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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump


  • We must convince graduates that general practice is 'exciting', says Ashworth

    Curious's comment 14 Nov 2019 11:28am

    The students aren't that stupid....

  • Visitors from the past

    Curious's comment 14 Nov 2019 7:41am

    perhaps another election promise to be made???? and then forgotten about......

  • Little evidence that locum GPs pose greater risk to patient safety, study finds

    Curious's comment 14 Nov 2019 2:20am

    Lots of evidence that CQC, NHSE, GMC pose greater risk to patient safety and Doctors mental health, no study required

  • Little evidence that locum GPs pose greater risk to patient safety, study finds

    Curious's comment 13 Nov 2019 0:58am

    These articles always imply that locum's are somehow overpaid.... er.. I think you'll find that most GPs are underpaid....... focus on this.... locums are closer to market value. other way still not coming back from Oz to the disaster that is UK General Practice..... even with Profs social prescribing experiment..... wonder why she didnt choose to go to full time to man the barricades in this time of crisis???? We all know the answer to that one....

  • BMA demands safe staffing legislation ahead of worst-ever winter

    Curious's comment 08 Nov 2019 12:54pm

    DAUK.... just looked at it..... OMG....common sense..... good goals but how will they achieve them? Thats the crux of the problem....

  • GP leaders call for afternoon home visits to be passed onto ambulance services

    Curious's comment 07 Nov 2019 11:41am

    Only house visits in Australia are palliative care and nursing homes..... how many of your patients who you do home visits for manage to get to hospital and see the specialist? Ive had requests for house visits, with relatives demanding certain time as they need to get their loved ones out the door to get their hair done (hairdressers often charge for missed appointments..but we dont, go figure) . By and large most requests for house visits are convenience for the patient. Transport issues? Then a driver to collect would be more cost effective than running around the countryside. I think home visits whilst often giving a useful insight to the patient, are just by and large not feasible any more with the demand on General practice.... dropping is a necessity for survival, if the government wants them, they need to be properly remunerated. Perhaps our social prescribing queen can solve the issue with tiddlywinks and origami classes in the patients living room.....

  • BMA demands safe staffing legislation ahead of worst-ever winter

    Curious's comment 07 Nov 2019 11:13am

    BMA demands.... BMA gets nothing.....what will BMA do? BMA will demand again.... BMA will get nothing...... dont strike, mass resignations...... its overdue.....

  • Do you want to be stranded at the top of your licence?

    Curious's comment 05 Nov 2019 1:52pm

    interesting Zil Dogo.... I work in Australia..... I guarantee that with an interest in skin cancer down here, you'll see and do more that a 'specialist' dermatologist in the UK does.... specialists aren't so special..... its where the RCGP let us down.... they let all the fun stuff get taken away from us... paralysis of fear at the top...

  • Wales exceeds GP training places target for second time this year

    Curious's comment 04 Nov 2019 12:56pm

    yep, more kids with tickets out of the country!

  • ‘We want the CQC to be seen as a critical friend’

    Curious's comment 02 Nov 2019 8:57am

    Clueless.... lost in her own delusional management speak.... Im sure she believes herself...... emperors new clothes yet again!

  • Told you so

    Curious's comment 30 Oct 2019 11:13pm

    Where are our GP leaders now who were telling us how exciting a development this would be? The usual Naive optimists who allegedly lead our profession stuff up and achieve nothing again as usual.... at least they are consistent. Can Pulse not do an article with the PCN cheerleaders and see what they think of PCNs now? A GP survey on PCNs would be good..... and then compare it to what our leaders tell us...

  • CQC says mergers partly to blame for GP practice ratings deteriorating

    Curious's comment 30 Oct 2019 10:32am

    'weighing the pig doesnt make if fatter'...... CQC can record the decline but can't really stop it..... so what is the point?

