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  • One in five GP training places in Northern Ireland remain unfilled

    Curious's comment 17 Sep 2019 1:20am

    Yep.... makes no sense to work there as a GP......

  • Hancock praises 'rise' in GP numbers despite decline in trained FTEs

    Curious's comment 30 Aug 2019 9:07pm

    I think i'll see if I can get an earlier flight back to Oz in case stupidity is contagious......

  • We need to be more positive about general practice, says new RCGP chair

    Curious's comment 30 Aug 2019 1:34pm

    Dear Cedric
    I am positive about my Australia! The comparison between the UK and Australia is chalk and cheese. As I jump between both countries I feel its reasonable fro me to have a perspective, and the UK definitely lags way behind Australia and Canada. Am I supposed to lie and say the UK is all great? Perhaps I just have different (AKA higher) standards and expectations from a professional career to yourself. I can not recommend UK general practice to anyone. I enjoy my job in Australia, not the UK. Prof Marshall may prove to be inspirational and I hope that he is, however the previous track record of RCGP leadership honestly has never once inspired me. Its the usual portfolio academic who is part of the same mould. I have not met anyone from that background who has inspired me, however, I have met many coalface GPs who have. Life is too short for me to hang around the UK with my fingers crossed hoping it will get better...... I have bet on the fact it wont..... so good luck in the UK Cedric...

  • Recruiting GPs in Scotland is a ‘significant’ challenge, says watchdog

    Curious's comment 29 Aug 2019 1:09pm

    They need to look at a rural and remote model such as in Australia where you are properly remunerated for extended roles.... and perhaps working a month on month off pattern.... metropolitan models and solutions are completely irrelevant in most rural areas, reverting to the old ways of proper generalists would be the way forward, with pay akin to consultant which is what it should be. Consultants in rural and remote medicine.

  • We need to be more positive about general practice, says new RCGP chair

    Curious's comment 28 Aug 2019 8:42am

    Dear Dean Hatfull
    They want you to believe but do you? Being a member of the RCGP is a bit like a need to have faith as I sure can't see any benefits in this world..... if you want to leave and have some letters just put MRCGP be examination and the year you did it..... legally they cannot stop you doing this as is notating a historical event

  • We need to be more positive about general practice, says new RCGP chair

    Curious's comment 27 Aug 2019 1:42pm

    Dean Hatful
    why are you still a member? Try going RCGP-free..... its a lot better! :-)

  • We need to be more positive about general practice, says new RCGP chair

    Curious's comment 27 Aug 2019 12:05pm

    HSL achieved nothing as predicted, looks like more of the same, Academics a little detached from the rest of least the RCGP is consistent. My return flight to Australia is booked....

  • The grim reality of a very grim story

    Curious's comment 22 Aug 2019 10:52am

    RCGP fails to lead on this as with most things. Why do we let other specialists dictate to us? We don't dictate to them. As a profession General Practice needs to show more spine and tell other professions what we are doing and deciding, not the other way around. We are professional push overs as our leaders wont stand up to their cosy colleagues in London. We need a few Churchill types leading us at present.... or possibly an angry hulk like figure ripping off his cardigan and flexing his muscles! :-)

  • Coroner urges revision of mental health referral form after 15-year-old boy dies

    Curious's comment 20 Aug 2019 12:09pm

    Unusually a third person / party having some insight into the difficulties GPs face.... I wonder if Nikita Kanani could learn from this? Or 'Oh! we'll make them open more with resources they haven't got...' - what about professional development? What about staff retention? What about the recruitment crisis? Nikita doesnt see the harm her daft ideas do.... let alone do anything practical to fix them.... heading back to Australia soon.... thankfully

  • GPs told to stop closing for half-days or risk losing £40k in funding

    Curious's comment 19 Aug 2019 5:08pm

    Dr Nikita Kanani is another reason why I practice in Australia.... there's an old saying, 'Never argue with an idiot.... you'll just end up frustrated' - when dealing with NHSE we all know what we're dealing with, people who don't want to do the job themselves but want to tell others how to do it. Do consultants work 10 clinical sessions a week?????? HOW will you staff these extra appointments? No-ones going to do it for free.... and if losing £76 per week per partner is all you will medical a week should compensate, or an hour working in the Emergency dept.

  • Looking after your wellbeing after medical school

    Curious's comment 14 Aug 2019 12:12pm

    Dr Mein, can you please advise if you do any clinical work?

