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CAMHS won't see you now

Christine Paterson

  • Newly-qualified GPs among most vulnerable to burnout, says top GP

    Christine Paterson's comment 26 Oct 2018 1:43pm

    You CANNOT go back to the practice to find out , The reasons are that you are working somewhere else and not able to visit in Office hours or send an email.Yyou would not be allowed this information even if you did . Data protection and MIC rules + mission creep means no info for locums . If you are going to survive being a locum or even a any kind of doctor you need to Cover Your Arse with expansive notes and treatment / all inevitablities plan and then walk away and forget /let go.

  • Nearly 1,400 in support of petition for GP workload cap following doctor suicide

    Christine Paterson's comment 26 Oct 2018 1:13pm

    Strike action has already been shown to be ineffective . Stop being a Martyr and resign
    find other work and have a life . As long as Gp consider it more important to " put the oxygen mask on everyone else before themselves" nothing will change as change starts with the victim deciding not to be a victim anymore

  • No partnership ‘myth buster’ can escape the truth about funding

    Christine Paterson's comment 24 Oct 2018 7:39pm

    I have always planned my life in 1,5 and 10 years chunks. Yes I am on the Spectrum- Aspergers,
    Right now my plan runs like this
    1 Year - continue GP Locuming in nice Rural Practices only. No urban grunge
    5 years- Go to New Zealand/ Australia .
    10 Years- see if things have improved in UK. If not try Canada.

  • It’s not all hiking and bungee jumping down under

    Christine Paterson's comment 21 Jul 2018 11:00am

    I lived and worked all over NZ for 20 years . I am currently back in my native scotland but looking forward to returning to my second country, New Zealand , in a few years time.
    I was very pleased to read your Blog which reflects a lot more of the truth of NZ rather than the glossy reports from many of our colleaques. These tend to be written by those who merely touched the surface of good weather and outdoor pursuits.

    Well done for being more thoughtful and truthful. If you think the incidence of Strep and other disesases of poverty are bad in Northland you should see the Aboriginal parts of Outback Australia- Truly Third World

  • NHS-run GP practices 'outbid' independent contractors on locum fees

    Christine Paterson's comment 11 Jul 2018 6:46pm

    I am appalled that the poster has sated that the GMS contract holder's agreed on a Locum Rate. She has just told us that as a group they rigged the market by acting as a cartel. It is natural justice that they cannot get any locums. Serves them right for trying to screw the locums who have voted with their stethocopes and moved to the highest payers

  • GP recruitment issues push locum rates to £1.4k a day in one area

    Christine Paterson's comment 11 Jul 2018 6:32pm

    These figures are a mish mash of what the Health Board paid to the agency ,who then took off their cut of 30-50%. They are also quoting HOURLY RATES as Day rate.Also the highest paid locums are for 24 hour cover for which you have to have Pre hospital emergency qualifications and experience.
    The whole point of the article is to distract the public away from overall reduced poor funding of Primary Care and encourage them to simply blame the Greedy Locums. Can't wait to read the Daily wail version. As a Locum myself who has just finished 12 consecutive days of 24 hr cover in Shetland I now know that I will be asking for a higher rate next time.