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  • Continuity is dead. Now what?

    EMK's comment 08 Mar 2017 2:04pm

    Dr. Spence your opinion piece is interesting but please do not attempt to speak for the new generation of GPs. How do you know whether I value continuity? There is a not subtle implication in your piece that the new generation are work shy and somewhat less professional than previous generations. I finished my training in 2015 and I am taking partnership soon. The majority of my training group have become partners or aspire to become a partner if they can find a functional practice. We all value continuity. As you and I both know, we are seeing more patients than ever to try and meet ever increasing demand. This demand is due to a complex number of reasons which you have alluded to, from an ageing population, complex comorbidities, a consumerist society and modern GP training which encourages doctors to take a patient-centered approach. We are all trying our best in extremely difficult times. Please do not patronize the new generation. It only plays in to the hands of the Daily Mail etc.

  • Capita reliant on temporary staff with some 'lacking basic computer skills'

    EMK's comment 02 Feb 2017 10:57pm

    Capita are beyond incompetent. I have tried to change my area team on Performer's List. They never acknowledge written or email correspondence and claimed never to have received anything from me. I phoned numerous times to try and resolve this and was given assurances that it was all in hand only to find nothing had be done several weeks later. I am now having the same problem with my pension. They are a disaster. Please record every interaction you have with them.

  • Bogus whiplash enquiries are the latest in GPs' bureaucracy barrage

    EMK's comment 02 Nov 2016 10:51pm

    Excellent article highlighting the many inappropriate things lumped on GPs which creates an unsustainable work load and is putting young docs off the profession. Needless notes for schools, employers requesting fit for work certs (which do not exist any longer)