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GPs go forth

Felix Montgomery

  • GP practices could receive £1 per patient to fund social prescribing advisor

    Felix Montgomery's comment 28 Nov 2016 4:23pm

    Why would any practice do this for free - THATS ODD - in the days of goodwill and not GPs earning £15K a month didn't they do it for free because patients mattered?!!!

  • Dr Chaand Nagpaul: 'Grassroots GPs are offering to dig politicians out of their own mess'

    Felix Montgomery's comment 28 Nov 2016 10:33am

    Problem Analytics - there are two factions inside the Conservative Party. The first group is made up of older, traditional (dinosaurs) who have money/position and influence the centre ruling body with sound bite ideals that somehow attack the bone idle, fake sickness brigade but have no grasp of the desperation of ordinary folk who are the complete opposite to their, safe, monied existence. The second group are the do-ers- MPs, well meaning, influenced by the first group but looking for a middle ground compromise that keeps everyone happy. THE REALITY: Change for change sake has brought us all to where we are now - the NHS is unsustainable right now - either higher taxes under Corbyn or lower taxes and private under May - ITS DECISION TIME!!!!

  • GP practices could receive £1 per patient to fund social prescribing advisor

    Felix Montgomery's comment 26 Nov 2016 11:27pm

    In these days of competitive trading, shouldn't we be looking at health like being at a Car Boot Sale? I.e. GP Practices to receive a £1 - "Will you take 50p?" "Hang on a minute, the bloke over there is doing Social What yer ma call it for 20pence including a vintage VHS recorder!!!!"

  • Charles Saatchi has nothing on me

    Felix Montgomery's comment 26 Nov 2016 9:59am

    Another health campaign from Jeremy Hunt
    Don't be bonkers you stupid Vunt
    Apologies for the qwerty mis-spelling

  • 'Average GP earnings' at prominent GP's practice is £23k per year

    Felix Montgomery's comment 19 Sep 2016 10:29am

    These salary figures are really strange, one doctor I know says he can only afford to buy an Audi TT once every 8 months so nothing seems to add up!!! How much do doctors really get?!!

  • ​600 GP practices at risk of closure, says RCGP

    Felix Montgomery's comment 19 Sep 2016 10:26am

    I must protest at anonymous GP Partner bringing Dogs Dinners into disrepute - on behalf of this vital animal food industry I'd like it to be known that dogs dinners play a vital role in the British economy - Hands off Dogs Dinners!!!!

  • Former Tory health minister calls for dedicated tax to pay for NHS

    Felix Montgomery's comment 31 Aug 2016 4:36pm

    Except of course, George Osbourne is no longer Chancellor so it could all change (Post Brexit) - Couldn't we get the trade unions to fund the NHS?

  • Scottish Tories pledge to increase general practice share of NHS funding to 10%

    Felix Montgomery's comment 31 Aug 2016 4:29pm

    Oh I get it!! They're cutting 40% in England so they can create a regime of wealth re-distribution - Robin Hood Robin Hood riding thru the glen, Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his band of men, loved by the poor loathed by the rich Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood bom Pom Pom Pom Pom - Exit Stage Right!!! (Sic)

  • GP surgery numbers to be cut as part of major plans around sustainability

    Felix Montgomery's comment 31 Aug 2016 4:15pm

    I've just been told what NHS really stands for: NO HEALTH SERVICE!!! Gulp!!

  • Hunt orders 'pause' of all new contracts with GP IT supplier following QRISK errors

    Felix Montgomery's comment 25 May 2016 10:52am

    Please Mr Cameron would you permanently PAUSE Mr Hunt by having a pre-Summer Cabinet re-shuffle!!! THANK YOU on behalf of the sanity of NHS Doctors and Staff.

  • GPs declare rescue package 'inadequate' and vote in favour of industrial action

    Felix Montgomery's comment 23 May 2016 2:08pm

    Are these the same 'Strength of Feeling' 'Grassrots' who supported Dr Andrew Lansleys' (Member of Parliament) NHS Reforms - ANYONE REMEMBER HIM? My point being that doctors are better at getting on with what they're trained to do (at great expense and privilege to the nation) and stop whinging - you're still better paid than a married school cleaner struggling to make ends meet on £7 an hour, less 15% stoppages; tax/N.I. Contributions/pension contributions) (PROSPECTIVE!!!) YOU've never had it so good and whilst the rest of the working population are having to accept less you're all putting a gun to your patients heads just because your £65 an hour means a bit more work!!!

  • GPs declare rescue package 'inadequate' and vote in favour of industrial action

    Felix Montgomery's comment 23 May 2016 12:36pm

    OH YES!!! "baa, baa, baa, berrrr, berrr, baa baa baa, berrr, berrr!!!" The pro Jeremy Corbyn fan club inside NHS England can see an opportunity which @UKLabour (Twitter) are good at - It's Called; DIVIDE AND RULE!!! So now the old Labour socialists and the people of the country can see what this dispute is really about: "MONEY MONEY MONEY, MUST BE FUNNY IN A RICH MAN'S WORLD!" In the end, despite all the sheep-like talk, it was all about money!!!

