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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

Disillusioned IMG

  • Education leaders to target international graduates to fill GP training places

    Disillusioned IMG's comment 07 Oct 2017 11:11am

    Let's see, double taxation with covert health surcharges at application,
    ridiculous visa fees and regulations.
    Hoops upon hoops after qualifications to secure a job.
    Continued texts and letters from the home office treating you like a criminal
    Double standards of treatment of EU vs non EU graduates
    Constant bashing by government despite clear need for your services
    Yeah I should encourage my colleagues to relocate to the UK

  • We need to stop treating international GPs as pariahs

    Disillusioned IMG's comment 19 Sep 2017 8:31pm

    Why are non EU GPs treated with such disregard, I've paid 12k in home office fees in the last 12months. I have been threatened with deportation by the home office despite having not committed a crime, I've jumped through every hoop thrown my way and no one stands up to say this is not right