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End game

  • Thank you and goodbye

    End game's comment 27 Mar 2018 1:37pm

    Thank You Nigel and very best of luck with whatever is next for you.

  • Negotiate Scottish GP contract changes into English contract, GPC told

    End game's comment 10 Mar 2018 3:17pm

    Agree with @RLE GP
    Watch this space, the imminent Scottish Contract is not going to address the ever increasing workload placed on us. The allied health workforce is non existent and certainly not willing to taken the responsibility needed of them.

  • Rural and deprived area GPs quit the BMA over new Scottish contract

    End game's comment 22 Feb 2018 4:37pm

    The new Scottish GP Contract is not going to address spiralling workload demands because there are no pharmacists, physios,ANP etc etc etc waiting in the wings to help out. Everywhere has rota gaps and this BMA lauded contact isn't worth the paper it is written on. The BMA is self serving and out of touch.

  • 'The GMC treats BME doctors differently and harshly'

    End game's comment 30 Jan 2018 11:58am

    Here here. These essential questions need answered for the fairness and safety of both patients and doctors, no matter what colour we are, but especially for those of us who have increased melanin in our skin!

  • I feel your pain, I just can’t deal with it anymore

    End game's comment 15 Jan 2018 1:38pm

    You have someone that brings you tea and biscuits?!!!!! I can only dream of such a world!

  • GP numbers decrease by more than 1,000 over past year

    End game's comment 21 Nov 2017 2:52pm

    "This latest fall in GP numbers demonstrates that the government needs to work with organisations like the BMA to ensure we have a coherent workforce plan that gives GP services the capacity to meet rising levels of patient demand."

    Both the government and The BMA have no idea, or wilfully choose to take note of what grassroots GPs need in order to function. Both are significantly out of touch!

    Oh and add another to the diminishing list in 2018.....

  • Almost two-thirds of GP practices will see funding boost from new contract

    End game's comment 13 Nov 2017 6:04pm

    in my experience PNs and additional Primary Care staff just don't accept responsibility and need to persistently involve GPs. Health Board Pharmacists in our practice work quietly in their rooms once a week, with limited tasks and at the end of the day the remaining tasks are passed back to the GPs as they don't have the time to finish everything!

    This new contract of ours isn't going to address this, and as in an aforementioned comment we have waited patiently so very long for this contract to find that we need to tread water for another 3 years to receive the "help" of a risk averse and limited abilities of support Primary Care teams! We are drowning at this moment!

  • Scottish GPs to access NHS-run 'treatment rooms' for procedural tasks

    End game's comment 11 Oct 2017 5:16pm

    Waiting in anticipation. Sounds good lets see what happens in reality. The Scottish Government are acutely aware how much its costing them to provide a service for practices they have taken over. It will be interesting to see how much they have listened and how serious they are about stopping the decline and imminent implosion of Scottish Primary Care.

  • How can my practice bid for an overseas GP?

    End game's comment 22 Aug 2017 1:12pm

    Dr Madan,this is too funny! Actually Laugh out Loud funny!

    It smacks of desperation and delusion (Australian doctors!!!) , and despite that only certain practices can apply, I bet the application process will be onerous. They have to fund it themselves. They will have to deal with the language barriers. They will have to deal with cultural barriers. This will take up a lot of time from struggling practices and finally when the realisation occurs of what these poor doctors have got themselves into they will leave or locum.

    Its not going to work.

  • 350 fewer GPs than 2015 despite promises of 5,000 more by 2020

    End game's comment 22 Aug 2017 12:51pm

    NHS England's national director for primary care Dr Arvind Madan said: "blah blah blah"

    The BMA said "blah blah blah"

    NHS Digital figures released today ......blah blah blah

    Unlimited direct access, inappropriate requests, demands from everyone and their dog etc etc etc THE JOB IS S**T, make it better controlled and the problem is solved. If the powers that be don't want to address how overwhelming it is then the numbers will never add up, however much the figures are manipulate. And the verbal diarrhoea will continue......

    My Practice doesn't have any unfilled vacancies and we are inundated with work. In my early 50s and am ready to leave my partnership in 1 year. You can try and increase the number of GPs by piddly amounts but it doesn't solve the free for all buffet that is the elephant in the room.

  • How to write a Pulse blog - and get five stars!

    End game's comment 20 Jul 2017 6:26pm

    Dont want to read any more blogs from you. Over and out.

  • Dr Richard Vautrey elected GPC chair

    End game's comment 20 Jul 2017 6:23pm

    @anonymous Locum GP

    Totally agree. Am now ready to walk the plank and jump by the end of the year. Its every "man" for himself. No point waiting. BMA and GPC are self serving. Good Luck All. We all deserve better.

  • GP leaders react as Theresa May announces minority Government plan

    End game's comment 09 Jun 2017 6:50pm

    Lets face it, no one is planning to provide the funds that are actually needed to save NHS General Practice in its entirety. Limited funds are being directed to failing practices and failing areas first because these are the areas that are costing the public purse the most. I have waited long enough, for hope of things to change. Am not deluded anymore, and am not hopeful anymore. This acceptance releases the heavy burden of waiting. I accept with open arms less money and more time. Time to leave my partnership.

  • Tories bring forward deadline for universal seven-day GP access to 2019

    End game's comment 18 May 2017 2:02pm

    Well at least this will tip the boat and change has to come as a result. We should all be voting with our feet rather than naively expecting improvement in our working conditions.

  • New GMC approach slashes number of fitness-to-practise investigations

    End game's comment 24 Apr 2017 6:22pm

    Its sad that the suicides of doctors whilst under investigation is a factor in the GMC process changes.

    At least there is some positive news in this. I am grateful for the work of all those involved in this improvement. It needs to continue, especially as noted in the previous comments that we are experiencing less secondary care support, and under increasing work demands.

    We are supposed to act like automatic machines without making mistakes, working quickly, efficiently and effectively all the time. However we are supposed to behave in a superhuman caring way in all aspects of patient contact all the time. We are human beings. We cannot act as automatons. If we were treated humanely as we are expected to behave then we would be in the mess we are in currently.

  • GP leaders warn of deepening GP workforce crisis on 'Brexit day'

    End game's comment 29 Mar 2017 2:59pm

    And still the BMA continues to whinge about the situation rather than set up any proactive alternative plan..........

    It really reinforces the conclusion i came to over 2 years ago, every "man" for "him"self. Exit strategy in place, not long to go for me. Good Luck everyone. You deserve better.

  • GP partners forced to sell medical equipment to pay for costs of closure

    End game's comment 26 Jan 2017 5:59pm

    I really feel for these GPs. Its so undignified and unfair to be trying to raise money by selling off bits of equipment to reduce their liabilities. They deserve better after their services to NHS patients. I encourage everyone to put some money into the crowd funding page that was set up by their colleagues to try and help reduce their burden.

    There really should be some sort of financial support from our useless union to try and help this type of situation. Honestly its appalling to be liable for such large amounts of money and open yourself to huge risks for the 'honour" of serving the public in an underfunded public service.