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Independents' Day


  • Debate: Do practices have a duty to support locums during the pandemic?

    Curious's comment 30 Jun 2020 12:40pm

    Look, lets be honest, UK General Practice has gone to S**t thats why there are so few contented doctors out there, whether or not they are locums or partners, we have been left way behind specialisms..... stop squabbling and look at our lot as a whole.... its a great big pile of litigious steaming c**p....... :-)
    As I've pointed out before, we're all worth at least £100/hr....whether partner or locum.....
    Or you can keep taking cheap shots at each other... your call......
    I looked at my Salary today as its the end of the Financial year here in Australia... there's simply no way Im coming back to the UK to earn less than half of what I do now...... and to be oppressed by NHSE...
    Does anyone remember that famous phrase in the Sun "If Kinnock wins today will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights.".....welcome to your GP career prospects in the UK...... :-)

  • Delay CQC inspections for at least a year to protect GP mental health, say top GPs

    Curious's comment 19 Jun 2020 4:21pm

    I'm not a fan but I have to support her on this one. Go for it Clare! Glad to see a bit of unity in the profession for a change.

  • CQC will restart routine GP practice inspections from this autumn

    Curious's comment 18 Jun 2020 3:36pm

    @Sir Sam
    I salute you! And am right behind you..... well actually 8692 miles behind you if my pilot plotter is correct.....if the RCGP and BMA had a spine we would just say 'No'..... we should up the game and as a mass group of ALL the GPs in Britain say if CQC doesn't go.... we go.... if we could actually act as one group and have one voice then we actually might get somewhere.....

  • GP confidence in Government's Covid response plummets

    Curious's comment 18 Jun 2020 12:19pm

    @Kevlar Cardie.....
    And next year we will reach Hell!

  • Black representation matters

    Curious's comment 16 Jun 2020 4:44am

    @Chris.... actually I do welcome your contributions as it allows exploration of the topic in depth, and I see that you do read widely, and I also welcome your willingness to engage. debate and respond, its much healthier than some contributors who attack on an emotional basis, and without any evidence of critical thought.... I know you position yourself on the right.... and provide evidence to support your position, but from where I sit in the middle, I see some issues with capitalism that I feel need to be addressed, hence why I engage with you, as Im happy to be confronted with new facts and information, so long as you're not presenting anything Donald Trump says or Fox news as being reliable sources of information :-)

