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  • CQC to reinspect almost 70 adult social care services due to report errors

    Moniker's comment 22 Jan 2020 6:45am

    Close down the CQC stat - boost GP morale, recruitment and retention and it won't cost a penny, in fact it'll save taxpayer's money.

  • GP practice threatened with breach notice for failing to cooperate with PCN

    Moniker's comment 18 Jan 2020 6:43am

    Mark Howson - absolutely, refer the CCG to the ICO.

    Also well done Dr Shashikanth for going to the media/telling Pulse about this issue, a good political move when politics are being played on you.

  • GP pension tax bills to be paid by the NHS in winter

    Moniker's comment 20 Nov 2019 8:40pm

    A radical positive change for GP partners would be for the employer's contributions to be directly funded by NHSE (I realise that allegedly this is covered by the global sum but in reality this is a farce given the inadequacy of the global sum). This is the main factor stopping me from joining the NHS pension scheme and taking a chance on the byzantine tax laws and the threat of endless tinkering. Is there really any point joining this scheme as a partner when you pay a massive 28% of your profit share into the pension??

  • Working Life: From Wales to West Africa

    Moniker's comment 09 Nov 2019 6:04am

    Good work Dr Bryant.

  • Pharmacist to dispense high-dose statins without GP prescription under NHS plans

    Moniker's comment 04 Sep 2019 5:54pm

    1. Would the pharmacists arrange follow up bloods?

    2. Would the pharmacist see the patient if side effects develop?

    3. Is there any patient demand for bypassing the GP in this way? I can see the appeal with obtaining viagra over the counter but statins?!

  • Time to scrap CSA exams

    Moniker's comment 25 Jul 2019 6:49pm

    Klavio | Doctor in Training24 Jul 2019 6:06pm

    I for sure will give a crap to UK and will leave the country for good, once I pass this Crap exam.

    Care to clarify this comment about your intention to 'give a crap to UK'? It sounds incredibly disrespectful and hostile.

  • Time to scrap CSA exams

    Moniker's comment 25 Jul 2019 6:34pm

    Introducing a MRCP-level of rigour into General Practice would be very beneficial for GPs and patients alike but two major problems with this:

    1. The sheer amount of time taken to perform a thorough examination would demand an extension of the 10 minute consultation.

    2. MRCP only pertains to medicine!! How would this qualification assess a GP's competence in dealing with cases based on O&G, gynaecology, paediatrics, mental health, orthopaedics, general surgery, ENT, ophthalmology, etc, etc? Put a vaunted medical consultant in a room with a child, a pregnant woman, a woman with period problems, a bipolar patient, a patient with an ambiguous skin lesion etc, etc and see them squirm.

  • GPs must diagnose and treat lyme disease on basis of rash alone, NICE says

    Moniker's comment 17 Jul 2019 6:11pm

    Clearly Lyme needs treatment from the clinical point of view. But also in terms of potential patient hassle over refusing antibiotics, you'd be crazy not to treat as Lyme generates fundamentalist passions in patients even more than thyroid disorders.

  • RCGP cautiously endorses chaplains in GP practices

    Moniker's comment 05 Jul 2019 5:02am

    RCGP cautiously endorses chaplains in GP practices
    To read out the last rites to General Practice?

  • Doctors call on GMC to review retiral, revalidation and re-entry processes

    Moniker's comment 03 Jul 2019 9:07pm

    When Dr Jones talks about experienced GPs finding it untenable to report to a non-clinical junior manager, I presume he is referring to GPs working for health boards in Wales where beleaguered partners handed back their contracts with the list then being passed over to the health board. This is a dreadful prospect. At least for partnerships, there is some autonomy. If GPs go the way of consultants in being placed under non-clinical managers, this ignominy means there will be very little to recommend the specialty at all.

  • 'Inadequate internet speeds' have held back GPs from providing efficient care

    Moniker's comment 21 Jun 2019 5:17pm

    This comes after NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens claimed last week that the greater use of technology to deliver GP services will encourage part-time GPs to take on extra services, which will help mitigate the effects of the 'inverse care law'.
    Isn't the inverse care law that the poorest areas have the worst healthcare access/outcomes?

