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  • Coroner criticises GPs for not following NICE guidance after suicide of patient

    carfentanyl's comment 13 Jun 2019 10:27pm

    Coroners often write Letters to the Profession as the outcome of their hearing. The odd thing is, they actually believe people read them.

  • Major GP guidelines mostly ‘based on expert opinion and not evidence’

    carfentanyl's comment 13 Jun 2019 10:13pm

    How many cars will we need to get there?
    Two, said three experts
    Three, said three more.
    NHS solution - buy three cars, cut one in half, throw half of it away and give the results to primary care. Repeat and repeat.
    Copyright Institute of Ivory Medicine.

  • GMC relationship with doctors ‘severely damaged’ following Bawa-Garba case

    carfentanyl's comment 06 Jun 2019 5:40pm

    the GMC said:

    w'eve done nothing wrong
    we believe in justice and fairness
    we've done nothing wrong
    things need to improve
    we've done nothing wrong
    changes need to be made and learning undertaken
    we've done nothing wrong
    we don't need to change a thing - why should we?

  • Coroner criticises GPs for not following NICE guidance after suicide of patient

    carfentanyl's comment 05 Jun 2019 12:25pm

    Coroners- such a worthy and ancient race.
    I've dealt with a few - they often attempt to marshall detailed medical knowledge in a genuine attempt to provide a learned summary... and fail. They have no context, no framing and no experience. Very worrying that NICE guidelines are now being held up as the best of all possible practice and the precedent is established in court. But hold on - surely a better guideline could have been recommended in court - how about follow up every 36 hours for the first 3 months?

  • It's too easy to poke fun at the RCGP

    carfentanyl's comment 03 Jun 2019 12:07pm

    My Real Concern's Getting Prestige ?

    Achieving growth in numbers is easy - drop the standards, and keep dropping them until the pool is overflowing with floating matter.
    Don't EVER tell the trainees - as we have previously been advised - how bad things are. Keep them happy at all times - short days, limited on call, reduced admin, lots and lots of learning time. Any problems or concerns, wheel in the bleeding hearts and dribbling mammaries from the regional office with a "concern has been raised" face, tell those bad trainers how insensitive they are and - horror of all horror - how the trainee felt "unsupported"/ Then when they finish ( let's not say graduate, that implies a step up ), express surprise but understanding when they want all of the above plus late starts, early finishes, learning time for every course going, time to reflect between patients and compassionate leave for zumba, long weekends and Waitrose shopping. Do all of that and your statistics will be overflowing - like a drain.

  • 'This is the beginning of the next phase of primary care'

    carfentanyl's comment 25 May 2019 1:06pm

    " I work 4 days a week doing .... something else, at a desk, in an office, with no patients, and no access to me except through a secretary, just me and my computer and the internet, reading stuff, writing stuff, sending emails ( mostly via my secretary ), drinking coffee with like minded people who... also don't see patients "

  • The full story of how GP workload is jeopardising patient safety

    carfentanyl's comment 09 May 2019 4:25pm

    The true investment figure net is 9p per patient per year

  • GPs will be required to collect annual patient feedback under GMC plans

    carfentanyl's comment 30 Apr 2019 10:37am

    GMC spokesperson said " we've thought of this after spending 6 months in 5 star hotels having meetings - do it"
    RCGP spokesperson said "it's really important and stuff and really great we must all do it - thank you GMC"
    BMA spokesperson said " please can I have my OBE now?"

  • PHE expert blames 'lack of appointments' for low measles vaccination uptake

    carfentanyl's comment 29 Apr 2019 4:31pm

    Oh dear why must Public Health England employees keep Putting Head up End?

  • Dr Bawa-Garba allowed to return to practice from July 2019

    carfentanyl's comment 09 Apr 2019 6:53pm

    looking at the raw baying hatred spewing out in the Mail (where else) I wonder why any of us want to practice medicine in Britain 2019

  • Dr Susan Hopkins: ‘We want GPs to educate patients about antibiotics’

    carfentanyl's comment 06 Apr 2019 10:25am

    " so we can ensure there are toolkits and audits available for them to do within their practice software."

