, bury the GP. That's what the system is about - only GPs are responsible and accountable - nobody else has accountability esp not the NHS Management with atheromas building in their fat and lazy arteries.

  • NHS trusts ask GP practices to identify overseas patients when referring

    Unscepted's comment 22 Oct 2019 4:58pm

    Is that another enhanced service? Maybe plumbing next.

  • PCNs are a chance to redefine general practice and feel empowered about the future

    Unscepted's comment 16 Oct 2019 12:52pm

    Let's put it this way that one surgery in my area has already been in and left the PCN!! Teo others did not join - which is 3 out of 6 Practices out of PCNs in an area with around 30k - and they are happy, believe me.
    Practices not wanting to employ Pharmacist or ancillary staff are being forced to despite their not wanting to take on financial risk.
    The new premises directions involving PCNs will be considering moving Practices to a central hub premises for which basic payments will be covered by NHSE but there will be charges for Practices to pick up as not everything will be covered.
    (Recent Capsticks webinair on Youtube)
    PCNs are not value for money considering 14 p per 'weighted patient' - for those with low weightage this is catastrophic as they are underpaid for work and will have additional underpaid load to deal with.
    Honestly, being a member of BMA/Chair of LMC and on any other pedestal can cause cognitive aberrations so please do not give us this versions of PCNs being another 'opportunity'.
    Have you seen any GP who is happy with this set up apart from a few cardigans and so called CCG activists who are going to take the lions share of funding anyway?

  • GPs must report deaths to coroners in writing under new rules

    Unscepted's comment 02 Oct 2019 2:11pm

    My sympathy with the Coroner's office as they get inundated with information. They just need to have a new efficient shredder handy I suppose.

  • I'm a German GP and I'm having to review my circumstances

    Unscepted's comment 02 Oct 2019 2:03pm

    I am confused. EU nationals have been bombarded with emails and offers to take residency/settled status via a Home Office App which literally takes 10 mins to complete and you get residence within 2-3 weeks although initially they promised to give that to you in 3 days. Why not avail of settled status straightaway if you have been here for 25 years. I don't think it is a good idea to take UK citizenship if your EU country doesn't allow citizenship as you will need a visa to travel home.
    (as with the example of our Dutch colleague)

  • Boris Johnson pledges to reduce GP waiting times in first speech as PM

    Unscepted's comment 25 Jul 2019 11:32am

    A call to Trump and we'll have a yankee invasion of what was that - noctors? no,or do they call them physician associates straight from hameryka?
    5000 is easy and he'll be the 3rd Tory in a row with that promise. They do say you get it right the 3rd time - or very wrong, for that matter.

  • CCGs 'concerned' core funding not enough to fund £1.50 for PCNs

    Unscepted's comment 24 Jul 2019 11:57am

    CCG paid money to 5 practices in one PCN. One Practice did not get the money and CCG is unable to trace where it went !!! Finally, they've asked the GP to personally chase SBS about money 'given' with advice that 'there may be a parallel account to which your other surgery money may also be going'
    Wow ! this belongs to that 'Believe it or not'

  • GPs 'should avoid ordering multiple inflammatory markers'

    Unscepted's comment 10 Jul 2019 10:14am

    You are not allowed to do CCP antibodies for suspected rheumatism so you end up referring to a consultant that costs the NHS 15-20 time. A balanced view is essential to keep patients safe and the finances in line.