  • Black representation matters

    Curious's comment 16 Jun 2020 4:33am

    @Christopher Ho....
    Perhaps I must explain observation 101...sigh.....and ask you to pay closer attention to what has been written not what you think I have written- you have jumped straight away to the defence of capitalism in an attack I did not make.
    (1) Where did I state that the economy is a zero game? I did't..anywhere...
    (2)- where did I say that private enterprise is totally selfish? I didnt, again you are attacking on the basis of an argument commonly used against capitalism.... I didn't make that statement....please check what I have written
    (3)- where did I say anything about a socialist utopia? I didnt- I pointed out how communism killed off enterprise and motivation
    (4)- Now this is interesting, you say capitalism doesnt need growth to maintain itself.... er, the point of capitalism is to make the pie bigger.... thats Growth....that is really basic 101....what does the 'pie' consist of? just numbers on a computer, or will the people with more numbers in a computer want to buy more stuff, which means more resources.... or do you have an alchemist in your pocket?.. the Liberal capitalist theory is that by doing so everyone gets more pie, irrespective of their proportion of it.... unfortunately the evidence is that from the 1980s the distribution of wealth has flat-lined....look at wage stagnation.....and wealth distribution has been growing for decades. Interestingly Chris, extreme wealth inequality stifles growth..... you dont address this.
    (5)- resources aren't dwindling.... er.... some very clearly are......... coal and gas are finite resources, land use / mass- we are losing more biodiversity every year with unknown consequences, fish stocks are overexploited, so your answer Chris is very myopic and not representative of the overall more complex picture. Some resources are depleted.... some resources such as solar have yet to reach their full potential, fish stocks could be better managed, and if you look at the loss of resources Im talking about, it is capitalism that has led to their reduction, surely you aren't going to argue against that? Try tackling deforestation in Brazil and the procaptilaist president. In a completely free market, unsupervised, the avaricious capitalists can establish monopolies or collude against their workforce. The rise of european capitalism went hand in hand with the slave trade. in the middle ages, before modern capitalism, slavery was almost unknown in Christian europe, so please feel free to comment on that Chris. The slave trade was not controlled by any government, it was a purely economic enterprise financed by the free market you are espousing. The flying the ointment of capitalism is to ensure that profits are both gained in a fair way and distributed in a fair manner. What about the great Bengal Famine? caused by the British East India Company....the Dutch Burghers gave to charity, lover their children and the arts but cared little for the indonesians under their oppression from the VOC military campaigns financed by their capitalism.
    If you read my article again - I am not taking sides here, merely pointing out that socialism and liberalism both have their roots in Christianity, both have their merits and drawbacks. There are extreme versions/ideologies at either end, my position is that we are all somewhere on the spectrum between these two polar views, and that extreme beliefs in either free unchecked capitalism or radical communism are BOTH damaging and destructive.
    It is easy to see where on the Spectrum you are Chris, I am merely describing the Spectrum so that readers who are less knowledgeable in this area might see how their beliefs fit in, and to help them understand someone else's position, hence my plea to stop banging on about left and right, it doesn't really progress the discussion. We are all on the spectrum.
    And yes to help I am a centrist, I see good and bad in either position, and feel balanced polices to be the most sensible.
    Watch carefully what I write, you will see me attack both 'left' and 'right' wing as proponents at any end to the scale tend to be biased in their views, which are often rooted in belief and ideology , rather than pragmatism and a careful consideration of the facts.
    Agree with the Editor, that black representation matters, Chris I also agree with you that social engineering can often be counterproductive, (It usually is) and to finish is there a lot of virtue signalling going on at present because people are frightened to be labelled a racist?

  • The betrayal of the BAME community

    Curious's comment 15 Jun 2020 9:30pm

    Una, you keep repeating this, but there is no evidence to support your position on Hydroxychloroquine/ Azithromyicn and Zinc - yes there may be some reduction in viral load in Vitro- but your assertions that the covid death rate should be close to zero isn't supported, even by the few trials which show a 'trend' towards improvement. Which controlled trial can you name that backs up your theory? And as for stating white doctors are more likely to be able to get hold of PPE in hospitals.... BAME doctors make up over a 1/3rd of UK consultants, yet represent 10% of the population. Are you saying hospitals aren't giving BAME doctors PPE? Now there might be a difference in that hospital doctors are better protected, than General Practitioners, but that isn't about race thats occupation. Im not sure I agree with your position on the ambulance service either, but even if that were true, whether or not you have a covid swab does not likely influence your mortality..... if you're not sick-sick you get sent home...... a positivie swab doesn't mean you will be given HCQ, AZT and Zinc on the NHS on the basis of a swab. The other thing you miss out on in your theory is that if you were right, then it would be so much cheaper for the entire planet to dish it out and get the world economy going again...... there is no benefit in not treating people as you suggest,.as the regime you suggest is not expensive...... unless, however, it doesnt clearly work.... do your own economic analysis- look at the cost of furloughing people 2,000 per month for 2-3 months - vs the cost of the meds you suggest.... step back and think a bit.... why would any government pay out 4-6k for each person at low risk of dying from the virus, to stay at home for the sake of a few cheap tablets..... it doesnt make sense...

