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  • I’m sick of being the fall guy

    Macaque's comment 21 Jan 2019 11:03pm

    Asking not to bother with evidence when prescribing makes me cringe. Arn't we practicing scientific medicine? The holly randomised control trial. Hello! Anecdotal Roger Neighbour bull crap!!!

    It is shocking how many GPs believe that they go to heaven when they die. LOL

  • Foreign-born GPs are bearing the brunt of public anger

    Macaque's comment 20 Dec 2018 11:19pm

    @Joannes Langendjik. You make some interesting observations but one can argue that you made some sweeping generalisations! Some might call you a racist. Some might joke that you are bitter because Dutch were chased away by the Brits in that era. LOL.

    Going back to your statement about Brits taking 25% of the world over; when I walk among the grand buildings in London admiring them, and when I think about her majesties wealth, I can not help thinking about all those poor human beings-slaves, who paid for it with their lives! Those diamonds and precious gems on the Crown Jewels, they were not dug in Britain. How much blood wood those sparkles have on them? But to be fair, Britain has come a long way since then.

    Just an anecdote to support a point you made; I have come across few white Brits who criticised the cast system in India. When you look at the class system here, I think it is not much different. Perhaps echoes from the Victorian era. Cast/Class, may be we should ask Kanye West to rap about this!!

    Also, a few receptionist have mentioned to me that there are patients who request to see a white doctor when they make appointments.

    Daily mail is the best selling tabloid in this country. When you look at the tone and the interests of this paper, you kind of get an idea of the typical daily mail readers psyche. I kind of like to think that these readers are a portion of the 'working class' brain washed by Ms Thatcher. LOL. If you imagine one of these daily mail readers becoming a patient and seeing a foreign born doctor. Gosh, I have made some sweeping generalisations! I apologise.

    I have worked in few surgeries, foreign born doctors get more complaints. I vaguely remember previous RCGP head used to say that it is a problem with communication (poor English??) and the 'foreign cultural upbringing'. But has RCGP thought about the possibility of patients' bias towards the foreign born doctors? It looks like GMC, NHS England or the RCGP do not want to go there. May be from a medical ethics point of view we have to ignore even if there is a bias like that??

    I think the sociologists in this country should do more research in this area and perhaps GMC should reflect these findings in their ethical guidance.

    Last point I would like to make is that the author of this article may have biases because he/she was born in a foreign country. May be he/she has a chip on his/her shoulder. At the moment Kanye West seems to make waves about this kind bias in African-American people. According to him slavery was by choice!

  • Number of GP patients co-prescribed gabapentinoids and opioids triples

    Macaque's comment 06 Dec 2018 6:13pm

    I like your sum-up very much @Vinci Ho.

  • GP leaders vote against limiting practice lists to 1,500 patients per GP

    Macaque's comment 23 Nov 2018 9:36pm


  • Doctors, it’s time to put #MeFirst

    Macaque's comment 14 Nov 2018 8:32pm

    'peak wellbeing = peak performance = peak patient care'


  • Health secretary wants genomic sequences accessible via GP records

    Macaque's comment 29 Oct 2018 9:02pm

    They say that we are a product of genotype and phenotype. It makes sense in theory, for example applying artificial intelligence on this new type of personal health data to make life better!

    But from Orwellian point of view, all the negative comments above make sense.

  • Nearly 1,400 in support of petition for GP workload cap following doctor suicide

    Macaque's comment 29 Oct 2018 8:52pm

    What about our colleagues who work full time and do as much out of hours? What about the practices where they minimise the number of partners for maximum profit? This petition is not good for them.I think that's the majority.

  • Newly-qualified GPs among most vulnerable to burnout, says top GP

    Macaque's comment 20 Sep 2018 8:38pm

    Thank you Clare for stating the obvious. And this is partly because senior partners see the newly qualified as 'Fresh Meat' and exploit them!

  • Babylon app ‘takes pressure off’ GPs to help all patients, says health secretary

    Macaque's comment 13 Sep 2018 3:07pm

    I think it is time to join Babylon! I fancy video consulting patients from the comfort of my home.

  • Patients in north England more likely to be prescribed opioids for pain, finds study

    Macaque's comment 13 Sep 2018 3:00pm

    Doing a salaried GP job up in the North West. Came across quite a few patients exceeding daily morphine dose equivalent of 120mg! Declined to renew repeat prescriptions unless agree to gradually come down. 2 patients shouted at me and swore twice over the last 6 months. I am lost in the sea of medical ethics, reflecting while drowning. Will some of these patients vandalise my car or physically harm me??

