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  • Labour pledges £2.5bn for 'overhaul to primary care estate'

    wickerman's comment 13 Nov 2019 9:32am

    The issue i'm surprised hasn't been raised ,is that Labour or a coalition of lab,lib dem ,snp etc have all ready stated they will raise tax by 5/10% ? for everyone earning over 80K .
    Well that is all the full time GPs and consultants in this country ,the ones everyones trying to get to stay on. I guess that means they expect us to do the same difficult ,stressful job for up to 10% less income.
    I am no Tory lover,they most definitely have not treated us well.But i fear if anyone else gets in the race to the doctor exit doors will become a stampede .
    Please don't talk to me about vocation -that doesn't pay for my petrol ,holidays or kids upkeep.

  • 'This is the beginning of the next phase of primary care'

    wickerman's comment 24 May 2019 10:24am

    I stopped reading after the "i work one day in general practice " bit.