    Great that is just what I need, toolkits and audits. can't wait. thanks.

  • PHE: GPs should 'prescribe shorter antibiotic courses and educate patients'

    carfentanyl's comment 27 Mar 2019 10:40am

    Poor Susan, all those years of A levels and medical school and you really don't have a clue about the real world. Next week, PHE advises public that using toilet paper is better than using a bucket of sand...

  • NHS England to fund 22,000 practice staff to support GPs

    carfentanyl's comment 27 Mar 2019 10:34am

    So that's 22000 more people referring problems to the GPs on a just basis - just not happy, just wanted to be sure, just in case, just cast an eye over...

  • NICE announce prescription drug dependence guidelines to cut deaths

    carfentanyl's comment 22 Mar 2019 10:32am

    "I have done a lot of research on this and rarely use painkillers for it. you really don't need controlled drugs for pain, you just think you do"

    wow. just wow. are you in the right job?

  • GP numbers will fall 7,000 short within five years despite increasing trainees

    carfentanyl's comment 21 Mar 2019 10:33am

    Thank God for this sort of thing, let's have more of this sort of thing, this sort of thing is the answer:
    "The Health Foundation, The King’s Fund, and Nuffield Trust, outlines a series of policy recommendations"

  • NICE set to lower hypertension treatment thresholds for CVD patients

    carfentanyl's comment 08 Mar 2019 9:03am

    That's NICE - lower targets with no resources to achieve them.

    Always interesting to look at the expert opinions when NICE brings out new guidelines. Take as one example the comments of Prof MacMahon from Oxford :

    "But other experts said the guidelines did not go far enough.
    "Much lower blood pressure targets are required and multiple drugs need to be used right from the start, if patients are to achieve the largest reduction in the risks of stroke and heart attack," said Prof Stephen MacMahon, from the University of Oxford."

    and now bear in mind that Stephen is a director of George Enterprises:

    " By the end of the decade, global sales for all cardiometabolic drugs will exceed $200 billion. Over the same period, the global market for antihypertensive drugs alone will exceed $40 billion annually, while the market for diabetes drugs will surpass this, reaching more than $70 billion annually.

    George Medicines is developing a series of affordable high-quality novel drug formulations proven by research at The George. Using the infrastructure of George Clinical and the scientific expertise of the Institute, George Medicines can move quickly into late-stage drug development (rather than early high-risk stages of drug discovery and development). Our first product is a combination medication, for patients with a history of coronary, cerebrovascular, or peripheral vascular diseases. A multi-million investment in the development of this product was secured in Australia from our partner, the global health insurer, BUPA, under the name SmartGenRx. The product is expected to be launched in 2019. George Medicines has a pipeline of several other products, some of which have patents pending. "

    come on Pulse journalists, dig... dig... dig !

  • ​GPs asked to provide Brexit plan and practice lead in case of no-deal

    carfentanyl's comment 05 Mar 2019 6:20pm

    but when Brexit comes I won't be able to speak English anymore will I? can the DOH and BMA help me with a Brexiresilience online mandatory training video?

  • Will networks save general practice?

    carfentanyl's comment 01 Mar 2019 10:22am

    This will commoditise general practice into neat business units with every aspect of administration and practice costed and recorded - much easier and more profitable for private companies to buy a supermarket chain than two dozen corner shops

  • NHS England 'reviewing and rebooting' appraisal and revalidation process

    carfentanyl's comment 27 Feb 2019 11:25pm

    "create a space for people to be reappraised preferably around their passion".
    what space?
    what passion?
    what lousy management speech from NHS Director

  • My gut is certainly reacting to this new contract

    carfentanyl's comment 09 Feb 2019 10:58am

    And what to make of the Balancing manoeuvre? I interpret that as high earning partners having money taken off them and redistributed to the "network" and lower achievers - that is, money taken off PERSONAL INCOME and given away. This apparently will improve public confidence. What it won't improve is me working hard to be a high earner- I'll employ any old twerp in any role, reduce my income and sit back while the rot spreads.