  • GP practice nurses provide care 'as good as GPs', claims study

    Macaque's comment 23 Jul 2018 2:42pm

    Anecdotal but this is my experience as well.

  • We’ve got it narse about face when it comes to noctors

    Macaque's comment 16 Jul 2018 4:51pm

    I work in practice with 10,000 patients in West Cumbria-most deprived part of England. We have one nurse practitioner and two prescribing nurses. They do surgeries like the GPs do.

    If they were not there, the practice would collapse.

    I think their years and years of experience make them safe and efficient clinicians, and probably better than a newly qualified GP. FYI, this was the case in rural India according to one study, where the local quacks were better than the doctors fresh out of med school!

  • We have to stop making excuses for abusive patients

    Macaque's comment 12 Jul 2018 11:14am

    After reading this article I ended up reading the GMC guidance on "Ending your professional relationship with a patient".

    So give a warning, and then asking the patient to go somewhere else it is! I think the Daily Fail and EDL Express should do a headline on this some time.

    To give a warning or strike an abusive patient off, all the partners have to agree. This is where I have seen problems in the past.

    I have seen the GPs who experienced abuse from patients being marginalised by the other GP partners as having communication problems, and the patients given a pats on the back.

    Do you know a GP who love collecting thank you cards from patients and do whatever needed to please them? Obviously not a keen evidence based practitioner with a significant list of patients on cocktails of opiates, benzos and pentins?

  • The BMA must reconnect with grassroots members

    Macaque's comment 02 Jul 2018 2:12pm

    You can mock me for the audacity;

    If I ran BMA I would make a list of injustices happening to the doctors and publish them in the website so it is clear to the press and the government.

    examples of injustices:
    1. 28 doctors have killed them selves under GMC investigation.
    2. GMC is funded by the doctors whose priority is protecting the public. In that case the GMC should be funded by the public.
    3. Workload for some doctors are dangerous and this either should be stopped or compensated with higher pay.
    4. Huge brain drain of UK doctors due to terrible working conditions in the NHS
    5 etc.

    Members feedback to this system, and when there are emerging themes they are added to this list, just like the BBC rogue traders investigations!

    Then I would get the BMA top brass to brainstorm on how to address these injustices. And, I will take action after the members vote on the proposed actions.

    I will not looking for decorations like OBEs and Knighthoods in the hope of gaining confidence of the grass roots.


  • Another zombie policy to cap it all off

    Macaque's comment 02 Jul 2018 12:51pm

    You have wasted your time writing this Dr Copperfield!

  • With friends like these

    Macaque's comment 28 Jun 2018 1:10pm

    We used to be doctor-centred and rightly now patient-centred. So I think the the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges had to be POLITICALLY CORRECT. I think they wanted to say doctors should reduce medicalising problems, cut down prescribing medicines, do less surgery, promote selfceare, lifestyle changes and please practice evidence based medicine!

    And I think this is great.

  • BMA declares it has no confidence in the GMC

    Macaque's comment 28 Jun 2018 1:04pm

    I was in the BMA bashing bandwagon but now I change my mind.

    We all have to remember that a doctors' trade union has to be different to typical trade union as we are bound by medical ethics. So what appears to be sluggishness is forgiven!

    I commend BMA for this protest, and the years and years of BMJ's contribution to the world of medicine.

  • Babylon claims its in-app clinical advice is ‘on par’ with GPs

    Macaque's comment 28 Jun 2018 12:58pm

    I like to dream that in the future there will be AI doctors (computers) and human therapists.

    Computers do the very clever logic with access to terabytes of medical information where the human brain can not do.

    Human therapist will watch over the AI doctor and make the human connection with the patient.

    As of today, I would benefit as a GP if a computer can listen to the consultation, do the AI magic and show me a differential diagnosis on screen while I talk to the patient. Also the computer can prompt specific questions, examinations or investigations to narrow the differential diagnosis. I think I will be able to use such a computer without interfering too much with the human-human interaction with the patient.

  • UK doctor leaders back calls for workload cap 'to protect sanity of GPs'

    Macaque's comment 28 Jun 2018 12:46pm

    @Penis McTaggart


    When someone says 25 is too little reminds me of some senior GP dinosaurs I have worked with. They disregard evidence based practice, always give what the patient wants e.g.opiates, Benzos, pentins, lots of antibiotics so more patients would join the list, game the QOF. Make loads of money is the motto. I forgot, exploit all the other clinical and non clinical staff to their gain!

  • The white elephant in the room

    Macaque's comment 09 May 2018 8:59pm

    Yay! This article is the most commented at the moment.