    Which areas are more likely to access digital healthcare? Deprived/poorly educated or affluent/IT savvy?

  • Commissioners attempt to impose larger network after blocking GP proposals

    Moniker's comment 15 Jun 2019 5:41pm

    d in vadar | Locum GP14 Jun 2019 3:34pm

    don't sign the contracts at all - they are a bad deal - you don;'t have to sign, it will cost you dear and dump you with the OOH responsibility at the end of it with no guarantee of any extra funding after 5 years, it will fall apart, the network will then be sold to a private company and patient services will be cut drastically. your are bonkers to sign

    Think you're right about the schemes going on at NHSE but if there is any attempt to dump OOH back on GPs, everyone will simply withdraw from the DES.

    For my practice at under 6,000 patients it's worth 8k net (figuring in the partially recycled money from extended hours) and a 3 sessions pharmacist.

    Nice, but hardly a massive amount of help, and therefore it can be dumped if needed.

  • CQC should review working environment of doctors being investigated, says review

    Moniker's comment 07 Jun 2019 4:57am

    So collective punishment by the CQC not only for the unlucky GP but also their colleagues!

    In addition, the notion that every GP surgery can possibly have a 'system' or policy for every conceivable medical topic is nonsense. Clinical safety rests primarily on the skills and judgement of the GP as they go through their day making hundreds of measured decisions. There cannot be a formal practice policy to consult for every one of these decisions, even if a single GP were employed by each practice to do nothing else except write policies all day.

  • Health secretary given right to suspend GPs' pensions before conviction

    Moniker's comment 19 Apr 2019 10:06pm

    The NHS pension scheme is rapidly losing all credibility.

  • Analysis: Practices facing up to larger pensions bills

    Moniker's comment 16 Apr 2019 7:58pm

    Never paid into the NHS pension scheme. Initially because as a junior doctor I needed all my money to pay the household bills, now because I don't trust that the scheme won't be endlessly whittled down over the next 25 years and lastly because of the private sector clowns/chums of the government currently administering the scheme.

    I have one rental property and am planning to build a portfolio, albeit probably a modest one, as my retirement plan.

  • Homeopathy prescribing set to be blacklisted under NHS England plans

    Moniker's comment 09 Apr 2019 9:27pm

    Apart from homeopathy there is an amazing list of drugs banned from prescribing on this list, e.g.:

    Cabdrivers Diabetic Linctus
    Do-Do Tablets
    Dove Cleansing Bar
    Dr Brandreth’s Pills
    Dr D E Jongh’s Cod Liver Oil with Malt Extract & Vitamins Fortified Syrup
    Dr William’s Pink Pills
    Dragon Balm

    Which GP in the history of the universe has ever prescribed these products?

  • Dr Bawa-Garba allowed to return to practice from July 2019

    Moniker's comment 09 Apr 2019 8:56pm

    Incredible resilience shown by the fact that she still wants to practice medicine in the UK.

  • Collaboration with non-GP providers ‘a requirement’ for networks from 2020

    Moniker's comment 05 Apr 2019 5:47pm

    Truly bizarre that GP practices should be lumped together with opticians/pharmacies/dentists. Their funding is a mixture of private and NHS. How can they be lumped together with GPs? Do they have contractual obligations analogous to GPs which forces them to join PCNs or will it be voluntary for them, in which case GP-led PCNs will have a nightmare coaxing them in.

    Either this is an unintentional dog's dinner or part of a masterplan to aggregate healthcare services to make them easier for private healthcare companies to buy out.

  • RCGP urged to remove Sultan of Brunei's honorary title over gay rights stance

    Moniker's comment 05 Apr 2019 5:24pm

    Can't imagine the Sultan wearing a scruffy tweed jacket with leather elbow patches so perhaps he should voluntarily reconsider his position on sartorial grounds.

    In all seriousness though, while not being a fan of protest politics, the policy of stoning gay men to death isn't consistent with the honorary position bestowed on him.

  • Extend London pay to nearby areas to stop GPs leaving, argue MPs

    Moniker's comment 22 Mar 2019 6:54pm

    I didn't realise GPs get London weighting. Is this correct?