  • Black representation matters

    Curious's comment 15 Jun 2020 7:44pm

    Look, can we stop doing the left wing-right wing thing?.....Liberalism vs socialism isn't as dramatic as people think... in liberalism the 'humanity' is individual and resides within each individual, and the emphasis is on the individual whereas in socialism the emphasis is that humanity is collective and resides within the group. Both ideologies have merits. Liberalism seeks as much freedom as possible for individual humans (Doesn't sound like a bad thing) whereas socialist humanism seeks equality between all humans (Again doesn't sound like a bad thing) Both are ideologies. Liberal humanism protects the liberty of the individual, and objects to torture, the death penalty, and this belief in the free and sacred nature of each individual is a direct legacy from traditional christian beliefs. With socialism inequality is the worst blasphemy against the sanctity of humanity, for example when the rich are privileged over the poor , it means we value money more than the universal essence of all humans, which is the same for rich and poor alike. Again this has its roots in the monotheist conviction that all souls are equal before god. Both ideologies have merit, and both have drawbacks. If one aims for permanent and consistent equality, in that we should all have the same, then this kills off motivation and effort, as was seen in the experiments of communism, as no-one is going to work harder if all their spoils are merely divided up amongst the whole group, this is very much part of the problem in Indigenous Australia today. Equally, if we believe in the rights of the individual above all else, then in time massive inequalities will open up which will leave those from poor backgrounds, with no opportunity to develop. This is why in most western countries we have a bit of a mix of the two ideologies. Now there is a third form of humanity, evolutionary humanity, where we, as humans, are a mutable species, and could either degenerate into something more animal like, or subhuman, or, we could through selective breeding, become more than we are already, following the logic of darwinian theory.... so left wing and right wing are based on religious beliefs, whereas evolutionary humanity is based on science, even if today is consider rather ill-based.The biggest proponents of evolutionary humanism were the Nazis. However, with modern genetic techniques, the ability to create 'superhuman' is not far away, so interestingly Gene therapy, which we look forward to as doctors to cure so many ills, has rather scarily, more in common with the ethos of the Nazi's view of humanity, than either liberalism or socialism which both descended from Christianity. So, in terms of how our society will evolve, if we look at history, liberal capitalism as an ideology has been to date the most successful. Its how the small nation of Holland, the Dutch, threw off the shackles of Spanish oppression, and in turn how the British beat the Dutch. Wall street- is so named after the wall built around the old settlement of New Amsterdam, at the tip on Manhattan island. The British renamed it New York. Capitalism is not the same as wealth. Capitalism is the investment of money into an activity or venture that it is hoped will produce new wealth. For this to be successful requires ongoing and perpetual growth, which relies on consumption of resources, which we know is not sustainable forever. So perhaps we need to think of a new way of doing business. I am a fan of equality of opportunity, so that everyone gets a fair chance, I don't think that equality of outcome is a realistic goal, in fact , I would argue that its an impossible outcome... to achieve this some individuals would need to be suppressed and others receive additional support, and hence we would be using energy and resources to limit overall outcomes. How does this apply to General Practice and our representation? Well, so long as children of all backgrounds, gender, race etc get equality of opportunity/access to education, then selection should be based purely on performance and those choosing to apply to medicine of their own free will, I dont believe that positive discrimination is helpful. As mentioned by other contributors, even if you have equal access you will get different outcomes based on personal choice. Look at it another way, should we force bricklayers to be 50% female? The armed forces to be 50% female? Should we force the NBL or NFL who's players are 80% and 70% people of colour respectively to force out talented players to replace them with less talented white people???? If we were to apply ratios to the NHS which reflected the make up of the UK population, then positive discrimination would mean that we would have to massively reduce those of Asian descent entering medicine, as this group currently represents 7% of the UK background but 31% of Uk consultants. According to the institute of Race relations, People who self describe themselves as 'Black' make up 3.4% of the UK population. NHS statistics show that 3.5% of senior doctors in the UK are of a 'Black' background which is pretty well matched- ( It may be that Baronowski, who made me laugh, is actually correct in that perhaps General Practice / leadership roles are not considered an attractive option for individuals from that group, but to find out, then surely a questionnaire directed as this group of trainees/ doctors might be the simplest way to find out...... just ask!

  • Black representation matters

    Curious's comment 15 Jun 2020 6:31pm

    @Baronowski - your description of our leadership made me laugh out loud! Thank you....

