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Anonymous GP ex-ICSM

  • 'The GMC treats BME doctors differently and harshly'

    Anonymous GP ex-ICSM's comment 31 Jan 2018 10:54pm

    Sadly, racism in life comes as no surprise to BMEs like myself. Like the wind, you may not see it, but you feel it. It can seldom be "proven", so it perpetuates unchecked. From the renal consultant examiner who kept failing me at one particular OSCE station (urine dipstick testing-a simple one!) despite checking with others I did not miss a trick; to the CSA at RCGP - all of us BMEs knew our chances to pass were lower depending on how many non-BMEs were in each cohort; plus the actors would tend to help the privileged non-BMEs more. Seriously, if you're a good enough intuitive clinician, this would be pretty barn door apparent. OF course, I had to keep my mouth shut - if i didn't I would be labelled "argumentative" (whereas a white person would have been "outspoken" or "confident"). That's just reality for BMEs - we're not privileged like most of you guys. I'm not confident we BMEs will have our turning point like the fairer gender in its post-Weinstein moment now - Racism is just too insidious and will persist in today's world which demands "evidence" before change occurs. Such is life.