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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

Stephen Ward

  • Mr Hunt, please recognise GPs as specialists

    Stephen Ward's comment 16 Nov 2017 4:37pm

    I wholeheartedly agree , GP's should be consultants in primary care or primary care specialists. I have retired From General practice in the last 3 yrs but I have always advocated this title change for allthe reasons given . As a GP trainer I would explain to hospital doctors the unique skills required in General practice ,managing risk, formulating action plans, dealing with uncertainty, communication skills, and solid clinical knowledge across a vast array of medical issues. All this within the 10-15 min consultation! Surely this requires a Specialist. My heart used to sink hearing my colleagues say " I am just a GP" I've never understood colleagues objecting so strongly to the title change maybe therein lies part of the problem .

  • Medical students should be told to report denigration of GPs, says landmark review

    Stephen Ward's comment 16 Nov 2016 0:17am

    For many years I have thought the name GP is an outmoded job title and does nothing to enhance how we value ourselves and relate to secondary care colleagues . We are consultants in primary care , I believe the title explains who and what we are and removes the gap that many see existing between us and our consultant colleagues . As primary care consultants or specialists in primary care we have a unique set of skills which we should be proud of.