  • GPs declare rescue package 'inadequate' and vote in favour of industrial action

    Felix Montgomery's comment 20 May 2016 7:38pm

    There is of course the third dimension - Private Health Insurance for ALL - Look how providing a Workplace Pension has become commonplace in recent times, why wouldn't paying £10 a month towards seeing a doctor, based on an individuals income level become commonplace with protections for Universal Credit recipients? It's a direction of travel that I see happening. It might not be a bad thing either, it would stop all this unnecessary visits to A+E and wasted medical practitioner time, it might even see a massive hike in GP incomes - the NHS is unsustainable in its present form - AND WE ALL KNOW IT - So don't be too quick to start being a member of the Sheep Flock - THINK - Good GPs could become scarce - premium incomes could well come out of the present NHS re-organisations - I certainly won't be playing any trade union games!!!

  • Train non-medical staff to solve GP workforce crisis, employers told

    Felix Montgomery's comment 18 May 2016 2:01pm

    Thank You anonymous practice nurse despite all the doom and gloom purveyed on here there are still lots of doctors and nurses who aren't interested in all the politics, they love their jobs and just want the time and the freedom to get on with it without joining in with those of varying political persuasions - Long live dedicated health professionals in Britain!!!

  • Train non-medical staff to solve GP workforce crisis, employers told

    Felix Montgomery's comment 18 May 2016 11:10am

    What would make GP Land more attractive to a Cleaner or practice receptionist Erm Er Erm Er - well £8 an hour increasing upto £750 a day - not rocket science - on the other hand could Gladys on front desk spot the tell tale signs of Sepsis? Or the suicide case waiting to happen? Or could it be, "I want to die!" "Ok Mrs Smith, we've got a detailed map showing excellent places to do yourself in!" "Does standing in front of a train appeal or would you like to jump off the top floor of a multi-storey car park?! OH YES I think we can see the benefits of non-medical staff becoming GPs - How much money could be saved in not wasting any more of a doctors time? How about an assassination service for dementia sufferers, could we give the toilet cleaners some rifle range experience?!!

  • Hunt to push ahead with routine Sunday GP appointments

    Felix Montgomery's comment 18 May 2016 10:13am

    JUST TO PUT A DIFFERENT VIEW - Why not embrace this NEW OPPORTUNITY and sell Sunday catering rights for teas coffees and high in cholesterol buns, bigger practices could do a Sunday Roast with all the trimmings and then you could have a multiplex cinema where patients could watch One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest while they wait to be seen!! You've got to think FREE MARKET NOW!!

  • Nine in ten GPs think Jeremy Hunt should go

    Felix Montgomery's comment 14 May 2016 7:12am

    LET's ALL GET REAL - IF the public back BREXIT, which seems likely, you won't have the income inflows to support all the fanciful, unrealistic, socialist ideologies hiding within the NHS. SO you've got to get a grip on the money - IF YOU DON'T - then you'll see a health service that can no longer function on any level on the basis of free at the point of access.
    IT's important to acknowledge that the NHS operates like its run by Communists! The whole structure and ideology is a political football where reality is fiction - what other country anywhere, other than Russia, would run a business like this?
    So for those politicos inside the NHS who rely on someone, somewhere else to provide their monthly income you can't say Jeremy Hunt must go - he's only unravelling the unrealistic notions of past politicians who dared not upset NHS staff by allowing money budgets to mushroom with no tangible reasons other than buying political support and giving jobs to political supporters (king makers) - THOSE DAYS ARE LONG GONE - the sooner the NHS stops being a political football and gets on with its main purpose the better!!!

  • No rest for the wicked GP

    Felix Montgomery's comment 09 May 2016 12:20pm

    I've discovered the REAL REASON why having a break is frowned on!!! It's because if you get a group of doctors together in a staff room slurping tea, the 'Might' Talk to each other and discover how crap the NHS is as an employer and it might cause a complete down tools defiance, whereas if everyone feels downtrodden but can't discover that everyone else feels the same way, then individuals can be controlled through the instinctive desire to fund their individual lifestyles - the aspirations the more they need the job!!! So having a break for a cup of tea might have a detrimental affect on the running costs of the NHS - Simple when you sit down, have a cup of coffee and think about it?!

  • 16,000 patient practice on short-term contract as six APMS providers pull out

    Felix Montgomery's comment 06 May 2016 0:15am

    Lets talk Turkey - you're a doctor and your employer cuts your GP practice income by between £200,000 and £250,000 increases your workload but expects you to earn less - WHAT WOULD ANYONE ELSE DO? You'd stick your two fingers up and clear off in search of greener grass. Hence two years ago there were 38,000 GPs in the UK. 20% left for Australia or retired. Leaving around 30,000 GPs. Another 30% intend to leave by this time next year, which will leave 21,000 GPs - Government minister, Nicky Morgan, appearing on BBC Question Time two weeks after the 2015 General Election, said the government were working with 20% of GPs to roll out new working practices ( based on 30,000 GPs remaining) that's 6,000 GPs working to achieve 24/7 which I take to mean that another 14,000 GPs are considered expendable. 350 GP practices set to close this year - is this the run up to private health insurance - GOODBYE NHS as we know it?!