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Indrajit Mukherjee

Entered general practice in deprived area in Wales in 1979. Retired in 2011. Have seen general practice change over 32 years.

  • GPs to do weekly care home rounds under new NHS England plan

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 05 Oct 2016 9:23pm

    Why should commercial care homes not be required to, by law, to have a fully trained and qualified nurse supervisor at all times.This would help the NHS to avoid unnecessary doctor visits.

  • Junior doctors lose High Court legal challenge against health secretary

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 28 Sep 2016 10:56pm

    Junior doctors, or for that matter, no doctor in the NHS can do anything about their contracts. All out strikes are not possible because the GMC will intervene with deregistration. Unfortunately, doctors are now legal slaves. The only remaining means for fair pay is - resignations, which will deter most.
    Retired GP.

  • 'Uber-style' private GP appointment service primed for national rollout

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 23 Sep 2016 0:21am

    GPs are allowed to do private practice upto a certain amount, using NHS premises.A declaration has to be signed to this effect every three years, so as to receive full rent and rates reimbursement for their premises. If a GP offers private appointments after 6.30 pm. for patients not on his list, this is fully within the GPs rights. Fully legal and totally above board. For a GP to see patients privately between the hours of 8.30 am. and 6.30 pm. would be disputable, only because the GMS contract is extremely loosely worded. Any interpretation would be correct or wrong.
    Retired GP 5 years.

  • NHS England 'will not sign off local plans unless they support GPs'

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 02 Sep 2016 10:45pm

    Ha, ha,ha.
    The RCGP. - Madam, they are asking for bread. Queen says. "Give them cake"
    Quote from the Russian revolution.

  • GPC funding body drops judicial review against CQC

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 02 Sep 2016 10:41pm

    Hello to the member who wants to cancel his or her subs. to the BMA. Don't fell afraid.
    I have NEVER been a member of thr BMA nor the RCGP, nor any other, except the MPS, which is legally required. NO ONE will help when you are in trouble.What happened to this practice is unknown.
    It is obvious that this practice requested help from the BMA..For reasons unknown, they now do not require any help. They were going to sacrifice themselves for other GPs and themselves as well. However, they withdrew. This is their prerogative.
    But, at least, this practice has done a great service to all GPs. They have exposed the activities of the CQC. Beware, the witch hunt is on. If any GP is not 100% prepared for an inspection, and confident of success, resign now, and go abroad or seek employment elsewhere. Even natural justice is not for GPs any more. However, even greater tyrannies eg, the various empires, including the Greatest, the British Empire, have an end. So no one should lose hope.
    Retired GP

  • If I go down, the NHS goes with me

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 31 Aug 2016 9:28pm

    Correction. Not right for GPs,instead of fight for GPs.

  • If I go down, the NHS goes with me

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 31 Aug 2016 9:26pm

    Well written Dr Copperfield. Risk taking has become a hallmark of GPs. Not fight for GPs to be taking risks. For the patient as well as ourselves. We should become more investigation minded, for our patient's sake. Unless the percentage rate for correct diagnoses for every illness in the International DiseaseRegister is specified in our contract, or we are given a free hand, written in our contract, we should really investigate on a 100% rate of diagnosis basis.
    Retired GP.

  • Bipolar GP dies by suicide 'following patient complaint about online blog'

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 31 Aug 2016 9:06pm

    Sincere condolences to Dr. Potter's family.
    We do not know the details of her practice's action against her, but these questions come to my mind.
    1. Was the suspension only because of the patient complaint?
    2. Did her employers know about her condition when appointed?
    3. If they did, was she supervised and her condition monitored, as an employer is obliged to do? For patient safety?
    4. Were there any previous indications of mental instability?
    The list of questions is unending.
    So, as we know just some bare information, we cannot condem or praise anyone.
    Sincere condolences to her family.
    Retired GP

  • Why I refuse to leave my maiden name at the altar

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 27 Aug 2016 7:13am

    Well written, Dr. Ryan I am male and married. My wife changed her name. I still don't know why. Probably because we were too young to be thoughtful.
    Discussing non medical matters once in a while seems like a break from the human illnesses. Again, 'change' is the law of life as also in human society (quoted).
    Retired GP.

  • GPC passes vote of no confidence in Capita after 'months of failures'

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 24 Aug 2016 11:28pm

    Hello friends,
    So what does this vote by the GPC mean? Will Capita be blacklisted by the. Govt.?
    My advice to GPC, shut up or put up.

  • Cancer chiefs override NICE guidance over fears of missed GP diagnoses

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 24 Aug 2016 11:24pm

    Hello friends,
    In this confusion, the humble GP has been forgotten. After 12 years of training we still need further training by NICE and LSTC and STCP. Why not send all 30,000 GPs on a sabbatical for a month to refresh themselves?
    Retired GP 6 years.

