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Independents' Day


  • NHS long-term plan promises digital GP appointments for all

    MoiraLB 's comment 07 Jan 2019 12:02pm

    “The Government believes that digital access to GPs will aid early prevention and contribute to a reduction in premature deaths by tens of thousands.”

    Evangelical fervour. Fine in church perhaps but rather hoped and expected the government would use more rigorous decision processes.

    Btw, What IS “EARLY prevention”?

  • Cheer up, it’s not 2020 yet

    MoiraLB 's comment 02 Jan 2019 3:48pm

    Fab word. (had to look it up😀)

  • GPs to be assigned to care homes to provide 'tailored treatment and support'

    MoiraLB 's comment 28 Nov 2018 6:39pm

    This is not new. GPs have been managing their care homes with weekly visits and the like since I started in 1991 - and a long time before that as well. I was allocated ‘my’ care home in the first week as a partner! It would be nice to have the additional work recognised and funded as the difference is that General Practice is so much busier now than it was. A new care home in your patch is a threat rather than an opportunity, and not one that Babylon is about to help with!

  • New health secretary says he is a patient of Babylon's NHS GP app

    MoiraLB 's comment 11 Jul 2018 1:40pm

    Oh dear
    Never mind “What do we know about the new Health Secretary” Try “What does he know about the NHS and GP?”
    Such a lot to learn, so much mis-knowledge and assumption to be unlearned.

  • The stranger prescribing to your patients

    MoiraLB 's comment 03 Apr 2018 4:06pm

    Shocked that Dr doesn’t have to be in U.K. to prescribe, or registered with GMC. Surely the law has to change.
    Last week suddenly getting a flurry of notifications for patients seen in the last year by an online provider. Makes me think that online doctors should not only inform/seek info from registered GP but should also pay a fee to GP for admin work generated.

  • CQC: 43% of online prescribing providers 'unsafe'

    MoiraLB 's comment 23 Mar 2018 12:46pm

    Is anyone surprised by this?
    Entirely predictable.
    But they get fantastic family and friends approval ratings so they must be great!

  • GP practices told to review 44,000 patient records after data loss glitch

    MoiraLB 's comment 05 Mar 2018 10:28am

    Can't see what point in reviewing records by GPs- won't make missing data appear, just takes us away from our already overstretched and more immediately pressing clinical workload. Not that there is anyone else to help sort out the mess of course, even if TPP and EMIs were to fund a team of nurses and or doctors to do this work not sure where they would find them.

  • NHS forced to admit sepsis guidance is 'difficult' as GPs switch off alerts

    MoiraLB 's comment 25 Oct 2017 3:53pm

    Agree Shaba, they have no idea. Medicine by numbers.
    Fever, deterioration , tachycardia all trigger and of course they are switched off - older GPs like me sadly type AFTER examining & agreeing treatment plan. Just slows down getting the next patient in specially if you look at your fingers while typing! So hurrah! Maybe they'll switch these off. And stop trying to direct our attention in only one diagnostic direction.

  • Too many people are on antidepressants – GPs must act now

    MoiraLB 's comment 06 Sep 2017 8:42pm

    "GPs must act"- I thought we already had, by highlighting the appalling lack of mental health services.

  • GPs to be asked to 'peer review' all referrals

    MoiraLB 's comment 29 Aug 2017 10:55am

    "...should not be established as an approval process’ and the ‘referring GP retains responsibility for the patient and makes the final decision"
    Well in that case, my original referral decision will stand.
    But round here the central referral service is most definitely an approval process and no option but to follow 'advice'
    Must check whose indemnity is responsible.

  • First 'pharmacy-led' practice set up in bid to counter GP shortage

    MoiraLB 's comment 23 Aug 2017 11:22am

    Are the pharmacists independent prescribers with their own indemnity or are the two salaried GPs expected to sign off everything they do?

  • GPs forced to get approval before referring patients to hospital

    MoiraLB 's comment 11 Aug 2017 11:24am

    At least it's done by GPs. Ours is nurse run. Slavish adherence to guidelines and (mainly) funding criteria. Recent delay to hysteroscopy and diagnosis/treatment of endometrial hyperplasia because insisted on GP arranged ultrasound before gynae referral. No hip/ knee opinions without a really bad Oxford score. Not to mention ridiculous appointment booking for those that do get through whereby 50% are told they are too early or too late to book an appointment or that there aren't any appointments and they should- you guessed it- go back to their GP.
    But soon there won't be any independent thinking GPs left and all will be run by noctors with a computer algorithm. That will sort out all those 'variations'

  • MP urges health secretary to stop closure of 5,000-patient GP practice

    MoiraLB 's comment 09 May 2017 12:18pm

    Much cheaper for NHS England to allocate patients to surrounding practices who are no doubt already under strain but aren't allowed to refuse. Their existing patients will suffer when the GP is consistently unavailable due to doing visits in Redcar or excess appointments trying to sort out patients who haven't had routine care for a year! And whose fault will it be???? Oh yes the GPs of course.

  • GPs have seen ‘75,000’ patients following charity breathlessness campaign

    MoiraLB 's comment 18 Apr 2017 10:33am

    Does anyone else object to using the word "breathless" as a noun/diagnosis? Up there with "overweight" as my current pet hates.
    Perhaps a co-morbidity clinic should be set up for those with breathless secondary to overweight.

  • GP indemnity costs 'set for hike' after ministers uplift compensation payouts

    MoiraLB 's comment 04 Mar 2017 7:09pm

    Perhaps NHSE should have their own insurance for when GPs and maybe even GMC (I know, that's a pipe dream) start passing litigation blame to them on the grounds that they have not limited GP list size to safe manageable levels or allowed temporary list closures when recruitment and patient numbers make individual practices' workload potentially unsafe.

  • 'We are constantly firefighting'

    MoiraLB 's comment 04 Feb 2017 11:06am

    Horrendous . Very frightening work. And this is the way in-hours care will go too, with 'new ways of working'- small numbers of GPs will be remotely supervising, prescribing for and taking on the risk for various others- nurses, paramedics, physician assistants, pharmacists etc. all with a certain amount of knowledge and experience but working to algorithms or narrow areas of expertise and missing details through lack of clinical acumen and breadth of knowledge. Already general practice has become disjointed by multiple chronic disease management clinics - not without benefits, granted, but increasing amounts of GP time spent responding to requests for prescriptions that are usually but not universally appropriate. I trust my own history taking and examination, and I know the capabilities of my close colleagues that I supervise. There is no way I would want to take on the risk of supervising others on anything near the scale described above, particularly remotely, that I do not work with closely and know well. Indemnity costs are quite rightly high - the risks are astronomical.

  • Seventh practice in under two years set to close in English city

    MoiraLB 's comment 18 Jan 2017 10:40pm

    I object to NHSE or anyone else describing closures as "sudden". This happened in our area too, they have 6 months notice, and do nothing til the last month when they are scrabbling around summoning us out of surgery for urgent meetings before allocating patients between surrounding practices for a nominal sum that barely covered postage to inform patients of the arrangement. Certainly nowhere near £25 per patient as quoted here. ( which I cannot imagine will ever be repeated elsewhere) Although that may seem generous It won't help much if you can't recruit locums or partners to help with the work. Unless you find three full time GPs who are willing to look after 2000 patients a piece for 50K. Never mind nurses and admin staff and space! And then they wonder why it's difficult to get a routine GP appointment. This is another cut by subterfuge, where NHSE rub their hands in glee as they see another practice going under and know that they can allocate those patients to neighbouring practices,who are unable to refuse, at minimum cost.
    Ever heard of dominoes?