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Who knew?

  • GPs will be required to collect annual patient feedback under GMC plans

    Who knew?'s comment 30 Apr 2019 11:16am

    Can someone (BMA?) please challenge these people in court? They've done no end of damage to the profession which is 5000 GPs short. Feedback actually harms patients and we should force the GMC to stop it by law.

  • Practices should 'think twice' before signing PCN contracts, warn accountants

    Who knew?'s comment 26 Apr 2019 3:19pm

    We can't think twice because the timetable doesn't allow it and anyone who says no will go under through loss of their enhanced service funding. It's pretty clear we're being glued together ready for privatisation and asset stripping. Does anybody care?

  • GPs the target in the fight against antimicrobial resistance

    Who knew?'s comment 01 Apr 2019 10:31am

    Antibiotic prescribing in primary care is likely to increase as the population ages and increasingly we are pressured to keep more an more frail people out of hospital. However the sorts of antibiotics we usae like penicillin, trimethoprim and doxycycline are fairly narrow and nothing like the iv carbapenems and other potent drugs that hospitals use. A lot of this nonsense comes down to cheap gimmicks, politicking and weak representation of general practice at a national level.

  • GP gender pay gap 'far higher' than average at 33%, finds Government review

    Who knew?'s comment 29 Mar 2019 8:41am

    Have they looked at productivity? Do male GPs take on more partnership and directorship roles (more risk = more pay)? Do female GPs do the same amount of procedures as male ones (as fee for service work tends to be better remunerated)? Are both genders doing the same amount of full time work? This review raises more questions than answers.

  • CQC tells patients to complain about GP care to improve services

    Who knew?'s comment 19 Feb 2019 10:58am

    Feedback certainly isn't welcome, it has all sorts of adverse effects that are only recently being recognised. The main issue is that it dehumanises people who should be accepted for who they are, warts and all. We have created an entire generation of obese smombies staring at the glow of a screen waiting for their next notification of a 'like'. Conversely, the internet blame and shout culture has been amplified to an unbearable cacophony of hatred that has reduced democracy and group working to a data gathering system to feed the algorithm beasts. We cannot go on like this. The NHS is short of 5000 GPs and appointment waiting times are growing. The government should allow us to become human once again.

  • Analysis: How attempts to address high GP workloads have failed

    Who knew?'s comment 11 Feb 2019 5:41pm

    It's a generational demographics problem. The baby boomers outnumber GenX who are currently expected to look after them. Boomers have been holding onto their careers in all sectors but they didn't plan for their healthcare needs well enough though as not enough GenX doctors entered training 20y ago - this cannot be undone. The only hope is an expansion of millennial doctors who are another large generation and will demand change.

  • GPs must give patients online access to past medical records from 2020

    Who knew?'s comment 05 Feb 2019 8:24am

    What on earth are the BMA playing at? There is no way many of the notes are suitable for patients to read. Most was written in a time when GPs expected privacy and some of the content is not exactly flattering and therefore likely to cause distress and harm. We write in a far more restrained style now we know everyone is looking which might sound great but actually means that some important communication (e.g. safeguarding) has to occur off the records which are devalued as a result. Exposing retrospective notes is a total disaster and likely to lead to a break down in doctor patient relationships.

  • I'm the victim of a drone attack

    Who knew?'s comment 25 Jan 2019 10:31am

    The moral is that medicine cannot be done over the phone or on an app. See the patient, take a history and examine them. This model has served us well for thousands of years.

  • Most patient groups contributing to NICE 'have financial interests'

    Who knew?'s comment 18 Jan 2019 12:45pm

    I'm surprised this has only recently been noticed as it's being going on for years. What is really worrying (and bordering on corruption) is industries links to the regulators. Doctors can be dragged through disciplinary processes if we don't follow the rules that are heavily influenced by financial interests.

    The Patients Association's corporate links are listed here:

    On the same page is a link with an instruction of how to make a complaint! The CQC logo also appears on their home page.

    You really couldn't make this up!