  • Ridiculous indemnity costs? How GPs can take back control

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 24 Aug 2016 11:11pm

    How many companies are there to choose from? Do people remember Paul indemnity?
    The use of this app. Is completely ridiculous.

  • How an ECG machine on my phone halves appointments for heart palpitation

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 24 Aug 2016 11:06pm

    Many comments. Pigs will fly. ONE DAY.

  • How can you reduce your workload?

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 24 Aug 2016 11:04pm

    Dear friends
    All your suggestions are impractical Read your contract and phone the BMA.

  • Can we issue private prescriptions to NHS patients?

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 24 Aug 2016 10:46pm

    Hello friends,
    Private prescriptions are a contentious area. Unless a complaint is made and heard the truth will not be known. Dr Paul Hartley is PROBABLY correct, but to be sure, the BMA advice would be correct. The anonymous letter from an APPRAISER is strange. He or she seems to have no idea of the regulations. Knowledge of the regulations is the basic requirement for the GP. General practice is not only CLINICAL but a BUSINESS as well. How did he or she become an appraiser?
    Retired 6years GP in the Welsh Valleys.Not anonymous.

  • Where's my get-out-of-jail-free card?

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 24 Aug 2016 8:42pm

    I am a 6 year retired GP. I have been pointing out many times that the GMC, theBMA, the GPFC, the GPC, the MPS including all others, have no morality. If another accused doctor appeals his case and uses this defence, the courts would strike it down. This is blatant disregard for natural or for that matter, any justice.
    The defence organisations are paying millions to their chairmen and charging us for it. These organisations are not investment banks depending on the stock market but depend on doctor's premiums for their existence. So why such a costly Chairman? Does he have an exceptional ability to predict claims? A well qualified accountant and risk manager would perform better at 1/10 the price, and gratefully too.
    The LMCs, when it suits them, will also side against you if necessary. The BMA will do anything to exist. The GMC will do anything to trouble doctors. It is obvious that the health authority must have appeared on this eye surgeon's behalf.
    I thank God I have finished from the NHS. It is a hotbed of politics, discrimination,unfairness and injustice. GPs are tiny pawns. Patient concerns - nonexistent.

  • In full: the letter that staved off GP mass resignation

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 23 Aug 2016 6:18pm

    Do GPs really know why they wanted to resign? Also, do they have the daring to do so? This shows GPs are not yet ready to put their money where their mouth is. This was the case in the past also when I was working.
    The stage has not yet arrived. Maybe, there will be a day when GPs will be desperate enough to go on strike. Till then, grin and bear it. Best wishes to all.
    Retired GP 6years.

  • High Court orders CQC to review complaints process over GP ratings

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 19 Aug 2016 11:00pm

    Justice Mrs. Andrews has corrected a misconception in the CQC. They thought they could do what they wanted. But they forget, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".
    Anyway, they are useless because they have not brought any improvement to the UK's health service. In their dream of absolute power, they should have been given the power to shut down failing providers IMMEDIATELY., and the consequences that go with it.
    "Put your money where your your mouth is".
    There are many ways the CQC could be replaced with much, much cheaper options. A pertinent question is 'does the CQC HAVE TO BALANCE PERFORMANCE WITH FUNDING? and pass judgement? I am sure not..This would really tax their brains! Therefore, I submit that the relationship between providers, the CCGs or LHBs and the Government (which the CQC represents) is totally unbalanced, and defies natural justice. If the GP contract is challenged in the court on the basis that it prevents contractors from a proper family life and also mental peace and also imposes too much strain mentally by frivolous complaints and generally also leads to early burnout, who knows, some sympathetic judge may rule it illegal. Has the BMA ever thought of this?
    If criminals are allowed to use these as defence, then why are the pillars of society not allowed to do so? The arguments can go on for ever.
    Retired GP who almost went crazy, working for the NHS, but, by God's grace, with his principles intact.

  • Medicine degrees offered through clearing 'for first time ever'

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 12 Aug 2016 4:27pm

    Most of the comments above are anti government for it's policy of cuts. Would it be better to go the way of Greece? In Greece, only 20% of the health service remains, shortage of even bandages. This the result of INDEBTEDNESS. So, as Kennedy said, think not what the NHS can do for you,but what you can do for the NHS.
    The woes we face today in every government funded service is the result of excessive borrowing by successive past governments, bringing this country to its knees. The final death knell will come when Jeremy Corbin comes to power. Long live 1979.

  • GP seven-day access pilots will be offered £6 per head to continue

    Indrajit Mukherjee's comment 11 Aug 2016 6:34pm

    Does the £6 per head come on top of what the pilots were already receiving?