  • Has coronavirus carved an entirely new path for our profession?

    Curious's comment 15 Jun 2020 6:20pm

    @Karen Morton.... your entry looks purely like advertising..... hey Ed can you look at this?

  • Has coronavirus carved an entirely new path for our profession?

    Curious's comment 15 Jun 2020 6:15pm

    Spot on observations as usual! Our leaders have a vision of the future... what we think or want is irrelevant...... Katie escape as soon as you can, and do your best to dissuade others from picking General Practice as a career. Unless we get radical action we will be herded down the path you describe.... I saw that 10 years ago and emigrated.... best decision I ever made.... unfortunately UK General Practice has surpassed even my worst expectations..... there is NO reason for me to ever consider Uk GP ever again.... it wont get any better in the next 10 years before I will be worse than it is now....leave whilst you can. You're obviously much more intelligent and insightful than Nikita Kanani, and much more deserving of a fulfilling career.....leave as soon as you can... Canada, New Zealand, you'd be a welcome addition anywhere....but you wont be appreciated in the UK.... you're pointing out the truth... NHSe dont like that..... they like their victims gullible.....people who will believe that it will be better wont be.......NHSe will make sure of it....

  • Widespread confusion over face masks in general practice

    Curious's comment 15 Jun 2020 6:03pm

    Sorry Adz, NK isn't one of us... she is looking after herself..... and towing the party line. There is absolutely nothing stopping her from calling a spade a spade, and pointing out where things re obviously wrong. Agree with other commentators, she has delivered no useful leadership in her tenure.... but I am sure her own CV is positively glowing....... there is a huge gulf between the coalface and our, er, cough, ....'leaders'....... PCNs are another farce... the job has gone to s**t and she is still promulgating it as a career.... honesty is important in our job. I do think the crisis in General Practice is unprecedented now.... its a dump of a job with no career prospects unless you work in NHSe.

  • Property charge hike leaves GP practices ‘under threat of closure’

    Curious's comment 15 Jun 2020 5:58pm

    Stop messing around, resign your contracts and walk away.....

  • NHS England asks GPs to manage discharged Covid hospital patients

    Curious's comment 12 Jun 2020 1:29pm

    Has NHSe run out of their antipsychotics again? sounds like they are delusional again....

  • GP NI contract reforms could keep 100% triage and Covid centres

    Curious's comment 12 Jun 2020 1:25pm

    Time for the mass resignations in Northern Ireland..... we need an alternative to the BMA....we need an alternative to the RCGP........ if general practice is to survive then it needs a solution.... and its clear out leaders are incapable of delivering.....

  • GP NI contract reforms could keep 100% triage and Covid centres

    Curious's comment 11 Jun 2020 2:00pm

    After covid guess what?.... further pay reductions for another 10 years.... welcome to general practice.....

  • GP NI contract reforms could keep 100% triage and Covid centres

    Curious's comment 11 Jun 2020 12:09pm

    @theclap..... do you work in Northern Ireland too?

  • BMA calls for compulsory face masks in GP practices

    Curious's comment 09 Jun 2020 2:37pm

    Well, if the clowns at NHSe wear black face masks, at least they will resemble Dick Turpin..... and that will remind us that its daylight robbery every time we deal with them......

  • Lockdown stopped 470k Covid-19 deaths in UK, say researchers

    Curious's comment 09 Jun 2020 2:29pm

    I wonder if they can tell me this weeks lottery numbers before they come up?

  • Deputy CMO admits absence of contact traced GPs will 'put pressure' on practices

    Curious's comment 06 Jun 2020 0:08am

    What is the point of testing if you are going to have to isolate regardless. I see Keziah Halliday comes from the same school of common sense as Nikita Kanani. Have they even sat back to think about what they are saying? The MASS protest should be every GP in Britain self isolating for 2 weeks..... in response to these stupid suggestions... to that they can see what happens when the service goes..... seriously, we shouldn't let any more trainees into the GP system.... its unethical....