  • ​Genomic testing in five million patients could worsen GP workforce problems

    Curious's comment 13 Aug 2019 9:01am

    Time to go private......

  • Answering trainee doctors' medicolegal queries

    Curious's comment 12 Aug 2019 4:55pm

    Moral of the story is only to reflect on those issues in the system that could be improved and not the individual-self in reflective processes as if a court asks for it you have no protection. What the GMC expects these days has been undermined by its actions and hence practitioners are right to be guarded.

  • Coroner calls for changes to NHS 111 following death of young adult

    Curious's comment 12 Aug 2019 11:23am

    NHS 111 as unsafe as always......this weekend on call- 71 yr old man, temp 38.9C, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, feeling generally unwell- NHS 111 algorithm 4 hr home visit- upgraded to 999 Ambulance for upon receipt of 'Home visit request' - have NHS 111 not been made aware of sepsis protocols?????? How can you safely assess fever and abdominal pain in an elderly man at home?????? You can't even speak to the call handlers or supervisors to question their triage methods, making their system even more dangerous as they dont learn.

  • GP settings in medical school imagery 'significantly underrepresented'

    Curious's comment 07 Aug 2019 5:33pm

    At the rate we're going at there wont be many GPs left so perhaps 'not seeing them' in a prospectus is more accurate and merely reflects the future....

  • Nearly 50% of trainee doctors have considered quitting due to personal wellbeing

    Curious's comment 07 Aug 2019 12:47pm

    Hi Nikhil!
    Im sorry if collecting information abut your profession demoralises you. If you don't collect feedback, from a management perspective, then you don't know whats going on, which is basically sticking your head in the sand. I agree with your sentiment about the industry springing up, but did you ever wonder is that because the job has changed and become more.... 'intolerable' is the polite word I will use to avoid being censored. I think the survey ties up my my observations of my UK colleagues. Life might be longer, as you observe, though that has nothing to do with ensuring a content and happy workforce, a depressed workforce does not give good service, how you feel as an individual feeds through in your contacts with other people. For me the take home message is that someone at the top needs to start getting a grip with were the profession is going wrong i.e. making it a less s****y job if they want to keep attracting talented people in..... who wants to work in a miserable work force? You can make more money with less stress in banking, law, engineering etc I know because I have friends in these occupations and the NHS is a lot less attractive. I left the UK because what the job had become and enjoy my work in Australia. Your proposed solution i.e. shut up and put up, isn't really going to achieve anything other than reinforce the drive for people to move out of the NHS, do private, botox, emigrate etc. Oh, I forgot to ask what your career aspirations are.... Are you hoping to work for NHSE? If so I think you'll find yourself surrounded by like-minded people......

  • GMC was advised to appeal Bawa-Garba case to 'protect reputation of profession'

    Curious's comment 05 Aug 2019 5:23pm

    The RCGP and other Royal colleges should be calling for resignations.... but they wont... same old London Clique.....

  • GMC was advised to appeal Bawa-Garba case to 'protect reputation of profession'

    Curious's comment 05 Aug 2019 2:54pm

    Given the public interest then it follows that the legal advice given should lead to the dismissal of those who both gave and accepted the advice so not to loose public/ professional trust in the legal profession and GMC.

  • Saudi sovereign fund contributes to £450m investment in Babylon expansion

    Curious's comment 05 Aug 2019 11:03am

    Babylon is purely a profit driven exercise. Cherry picking pandering to the worried well. I cannot take their directors seriously when they propose it as a solution. All this will do is increase demand by increasing access but do nothing to solve the problems the NHS faces. Its a money making exercise for private venture, not a public health solution. It cannot tackle the hard non glamorous work that needs doing. The 'babylonians' earning £65 an hour making the directors millionaires dont command my respect.... they're facilitating the further demise of our independence and professionalism in a race to the bottom, and further corporatising medicine. I work independently, mostly in Australia and earn more than twice that, maintaining my independence and working in the public sector and have hospital indemnity........ this new model will work for the elites that own, but ultimately not for the doctors.....nor the patients.....

  • GPs should not alter liothyronine prescriptions without oversight, says NHS

    Curious's comment 04 Aug 2019 9:54am

    The issue here is the massive price hike in the product.... thats whats lead to the un-necessary work load and debate for us as a profession..... theres evidence from animal models that there are inherited defects in the production and conversion of thyroxine... therefore it doesn't seem beyond the realms of possibility that there might be similar issues in some we should keep an open mind..... but the issue here is the PRICE hike.....if it was 4.00 a pack we wouldn't be having this conversation