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  • Practice staff 'at risk' from violent patient contract confusion

    Struckoffdoc's comment 04 Jan 2017 11:09am

    An incident log number can be obtained by ringing your local police station advising you felt threatened , the individual has left; you are in no current risk.
    This has been arranged in my locality for years, the CPS would not support a prosecution unless grievous bodily harm and injury.
    Your local LMC should be able to negotiate this with the local chief constable.
    Where you are concerned and no action has been taken and you suffer avoidable harm subsequently you can lodge a civil prosecution of NHS England for breach of duty of care .
    The new corporate manslaughter probably applies (however I would not want to be the index case or partners that have to test this for obvious reasons), especially if the restriction has not been previously in existence in your area.

  • Virgin Care to take over GP out-of-hours services in multi-million contract win

    Struckoffdoc's comment 12 Dec 2016 10:48am

    It is sad to see the NHS being used as a political football.
    If the company has a record of repeated failed NHS delivery as alleged it should not have passed due diligence in the tender process to be available to choose under a " freemarket " model.
    A vociferous local Labour MP with deep personal convictions against marketization of the NHS receiving every disgruntled constituent letter looks like a predictable road to misery for the CCG, irrespective of what the actual delivery for the population is.