  • CQC chief inspector: no 'concessions' will be made for GP capacity issues

    Curious's comment 29 Oct 2019 1:45pm

    So Matthew, you think you should be given a poor grade because you're snowed under and can't keep up with demand even though you could be doing lots of excellent work? Well thats morale building... and another good reason for medical students not to choose general practice....... you can't keep flogging yourselves to be reprimanded call the CQC a useful service...... ask yourself what is the point of the CQC? What has it really achieved? Does anyone think standards have increased under CQC? absolutely not.... the data proves it... to improve the service you need a well resourced system with motivated team members..... oh look what we haven't got..... hence I moved to Australia.... the future was completely obvious, the GP leaders clearly impotent..... it will take a proper crisis for anything to change.... are you happy taking the blame for when the overstretched system fails? Because thats where many GPs are headed..... not because of their fault.... but because of deflection of blame to avoid the government taking responsibility for the real issues.... they could institute a statute of limitations.... but they dont..... the CQC is simply another smokescreen to shift the focus and blame.......

  • When a contract isn’t a contract

    Curious's comment 29 Oct 2019 9:56am

    I think we need to encourage patients to sue the trusts.... perhaps stoke up a class action against one particular trust..... and lets see what happens.......

  • CQC chief inspector: no 'concessions' will be made for GP capacity issues

    Curious's comment 25 Oct 2019 12:47pm

    Dear policenthieves..... unfortunately the GMC has not yet been slayed..... it merely retreated for a while.....

  • I've a shortage of patience

    Curious's comment 25 Oct 2019 12:44pm

    Its OK because colouring book HSL has now been allocated £5 million of desperately needed funds for her social prescribing experiment to continue..... like who needs fluoxetine when you can just sing la-la-la-la-la under a tree with a crayon in hand? Which is where half the GPs will be if no-one sorts out the mess anytime soon. I think everyone should print out the social prescribing experiment information and put it on the wall, and when patients ask why they can't get what they need just point to the poster and say because of 'experts' like this with below average practice scores who insist you need a pair of himalayan cymbals and the opportunity to make a dream catcher more than you need your clopidogrel and access to a cardiac surgeon.

  • Outgoing RCGP chair to head new social prescribing academy

    Curious's comment 25 Oct 2019 12:34pm

    Actually I suppose this is progressing forward from her fabulous work with the chocolate coins and scribbling pads courtesy of RCGP to help struggling GPs. I take it she didn't learn from the response that time either?

  • CQC chief inspector: no 'concessions' will be made for GP capacity issues

    Curious's comment 25 Oct 2019 12:29pm

    Actually I wonder if the same team (i.e HSL / RCGP) who brought us Chocolate coins and scribbling pads to cope with the stress induced by the incessant supply demand mismatch will try to advise GPs to 'self-refer' for social prescribing as the panacea to all our ills rather than actually doing anything practical about the whole situation?
    Anyone who pays RCGP subscriptions really needs to get their life in perspective.....

  • Number of EEA GPs in the UK drops by 10% in seven years

    Curious's comment 25 Oct 2019 12:27pm

    Perhaps Charlie can reflect with his 'critical friend's Bennyworths Big Mirror.....

  • CQC chief inspector: no 'concessions' will be made for GP capacity issues

    Curious's comment 25 Oct 2019 11:26am

    Perhaps HSL will come to the rescue with her social prescribing academy! Or not. Again those in the rarified air seem to have lost their marbles.......if there is not enough resource i.e. units of workforce time - it doesnt matter how you reorganise your will still not be able to match demand..... and they wonder why GPs wont return from abroad? We down have any of this regulatory rubbish beyond the 3 year CPD cycle, and yet the system works BETTER than the UK. I think if we are look for cost efficiency and allocating resources appropriately, getting rid of CQC would be a good start. In terms of breaking down barriers, the CQC would need to get some up pretty quickly before the GP masses rise up with their pitchforks when they've had enough..... CQC, GMC, RCGP, PCNs..... whatever! I have said it for years.... mass resignations people.... mass resignations.... until you have the bravery to do so you'll just be ignored by those at the top who know the cardigans are too institutionalised and accepting of the abuse that is heaped upon them....they wont fight back....... GPs in the UK need a 'MeToo' movement... or plane tickets to Canada and New Zealand...... either way make a decision and leave the CQC talking to themselves in their mirror..... you know..... 7 years bad luck just might be worth it....