  • Mainstream media portrays GPs negatively, finds study

    Who knew?'s comment 17 Jan 2019 9:08am

    I'm glad the RCGP have woken up to the corrosive effects this is having as it's been going on unchecked for years. General practice is an extremely hard speciality to work in as reflected by the recruitment and retention crisis - most doctors I know are doing OK financially but very much middle class rather than super-rich. The constant media bashing is making things much worse and is obviously being lead by the government and vested industrial interests. General practice is contracting at an alarming rate with a record number of closures and huge vacancy rate. It's unclear if it will be missed when its gone but nobody has suggested exactly what will replace it.

  • Little evidence to support move to large-scale general practice, say researchers

    Who knew?'s comment 10 Jan 2019 10:47am

    Risk factors for poor practice are things like clinical isolation and lack of support, not simply working in a small practice where doctors are still engaged in local education and service development. Evidence plays second fiddle to policy though especially when juicy contracts for building health centres and large provider contracts are at stake.

  • Patient in GP crossbow attack found guilty of attempted murder

    Who knew?'s comment 10 Jan 2019 8:45am

    Terrible thing to happen. Rising expectations must be in some way responsible for twisting peoples thought processes to this pathological extreme. The government and NICE are constantly telling people that its better if their GP does tests to detect their cancer early. As we know, reality is not often like this.

  • Ambulances routinely delaying treatment to emergency calls from GP practices

    Who knew?'s comment 04 Jan 2019 12:36pm

    When GPs call 999 it usually means the patient is genuinely very sick and although we have defibrillators it would be better if the patients were treated intensively before they arrest!

  • Matt Hancock: 'We are overhauling GP IT systems'

    Who knew?'s comment 03 Jan 2019 12:22pm

    Our front end is sort-of OK compared to hospital IT but there are problems which would benefit from a fix to the arcane underlying infrastructure. The biggest issues are speed and stability. Trying to shovel video consultations through these systems will cause a melt down. What we need urgently is bandwidth not fancy AI and more screens. The software we already have is adequate but needs to run faster, more reliably and transfer data without fail. GPs should not be expected to be data controllers, liable for information hosted outside of the practice - this is unfair. Hospital IT is a whole different ball game and a total liability whenever our systems come into contact with it. If you really want to fix General Practice though the single biggest issue is restoring funding (in real terms) to what it was a decade ago and if you want GPs to take on more hospital work then the resources need to follow the patient to allow that work to be done safely and effectively.

  • Patients miss one in 20 GP appointments at a cost of £200m, warns NHS England

    Who knew?'s comment 02 Jan 2019 2:28pm

    What nonsense. Practices are financed on a per capita basis so get the same whatever the demand is. When patients DNA we just get on with the next one or job in hand, many sessions in winter overrun but this is never counted. NHSE are softening us up for more cuts with a DNA adjustment made like they do for ghost patients.

  • MPTS extends suspension for Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba by six months

    Who knew?'s comment 21 Dec 2018 5:30pm

    The whole thing is a terrible indictment of what passes for the UK justice system. Of course we all know it has a history of miscarriages and wrongful conviction but the world is watching this one and wondering how we came to hold the basic human right to a fair trial with so little regard. To date nobody has been held accountable for this mess. It seems that some people in this country are truly above the law and free to abuse human rights as freely as they wish.

  • GP practices face annual pension contribution rise of around £50,000

    Who knew?'s comment 20 Dec 2018 2:53pm

    They're banging the general practice coffin lid down so fast, someone in the department of health must have a nail gun!

  • Debunking fake news in our consulting rooms

    Who knew?'s comment 13 Dec 2018 11:06am

    A lot of 'fake news' is now written into our guidelines like giving statins to people with a 10% risk of heart disease and sepsis alerts that pop up whenever people appear vaguely unwell. The truth may be out there but it's increasingly hard to work out what and who to trust when respected authorities have spent the last decade attacking us doctors.

  • GPs 'should prescribe statins to younger patients' using 30-year risk score

    Who knew?'s comment 20 Nov 2018 10:21am

    Can we please stop this madness? Life is finite, there is no point clinging on by your fingernails, we all must die sometime. It’s quality that matters, not quantity.

  • Health secretary wants genomic sequences accessible via GP records

    Who knew?'s comment 29 Oct 2018 6:26pm

    This makes perfect sense if you are a Tory because it makes sorting people into the correct social class so much easier. It won't be long before government agencies will be asking you to declare your genetic defects on application forms for a range of services, so that it is easier to maximise efficient use of resources and ensure that people get what they deserve.